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18 Apr 2024, 00:00:00 (PRT)

Donation Goal
Monthly goal: 302.16 USD of 250 USD (121%)
These donations are used to fund the PR infrastructure.

Donate To Support Project Reality Forums Using PayPal
The Project Reality Team develops this modification completely free of charge for its community to download and play. If you would like to show your support, please consider donating to our team. These funds go directly towards website expenses, including bandwidth, hosting, domain registration, and maintenance. We never use donation funds to directly pay team members.
We do not record any of your user data except as required by Paypal itself inside Paypal.
If you are currently logged in to the forum, we will store a reference of the amount, date and your username.
After your donation is confirmed, you will be given a supporting member badge on your profile.
If you do want to donate fully anonymously and do not want the amount and date to be linked to your username, please perform the donation while logged out of the forum. You can verify the donation will be anonymous or not by checking the message shown on the first paypal window, before performing the donation. It will either show your forum username or "Unregistered" if logged out and thus anonymous.

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