Kits in Project Reality define your class, equipment and your role in the team. PR features a wide selection of kits that you can take. Generally speaking, there are 2 kinds of kits in Project Reality:

  • Standard Kits, which are the standard infantry squad roles and can be selected directly from the spawn screen
  • Specialist Kits, which are more specialised roles and can only be obtained through a special request procedure

Where to start

As a new player, you should always join an infantry squad and take the Rifleman kit. The Rifleman represents the basic infantry grunt and can be used without restrictions by as many people as desired in a squad/team. All other kits are associated to more specialised roles and have rigid restrictions regarding the number of them that can be simultaneously used in a squad/team.

Due to these restrictions, and in order to avoid negatively affecting your team performance by misusing a limited kit, it is strongly recommended that you start playing with the Rifleman kit. As you get more experienced and learn the basics of infantry gameplay, if you feel up to the task, you can ask your Squad Leader to assign you a different role. In any case, you should ALWAYS ask your Squad Leader before changing kits.

Standard Kits

The Standard Kits are the 7 kits shown in the spawn screen and they represent the roles that typically make an infantry squad. In the following table you can see an overview of the 7 standard kits as well as information regarding how many kits of this type can be in a single squad and how many people need to be in the squad in order to be able to spawn with them.

Kit Limitation per squad Minimum Squad Size
Officer 1 2
Medic 2 2
Automatic Rifleman 1 3
Breacher 1 3
Grenadier 1 6
Light Anti-Tank 1 4
Rifleman Unlimited 1

Having these limitations in mind, it can be said that the typical 8-man squad usually has the a composition of 1 of each of those kits but with 2 medics.

Note that each kit in the selection menu of the spawn screen has two buttons: "Standard" and "Alternative". This is because there are two variants of each kit. Depending on the faction, this typically affects the choice of optics (scope, reflex or none), although in some cases, the Standard and Alternative variations simply come equipped with different weapons.

Note as well that, for playability purposes, in addition to the squad limitations above, the Grenadier and the Light Anti-Tank kits are also limited to a maximum number of them per team, depending on the number of players:

Kit 1-7 Players 8-15 Players 16-23 Players 24-31 Players 32- 50+ Players
Light Anti-Tank 1 2 4 5 8
Grenadier 1 2 4 5 8

Here follow a more detailed explanation of each kit:

  • Rifleman. Unlimited kit, representing the standard infantry grunt. Typically, it is equipped with an assault rifle, fragmentation and smoke grenades. Lacking a specialized role, the rifleman is ideal for more aggressive positions and maneuvers. It is also the only class with an ammo bag, which allows him to resupply teammates.
  • Officer. Limited to 1 per squad and only available to the Squad Leader. In addition of the standard fighting equipment, this kit comes with a side weapon, an officer radio and binoculars. He can have direct voice communication with the other officers in the team, place markers on the map, build emplacements and fortifications, and request support missions (artillery, mortar fire, armor or air support, etc). You can find more detailed information about this crucial role in the Squad Leader section of this manual.
  • Medic. Limited to 2 per squad. He is responisble of providing medical assitance in the battlefield, and therefore, it is one of the roles that affect squad performance the most. Battle-awareness and a survival instinct are essential for this role. In addition to an assault rifle, it comes equipped with several smoke grenades, a first-aid kit, epipens and field dressings.
  • Automatic Rifleman (AR). Limited to 1 per squad. Equipped with a light machine gun, the Automatic Rifleman (or AR), is a less mobile and less versatile (it has no frag grenades) rifleman who provides, on the other hand, superior firepower. His speciality is an accurate and deadly suppressive fire, which is also very effective to restrict the movement of enemies.
  • Breacher. Limited to 1 per squad. He is a demolition specialist who also acts as pointman in the breaching of buildings. His equipment includes an assault rifle, a grappling hook to climb over obstacles, a shotgun and a few loads of C4 explosive for tactic demolitions.
  • Light Anti-Tank (LAT). Limited to 1 per squad and to 8 per team. The LAT is a rifleman equipped with an assault rifle and a handheld light anti-tank weapon system. His main role is to act as an ultra-light anti-tank element, with capacity to deter and neutralize light vehicles and vehicles with light armor. It is however NOT effective against Heavy Armored Vehicles or Tanks.
  • Grenadier. Limited to 1 per squad and to 8 per team. Usually equipped with an underbarrel grenade launcher attached to its assault rifle. His main job is to hostigate low visibility areas where enemy presence is suspected as well as to harass light vehicles. It is specially useful for long distance engagements and to fight enemies digged up inside of buildings.

Specialist Kits

In addition to the above described Standard Kits, in PR there exists a wide selection of Specialist Kits capable of highly specialized tasks. Some of these kits include the Heavy Anti-Tank, the Combat Engineer, the Marksman, the Sniper or the Anti-Air Rifleman, among others.

It is not possible to directly spawn with one of these highly restricted, specialised kits. In order to get them, a player needs to request them from allied supply crates or vehicles following a procedure described below. Furthermore, depending on the number of players in the team, each one of these kits are limited to a specific number of them per team. In the following table, these restrictions are summarized:

Kit 1-7 Players 8-15 Players 16-23 Players 24-31 Players 32- 50+ Players
Machine Gunner 1 2 3 3 4
Marksman 1 2 3 3 4
Anti-Personnel Rifleman 1 2 3 3 4
Spotter 0 1 1 2 2
Combat Engineer 0 1 1 2 2
Anti-Air Rifleman 0 1 1 2 2
Sniper 0 1 1 2 2
Heavy Anti-Tank 0 1 1 1 1

Due to the highly restricted nature of these kits, it is strongly recommended that new and unexperienced players DO NOT use them. If they do, they risk wasting and losing these crucial team assets, leaving the team in a notable disadvantage. Remember to ALWAYS ask your Squad Leader before taking any of these kits.

Here follows a more detailed description of each specialized kit:

  • Machine Gunner (MG). Although a heavier and more cumbersome version of the Automatic Rifleman (AR), thanks to his greater firepower, the Machine Gunner is a lethal soldier cappable of pinning down entire squads and is unparalelled in long-distance engagements.
  • Marksman. The Marksman excels providng his squad with low rate but high accuracy fire. He is a proficient shooter while engaging objectives or enemies beyond the rifleman range.
  • Anti-Personnel Rifleman (AP). The AP Rifleman comes with powerful anti-personnel mines equipped with remote detonators. He is most useful preparing ambushes or using his explosives to defend tactical objectives.
  • Sniper. The sniper shines while in reconnaissance missions and providing the team with intel regarding enemy movements and positions. Equipped with a high precision sniper rifle, he is also capable of engaging enemies from very long distances. Due to its limitation of 2 per team, in PR, taking the sniper kit for arcadish solo missions is highly frowned upon.
  • Spotter. Issued with a grappling hook and binoculars, the Spotter is able to position himself in vantage points in order to gather key intel from the battlefield. He is also capable of using his laser designator to set targets for air strikes. His role typically involves supporting Armor and Close Air Support elements, as well as snipers.
  • Combat Engineer. Specialist in explosives and demolitions. Equipped with Anti-Vehicle Landmines, he is the designated person to establish mine fields or to defuse them. Be mindful that mines are activated by both allies and enemy troops! He also comes with several explosives for demolitions and can repair light vehicles.
  • Anti-Air Rifleman (AA). He comes equipped with a handheld Anti-Air weapon system, making him the person to deter and take down enemy air elements. His restriction to 2 per team makes him a highly critical asset. Do not waste this kit!
  • Heavy Anti-Tank (HAT). The HAT is a highly effective threat against armor and can destroy vehicles with extreme prejudice even at long ranges. The high limitation of this kit (1 per team) makes this an absolutely critical kit. Losing or wasting it can change the course of a battle. For this reason, players without the required experience are emphatically asked to stay away from it.

Other Kits

In addition to the kits already described, there are some special kits that have special rules. These are the Crewman, the Pilot, the Civilian and all the Insurgent kits. The Civilian and Insurgent kits pertain to the Insurgency Game Mode and are thus described in the corresponding section of the manual {#Insurgency}.

Regarding the Pilot (Air Vehicles) and the Crewman (Armored Vehicles), both are needed in order to operate the corresponding vehicles. As they are a type of Specialist Kit, it is not possible to directly spawn with them and must be requested as usual {#kit_request}. They have, however, no restriction about the number of them that can simultaneously be in a team and thus can also be considered unlimited kits.

  • Pilot. The pilot is the only kit capable of operating helicopters and fixed-wing aircrafts. It comes equipped with a side arm, a parachute and a signal smoke grenade. Do not attempt to operate aircraft without proper experience.
  • Crewman. It is the only kit capable of operating armored vehicles. The crewman is equipped with a compact weapon for self-defense and with binoculars to study the battlefield. Normally, both the driver and the gunner in an armored vehicle need the crewman kit.

Kit Request Procedure

Once spawned, and if certain conditions are met, it is possible to request a new kit (both Standard or Specialist) from an allied supply crate or armored vehicle. Usually, in order to request a kit, these 3 conditions need to be met:

  • Permission. You have the Squad Leader's permission. He gets to decide who gets what
  • Location. You are in the right place to request a kit - next to an allied supply crate or armored vehicle
  • Required Numbers. You are part of a squad with the required minimum number of members

The following actions can temporarily restrict your right to request kits:

Condition Time Penalty
You either spawn, or request and get granted, a limited kit Unable to request a kit for 2 minutes
You change squads Blocked for +2 minutes
You kill a teammate (teamkilling) carrying a limited kit Blocked for +3 minutes
You spam several kit requests in a short time Blocked for +30 seconds
You kill a civilian violating the Rules of Engagement (Insurgency) Blocked for +10 minutes

To request a kit a specific key sequence needs to be followed:

Key Sequence to Request a Kit
1. Press and hold the Secondary Radio key /(T/) (it will bring up a Comm Rose),
2. With the mouse, select the central option of the Comm Rose (REQUEST / DROP KIT") and left-click on it. This will open a menu list with all kits in it
3. Move your mouse to highlight the desired kit and left-click on it for the standard version OR right-click for the alternative one
4. If all conditions are met, a yellow text will appear saying “Your kit has been ALLOCATED and is at your feet”. Pick it up by pressing the G key

If your request is denied, you will see a yellow text message explaining why:

If you requested the kit in the wrong location:

  • “You need to be close to a friendly SUPPLY CRATE or APC to request this kit”, OR
  • “You need to be close to a friendly SUPPLY CRATE or VEHICLE to request this kit”

    If the squad that you are in fails the squad requirements:

  • “Unavailable due to squad limitations”

    If all allowed kits have already been granted to the team:

  • “All of these kits have been issued”

    Other possible reasons:

  • “Unavailable for your forces”

  • “You can't get another limited kit so soon after your last”
  • “You are new to this squad, request again in a minute”

Kit drop procedure

In certain situations, you might want to drop your kit. Most typically:

  • You intentionally or unintentionally picked an enemy kit (which will kill you after 30 seconds unless you drop it),
  • You are a wounded medic and want to give your kit to someone else so that they can heal you,
  • You wish to swap kits with someone more experienced or skillful than you,
  • You want to become a Civilian while playing in Insurgency mode.

Simply follow this sequence:

Key Sequence to Drop your Kit
1. Press and hold down the Secondary Radio key /(T/)
2. Select the middle option of the Comm Rose (REQUEST / DROP KIT") and to right-click in it. This will drop below you an invisible Unarmed Kit
3. Pick it up by pressing the pickup key (G)

Note that a kit on the ground will disappear after 5-10 minutes and will then become available to the squad/team again.

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