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Project Reality: Battlefield 2 is a free-to-download single and multiplayer game modification for the Battlefield 2 (BF2) retail Microsoft Windows PC game. Project Reality installs alongside your existing Battlefield 2 game installation, allowing both the original game and Project Reality to be played separately without conflict.

"Battlefield is all about fun, action-oriented gameplay. We'll leave the truly realistic experiences to the mod teams who thrive on that type of action." (DICE)

Project Reality reworks Battlefield 2, developed by Digital Illusions of Sweden (DICE), to create the most realistic and demanding virtual combat environment for PC gamers possible. This process has included everything from making dramatic improvements to Battlefield 2's already esteemed visual and sound effects to perfecting a true-to-life ballistics system that immerses the player in the battlefield like no other shooter can. Project Reality also drastically ups the scale of the original Battlefield 2 by featuring vast and exceptionally detailed battlegrounds as large as 64 square kilometers that take the player everywhere from the fjords of Norway to the narrow desert alleyways of Iraq to fight in massive team-versus-team battles with as many as 100 players.

"The only mod for Battlefield 2 that's worth playing. (That includes Battlefield 2 itself.)" (

All of this is supplemented by strikingly realistic portrayals of the armed forces of the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Russia, Israel, China, and Canada, as well as numerous insurgent and irregular forces taken straight from today's headlines, giving Project Reality one of the most comprehensive and detailed armouries ever seen in a video game - spanning everything from old but powerful Lee-Enfield rifles to cutting-edge F/A-18F SuperHornet fighter jets.

"As close to war as you are going to get when it comes to the Battlefield franchise." (

Along with this, Project Reality contains some of the deepest gameplay seen in video games today and is designed to promote both technical realism and teamwork without sacrificing accessibility in doing so. The result is a virtual battlefield that continually proves itself to be both enjoyable and intense to all manner of players, whether they be military enthusiasts out for a pitch-perfect simulation of a combat helicopter or casual gamers looking to experience an intense and challenging firefight with friends where teamwork is just as important as a quick trigger-finger.

"Get ready for one of the meanest, most ruthlessly demanding shooter experiences around." (

Overcoming fierce competition from over one hundred other mods, Project Reality won's definitive Mod Of The Year award in 2008 having come in second place in both 2006 and 2007. Project Reality is also one of only 21 mods inducted into ModDB's prestigious Hall Of Fame. Project Reality continues to boast a large player population seven years after its initial release, a testament to its continued development support, lasting appeal, and widespread popularity.

"Project Reality walks a beautiful line of realism and accessibility. The result is a united sense of satisfaction, addictive gameplay, and engaging warfare that rewards you as you march deeper into the battlefield." (

The Project Reality development team comprises of a group of dedicated and skilled modders, many of whom have backgrounds in armed services, whose ultimate goal continues to be the release of a Project Reality: Battlefield 2 version 1.0, a stable and comprehensive build that will be a marked step-up from the mod's humble beginnings as little more than a proof-of-concept test of just how far Battlefield 2 could be taken. The mod is now in its eighteenth incarnation, Project Reality version 0.973, and work continues towards the goal of a version 1.0 release as diligently as ever, with additions and improvements to the game being made on a regular basis to maintain its standing as one of the most consistently realistic and profoundly enjoyable PC games on the market today.

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