The Civilian

When playing on the Iraqi insurgent or Hamas faction, players can choose to play as the Civilian. This role’s primary focus is to gather intelligence on Coalition forces and to run interference for the insurgent Cell Leaders. This kit does not come equipped with any weapons but has a wide variety of equipment and tools. Civilians can use their cellphones to spot enemy troops for their team by placing a marker on the map.

A civilian

Civilians are bound by particular rules of engagement (ROE). Coalition forces cannot fire agains't civilians that are outside the rules of engagement, risking heavy penalizations. Instead they must arrest them or wait untill they're a legit target.

In order for a player to arrest a civilian, it must use the restrainers or the Shotgun with a buckshot round.

Civilians that decide to commit suicide are also counted as an arrested.

If you shoot a civilian outside the ROE, you will face several penalties:

  • After your next death you will respawn 120 seconds later per civilian shot (stacks up to 5 minutes additional delay)
  • You will not be able to request any kits for 10 minutes
  • Your score is reduced to 0 and the kill will not be listed on the scoreboard
  • Your team loses 10 intelligence points

In the other hand, shooting a civilian inside the ROE will cause:

  • The civilian to have an additional 120 seconds in the respawn time
  • Your team gains 10 intelligence points

Running over civilians in a vehicle or killing them while climbing ladders or ropes will also result in a penalty if done outside of the ROE.

Rules Of Engagement (ROE)

A civilian is considered inside the ROE and therefor can be killed if any of these conditions are met:

  • Spawned...
  • Have picked up a kit with a weapon...
  • Used a vehicle...
  • Used a shovel or epipen...
  • Resuscitate someone...

...less than 2m priour to the engagement. Or he must have an armed insurgent next to him, within 5m horizontally or 1.5m vertically.

Becoming a civilian

For you to become a civilian you must first either spawn as a non-armed soldier or to simply drop your kit (Press T and then G). Secondly, has mentioned in the previous section, you must wait 2 minutes after you spawn or dropping your kit.

Civilian vehicles

Non armed-vehicles, including ammo techies and "Fake Garys", must not be destroyed by Coalition forces.

A vehicle is considered civilian and therefor cannot be destroyed if:

  • Is empty
  • Does not have a gun
  • Was last use more than 1 minute ago
  • Has no enemies nearby (3 meters)

Failing to comply to this ROE will result:

  • Loss of 5 intel points for the team
  • Loss of 50 points for the player

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