Project Reality: BF2 has been in development by countless developers over a period of more than 15 years. Extensive modifications and improvements were made during this time. After thousands of changes, it gets harder and harder to recognize that PR is a Battlefield 2 modification.

We hope this manual provides you with a good start into the challenging world of PR:BF2. If you have any feedback or unanswered questions concerning this document feel free to contact us on the forums.

The PR-Team


This introduction will give a brief overview into what you can expect when you begin playing the Project Reality modification for Battlefield 2. This modification has a level of complexity and teamwork that you won’t find in most modern first person shooter games, while it still finds the balance between simulation and gameplay. Due to the steep learning curve, we highly recommended that all new players read through this manual thoroughly prior to joining an online game.

The primary core ethos of Project Reality is teamwork. Coordination within your squad, between squads and throughout your team is paramount. The role of squad leader and the commander is essential to success in PR and the direction of the game is dictated by those in leadership positions and carried out by the players. PR:BF2 contains a multitude of gameplay mechanics which differentiate roles within a squad and the team. It also gives squad leaders and team commanders the ability to deploy emplacement assets such as foxholes, machine gun nests and mortar pits to fortify the defence of spawn locations known as FOBs. In addition, the role of players within a squad has been greatly diversified, and is reflected in an expanded selection of standard and limited specialty kits for various infantry load outs alongside unique kits for operating mechanized and aviation vehicles.

Another core fundamental aspect of PR is how players communicate. Communication in PR is an essential element of gameplay and we recommend that all players are microphone ready when they begin playing online. To ensure enhanced communication, an integrated version of PR Mumble voice communication software gives players abilities not available with built in BF2 voice-over-IP, such as the ability to talk to other players within the local vicinity, regardless of which squad they are in, as well as transmit to squad members over the squad radio no matter where they are on the battlefield. No additional installation is required, which means every player on the battlefield will have the same communications setup and can communicate effortlessly.

This mod was made by players, for players so don't be afraid to ask for help in-game or on the forums at Again, welcome to PR and a totally new gaming experience!


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