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Why join?

Project Reality began in July 2004 as a modification for Battlefield 2 with the goal of increasing realism while still retaining a strong level of gameplay. In addition our modification is also introducing British Military forces into the game as well as providing additional vehicles, weapons and associated assets for the already included factions in Battlefield 2.

There are many indicators of a Mods health. To a certain degree it's the quality of visual presentation, such as player and vehicle models. Project Reality's models have received a wealth of positive feedback. More important is the flexibility of the development team and of course the supporting community supporting the project. Not only is the size of the Project Reality community an indicator of the Mods potential, but the charisma and energy of the community has proved to be a limitless driving force behind this particular project since the day of its arrival on the scene.

Acknowledgement towards future career paths.

For some developers, this project is a solid bankable project that can be used in their path to a professional career in the gaming industry. This may be a goal perhaps you share yourself and to that end we embody the highest level of professionalism by providing full credit, attribution and reference to all work performed by our team members. Our existing team members know how important this can be on a C.V.

Join Project Reality

What are the requirements for joining the team?

The members of this team all have lives that include professional, academic, and personal responsibilities. We readily acknowledge and respect these individuals' priorities. Given these basic responsibilities we approach your potential level of involvement with flexibility. You can contribute a great deal of work over multiple projects or be productive on a few, the choice is yours. The quality of your work is non-negotiable though. All developers on this team regardless of their role as coder, modeler, texture artist, or mapper are dedicated to producing a product which meets or exceeds professional studio standards.

Modelers - Texture Artists - Mappers - Coders
Animators - Sound Engineers

***At this time, we are not actively recruiting new team memebers. Please check back later.***