System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP, 7, 8 or 10
  • Processor: 2.4 Ghz Dual-Core minimum. 3.2 Ghz Recommended
  • Memory: 3 GB RAM. 4 GB recommended
  • Hard Disk: 10 GB free Hard Drive Space
  • Graphics Adapter: Graphics Card with 128 MB RAM. 512 MB recommended.
  • Sound: DirectX 9 compatible sound device. Dedicated sound card with EAX support recommended for best experience.
  • Internet: 256 kbps or faster connection required for online play
  • Software: .NET Framework 4
  • Input: Mouse, Keyboard
  • Optional: Joystick, Headset, microphone (strongly recommended for voice communication)

Game Installation

With PR:BF2 it is no longer required to have Battlefield 2 installed. PR:BF2 v1.3 and beyond works as a standalone game. If you have a version of PR:BF2 installed you will need to uninstall this before you install PR:BF2 v1.5. There is no patch available from and older version to v1.3!

You have to download the full PR:BF2 installer from our website. There won’t be a requirement to have Battlefield 2 installed.

Download Full PR:BF2 v1.5 Installer

There are 2 installation methods. You can use the Download Assistant application which makes it a lot easier to install PR:BF2 or you can manually download and install the Installer through a Torrent. With either method there are 2 steps: Download and Install:

1) Download

The Download Assistant will download the Installer using the Torrent protocol. So make sure this isn't blocked by your ISP. Simply download the Download Assistant from our PR:BF2 Download Section and follow the instructions in the application. If you are on a recent version of Windows it will offer a simple button to start the installer. If you are on a older version of Windows it will not. Then you will be required to go to Step 2 and follow the instructions to install PR:BF2.

If you downloaded the Torrent version (and now the Download Assistant), this is NOT the full install. You use the small .torrent file with a BitTorrent client to actually download the full .iso file. We recommend qBittorrent. Once the torrent is downloaded through your selected Torrent software, you will be presented with a "ISO" file to move on to step 2 after the application finishes the download.

2) Installation

If using the download assistant on a modern version of windows ( Windows 8 and beyond) you can skip this step. The download comes in the form of an “ISO”-file. Your best option is to Extract the ISO file using free software such as 7-Zip or WinRar.

A few more points:

  • With the new standalone version there is also no longer a requirement to install it in the Battlefield 2 folder. Feel free to install PR:BF2 in a drive and folder of your choosing.
  • If you have BF2 installed you can continue to play it and player other BF2 modifications as well. PR:BF2 does not interfere with them.
  • PR:BF2 features an auto-updater. So once you have installed PR:BF2 you can use the updater to automatically update your game to newer versions when they are released.
  • PR:BF2 v1.3 and beyond includes PR Mumble in its installation. So there is no need to download this separately.
  • If you don’t want to use Torrents you will find mirrors for direct HTTP downloads through our forums.

The PR Launcher

After installation a shortcut for Project Reality:BF2 v1.5 will be provided on the desktop, double click on this icon to open the Launcher. When the launcher appears you will be greeted with a player profile setup, here you can either create a new account, retrieve or import a pre-existing PR player profile. To import your profile select the desired profile from the list and then click import. Since DICE and EA removed support for BF2 in May 2014 we now use our own account-service for PR:BF2. All your old BF2 accounts (before PR:BF2 v1.2) are no longer retrievable. We share our account service with the Forgotten Hope 2 modification for BF2.

If you are new to BF2:PR and have never made a profile before, just click ‘Create New Account’ and fill in the required details and pick a sensible, easy to pronounce username. To play on PR multiplayer servers you need to create an online profile. You can alternatively create an offline profile if you choose to.

After creating a profile and logging in, you are presented with the main menu of the PR launcher. All options are displayed on the right.

  • Play: This will start the game. If you click the down arrow to the right, you have the option to check for updates or select a different profile. If there is an update it will be automatically displayed if you press the play button. This update will then automatically be downloaded and installed. Progress of the update and installation will be displayed whilst it is in operation.
  • Options: In this menu you can edit your video, graphics, and audio settings. Also some other options are available as well as configuring PR Mumble keys.
  • Support: This is handy for when you are running into issues. It offers many utilities such as clearing cached folders or giving you a detailed information display of your computer specifications. This comes in handy when contacting our support team.
  • Credits: Here you can see the entire PR:BF2 team who worked on this mod for many years.
  • Donate: A direct link to our online donation page.
  • Exit: Use this button to close the PR Launcher and return to Windows

The launcher’s main menu also provides a news ticker at the bottom highlighted in blue with announcements of upcoming events, developmental progress and developer blogs from the PR:BF2 community.

In-Game Menu Navigation

  • Co-operative: Allows you to play PR:BF2 with computer controlled AI soldiers on the teams. This mode is very useful for getting to know the game mechanics and equipment before joining competitive online battles.
  • Deployment: The main mode of play in Project Reality. Here you will find intense battles with up to 100 human players.
  • Barracks: This menu gives you access to replays using Battlerecorder.
  • Options: Here you can configure the audio options as well as the keyboard layout. Video options have to be changed in the PR Launcher.
  • Exit: Use this button to exit the game and return to Windows.

PR Mumble

In game, Mumble is the program which we use to communicate to each other in PR:BF2, which replaces BF2 vanilla’s Voice-Over-IP (VOIP) system. The main unique feature of PR Mumble is that its primary method of communication is transmitted within 3D space, which is directional and proximity based. This is called Local. What this means is that all players on your team can talk to each other if they are nearby, and you can hear in what direction they are speaking from, similarly you can judge how far away they are, just like in real life.

After joining a squad you gain access to that squad’s Radio Net, which allows you to transmit to other players in your squad no matter where you are on the map. Squad leaders also have access to an additional Radio Net that allows them to communicate directly to the commander, globally to all other squad leaders, and directly to an individual squad leader. When using a radio net, a transmission cue will be heard when activating and deactivating the radio (which can be activated in the launcher audio options). The default keys for transmitting over mumble are as follows:

  • Local speech (H): you talk to players in the 3D radius space around you.
  • Squad Radio (Num 0): you talk to your squad, no matter where you are.
  • Squad Leader to all other squad leaders radio (*): you talk to all squad leaders at the same time. This radio net is also available to the commander to use with the same shortcut.
  • Squad Leader to specific squad leader radio (Num 1Num 9): you talk to one specific squad leader in your team. These channels on the net are also available to the commander to use with the same shortcut.
  • Squad leader to Commander Radio (/): you talk to the commander in private.

PR Mumble comes installed together with PR:BF2. It runs alongside the game installation and does all client side tasks automatically for you such as starting and connecting you to the right mumble-server. Players have the choice to configure their communication settings to their satisfaction just like the previous version. This includes input and output devices, volumes and the keyboard shortcuts. The two most important keys are default: Local channel (H) and squad radio net (0 on the numpad).The main keyboard shortcuts can be edited in the PR Launcher also via the options menu under the PR Mumble tab.

It’s recommended that you also check the main settings panel directly within the mumble application to make sure it’s all correctly set-up. To do this, locate the PR Dogtags in the system tray next to the Windows system clock (PR has to be running), click on the icon to open the mumble interface then locate settings at the top. After that the settings panel will appear and you can configure your input and output audio devices and alter more keyboard shortcuts and other settings.

PR Mumble also integrates with BF2’s HUD display. During the game you will see the names of players talking, each colour depicting over which channel they are transmitting, which is displayed in the lower left hand corner of your screen. In the lower right hand corner mumble also indicates over what channel you are transmitting with a different colour depending on the channel you are using. It also shows whether your microphone or speakers are muted, and if there’s linking issues with the mumble client.

Transmitting Mic / Muted Speakers / Muted / Disconnected


  • PR:BF2 has its own file verification before you start the game. You will not be able to play online with modified files. You can still use them offline.
  • PR:BF2 needs to be started using the PR Launcher. Launching BF2.EXE or PRBF2.EXE will not work.
  • In addition to the built-in server browser you can use the web-based PRSpy to browse and join PR:BF2 servers. PRSpy also features a friend-list which makes locating your friends much easier.

Direct link link to PRSpy :

  • There is also an Android-app of the same name. This app allows you to see server information, current map, online players and a map gallery with detailed description of the assets presents in every layout. Besides this, you can enable notifications that will inform you when a server is playing your favourite map or game mode. You can find it here.
  • If the server you want to join is full you now have the option of using Auto Deploy. Select the server, click on “SERVER INFO” and then “AUTO DEPLOY”. A dialog will open that explains the remaining steps. Then simply sit back and wait to be connected once a slot opens up.
  • The Support Menu in the PR Launcher can come in very handy. It can gather all system information of your computer for you to copy and paste into our Support forums for when you need assistance. It can also provide you with your CD-Key Hash.

Here are a couple of forum links from to use for various common reasons:

Default Game Controls

General Controls

Caps Lock/Home Kit selection, squad selection and Map menus
Tab Show scoreboard
Print Screen Take Screenshot
M Show/hide Map overlay
N Switch zoom level of minimap
Q Display main radio-rose
T Display secondary radio-rose
Left alt Show/hide 3D markers (only visible within 50m)
C Toggle BUIS / Change camera
End/grave Console


G Pick up a kit
Left Mouse Fire
Right Mouse Alt Fire or Toggle sights
R Reload
F Cycle Weapons
1-9 Select Weapon


E Enter / Exit vehicle or emplacement
WSAD Basic movement
Left Ctrl Crouch (hold)
Z Toggle prone
Space Jump
Left Shift Sprint / Vehicle Boost


F1-F8 Switch Vehicle Position
X increase zoom magnification / flares
6-9 Camera Positions (helicopters and aircraft only)
R Reload
F Cycle Weapons
1-9 Select Weapon


J Chat for all players
K Chat for your team only
L Chat for your squad only
Page Up Accept request
Page Down Deny request
H PR Mumble Proximity Local Channel
0 (numpad) PR Mumble Squad Radio Channel
1-9 (numpad) PR Mumble Individual Squad Leader Radio Channel
*(numpad) PR Mumble All Squad Leader Radio Channel
/(numpad) PR Mumble Commander Radio Channel

Mumble Keys

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