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Posted By: Mineral
Posted On: April 5, 2024 | 10:01 am

2024 - Next major update content and changes - Part II & update

As said in our previous article, the next update for PR:BF2 will see more than the introduction of the WW2: Eastern Front. As in every major release, next to content updates, the game systems receive fixes and all kinds of improvements. Today we show the second part of some of this new content and improvements coming to the game soon. Do note that unexpected issues might push these things to a later update. However, before we get to the content update, first we have an important message for our community:

PRstats' Fate

Earlier this year Sgt_Baker/avram announced that he would have to retire from updating and maintaining, a PR-specific stats tracking project that he had developed and supported single-handedly for over seven years. Real life caught up, requiring more and more of his energy and time, so much so that he doesn't even get to play the game anymore!

As it would be a real shame to see all these years of data being lost to history, we decided to step in. And frankly: who doesn't love to have some trusty stats to bolster your claims at gaming prowess (or equally dispute some braggard's).
So we approached him and asked if we could take over, which he graciously agreed to! With a little bit of our (and his, as he supported the migration as well!) elbow grease to update the underlying codebase and suspending some of the extra features such as avatar and signature generation (for now), we can now announce this service will continue to be available under our own domain and running on our own server: Your gaming glo...

Posted By: Mineral
Posted On: March 17, 2024 | 9:04 am

2024 - Next major update content and changes

In our series of articles 'Road to the Eastern Front' (#1, #2, #3) we showed the work on the Soviet Faction for PR:BF2, but this is not all that is coming in the next major PR:BF2 update! Today we want to show you a first glimpse at some of the other exciting additions and quality-of-life improvements coming to the game soon. Do note that unexpected issues might push these things to a later update.

Falkands & Vietnam Updated Content

In our upcoming update, anticipate enhanced Falkland textures and kit geometries to make them more accurate to that period. We're also updating the FN FAL series, including the FAP, PARA variants. Additionally, arm yourself with the Winchester 1897 trench gun for our US Vietnam faction.


Posted By: Mineral
Posted On: January 21, 2024 | 1:29 pm

Road to the Eastern Front Part III - Gearing Up for Soviet Victory

Part III - Gearing Up for Soviet Victory

In our series on the WW2 Eastern Front theatre development for PR:BF2 we also saw in Part I and Part II that the amount of new content in this update will be massive. In this third article, we want to show you some of the new additions the infantry can expect to use on the new battlefields. But before we show off the goodies, we want to reach out to our fantastic community for a bit of assistance. As our development continues, so do the server costs. Your generous donations will help keep our servers running smoothly. So if you can, please donate today. Every bit helps, and we're immensely grateful for your continued support!

Soldiers & Kits

The soviet soldier and kit models were generously given to us by the Battlegroup Frontlines modding team and reworked heavily by our team to have a better variety of equipment, LODs, and textures. The Wehrmacht will also be given some warmer winter clothes for some of the new maps.