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Default PR:BF2 v1.3.0.0 Changelog

After 10 months since our last release, it's finally time for the next version of Project Reality: BF2 - v1.3.

This update brings several new features, a brand new map, various new and updated content, and countless improvements, bug fixes and tweaks across all areas of the game.

PR:BF2 v1.3 marks our 35th release in our strong 10 year history. We're not done yet though, this update has had a large focus on laying the ground work for the future of PR - so of course, there will be more releases to come!

Do note, that v1.3 will be provided as a full install only, there will be no update from v1.2.1.0. This is due to us moving to a standalone build that does not require an existing install of Battlefield 2. Unfortunately, this also means that current players will not receive an update notification upon release.

We plan to release PR:BF2 v1.3 this weekend, maybe even sooner if everything goes smoothly. Stay tuned to our forum for more information, media, and of course the release. The wait is almost over!

PR:BF2 v1.3.0.0 Changelog (2015/May/30)

  • Added PR:BF2 standalone, Battlefield 2 is no longer required.
  • Added PRISM server administration tool.
  • Added Nuijamaa map (2km) (FR vs RU) (AAS, Skirmish).
  • Added deployable roadblocks.
  • Added Canadian CH-146 Griffon light transport helicopter.
  • Added Chinese ZTZ-99 main battle tank.
  • Added AKM and AKMS assault rifles to multiple unconventional factions.
  • Updated AK-74 with improved recoil animations.
  • Updated vehicle smoke to be more effective and to feature IR-blocking functionality on some vehicles.
  • Updated physics on several helicopters.
  • Updated infantry movement speed with faster sighted-in movement.
  • Updated heavy asset respawn times to be at least 20 minutes instead of 15.
  • Updated UAV to have a fuel system.
  • Fixed various bugs and performance issues.


  • Added PR:BF2 standalone. The full PR:BF2 v1.3 install provides all necessary files, an existing Battlefield 2 install is no longer required. There is no update from to, all existing PR:BF2 players will be required to re-download the full install.
  • Added new CD key code. All CD keys will be updated and are now machine locked.
  • Added PRISM, a new real-time external server administration tool. This is a separate download only available to server administrators and moderators.

  • Added deployable roadblocks.
  • Fixed deployable & stationary AT zoom levels.
  • Fixed deployable sandbags to keep players away from glitching inside.
  • Fixed disabled outposts supporting rally points.
  • Fixed leaving damaged deployable emplacements damaging the soldier.
  • Fixed the max amount of deployable mortars from 3 to 2 per FOB.
  • Updated deployable & stationary light SAMs to reload one tube at a time (meaning if you only fire off one missile you spend less time reloading than you would if you fired off both missiles).
  • Updated deployable FOB model with a few improvements.
  • Updated deployable HMGs to have less focus zoom.
  • Updated deployable light SAMs use-delay to 5s (from 15s) and on deployable ATGMs to 10s (from 15s).
  • Updated deployable mortars to have a 33% increased build time.
  • Updated deployable mortars to only have 9 rounds.
  • Updated markers of deployables to stay longer.

  • Removed night muzzle flashes (were causing CTD).
  • Updated PG-7VR to use the same trail as the PG-7VM.
  • Updated smoke grenades with better effectiveness.
  • Updated vehicle and mortar smoke with improved performance and better effectiveness.
  • Updated vehicle damage effect states to be more consistent now.

  • Added light body armor to the Taliban officer.
  • Fixed civilians being unable to deploy assets.
  • Updated Dutch and Canadian forces to have appropriate amount of black soldiers. Don't riot plx.
  • Updated FSA to no longer require supply crates for their hideout (still needed for emplacements).
  • Updated FSA to use TOW, HJ-8, or Milan randomly as deployable AT.
  • Updated Militia UAV to have a color camera.

  • Updated russian fonts to have full cyrillic charset support.

  • Added UAV fuel system. The UAV loses 0.2% fuel/sec while travelling, 0.1% fuel/sec while operating and refuels at 0.2%fuel/sec at base. At any point it can be send back to base to refuel. Deploy time depends on travel distance.
  • Fixed accidentally spawning on wrong rally point next to an outpost spawning you in main base.
  • Fixed being able to use enemy kits to build or deploy rally point.
  • Fixed briefing time counting towards the initial spawn delay of vehicles.
  • Fixed Insurgency game mode, last caches do no longer add 30 tickets for BluFor.
  • Fixed kit requesting system to prevent getting more kits than allowed.
  • Removed Numpad0 from default controls since it was conflicting with the default Mumble chat key.
  • Updated compass to be no longer visible while dead.
  • Updated Manual to version PR:BF2 v1.3. found here(Found here).
  • Updated map loading & performance by removal of unused textures and objects.
  • Updated rally point overrun and block ranges to 50m for 1km, and 125m for 2km or 4km respectively.
  • Updated rally point requirement check to prevent abuse.
  • Updated rally points to be only supported by APCs and IFVs that allow kit requesting.
  • Updated the command posts with more optimized textures.
  • Updated the light supply crate physics to be less glitchy.
  • Updated time to use enemy kits to be slightly shorter.

  • Added view cone to player icon (only yourself). This shows the direction you are facing on the map.
  • Added asset info ingame overview. This is accessed in the spawn menu by clicking the map info at the top of the screen. It shows detailed information on the vehicles available to your team and their spawn times. For the enemy team it will only show vehicle categories.
  • Fixed commander HUD to not show 3D markers.
  • Fixed multiple choppers having semi-transparent vehicle icons for the rotors.
  • Fixed player name list in vehicles.
  • Fixed textures filling whole screen having small gap at bottom and right side.
  • Removed mag counter for weapons of land vehicles with only 1 magazine.
  • Updated commander menu with various tweaks.
  • Updated HUD to show dead enemies on the scoreboard having the same color as alive ones.
  • Updated radio and commander HUD to show options for spotting AT vehicles.
  • Updated radio/phone menu to make it less likely to place a wrong emplacement by accident.

  • Added AKM and AKMS to various kits of FSA, ARF, NVA, Militia, and Iraqi Insurgents.
  • Added arty IED to Militia/Taliban ALT engineer kit.
  • Updated German AA and AT kit to use G36 instead of MP7.
  • Updated German medic to have the same magazine count as medics from other factions.
  • Updated German PARA breacher to use G36K.
  • Updated IDF kits to have a more realistic rifle layout.
  • Updated Iraqi Insurgent civilian and officer to have a shovel.
  • Updated Iraqi Insurgent kits to have more realistic rifle variety.
  • Updated small dynamite to use small TNT on unconventional forces' breachers.
  • Updated Taliban kits to have more realistic rifle variety.

  • Added new woodland MEC kits.
  • Removed brief invulnerability after respawning/being revived.
  • Updated Iraqi Insurgents to have extra stamina.
  • Updated maximum depth of water you can prone in.
  • Updated movement speed to be faster when aiming.
  • Updated Russian soldier skins.

  • Fixed reload sounds on some tanks to have the right duration.
  • Fixed continuous track sound for M1A2 Abrams gunner.
  • Removed voice message from spotting aircrafts.
  • Updated various gun sounds to be more realistic.

  • Updated several objects and statics for improved performance.
  • Updated several statics like car wrecks to have improved textures, col meshes, etc.
  • Fixed American dumpster static culling too fast.
  • Fixed Vietnam helipads collision issue.
  • Fixed well static allowing people to get stuck.

  • Added Bushmaster Armored Vehicle for Dutch Forces.
  • Added Canadian CH-146 Griffon light transport helicopter.
  • Added Chinese ZTZ-99 main battle tank.
  • Added HE-FRAG rounds to Type 98, T-62, T-72, T-90, and ZTZ-99.
  • Added HEI ammunition to KPVT-armed vehicles.
  • Added lazing ability to Merkava gunner since it fires SALH-guided missiles.
  • Added white FLIR HUD to the co-pilot/gunner of the Zhi-9WA light attack helicopter.
  • Fixed a few tanks taking damage from small calibers on certain spots.
  • Fixed a few vehicles with improved spring settings.
  • Fixed A-10 and Su-25 removed engine flames when not critically damaged.
  • Fixed AH-6 Littlebird map icon.
  • Fixed Avenger camera position and vehicle restrictions.
  • Fixed BMP-1 reload sound.
  • Fixed BRDM-2 selecting ammo drop when switching to periscope.
  • Fixed Dutch Leopard reload sounds.
  • Fixed Dutch UAV to work properly.
  • Fixed F-35A POVs, taxiing issues, and kit restrictions.
  • Fixed Fennek sensor HUD.
  • Fixed forklift crashing servers.
  • Fixed German Huey rotor positions.
  • Fixed Jet Pilots not being able to see what they have locked on to.
  • Fixed remaining land vehicles to get in critical damage state (catching fire) at 10% max HP.
  • Fixed Leclerc tank commander camera position.
  • Fixed logistics truck not seeing ammo counter when using rear view.
  • Fixed M151A2 entry/exit points.
  • Fixed MEC BTR-60 passengers having too quiet sounds.
  • Fixed Mi-24 passenger rotation bug.
  • Fixed Osprey having grey thermals on camera and green on model.
  • Fixed requesting kits from Stryker with Mk 19 AGL and BMP-2.
  • Fixed selecting weapons as passenger in support BRDM-2.
  • Fixed SPAAA recoil being too drastic.
  • Fixed Support Land Rover passenger camera.
  • Fixed T-62 MG sight alignment.
  • Fixed T-62 taking damage in very shallow water.
  • Fixed T-72 offroad physics.
  • Fixed the WIMIK Land Rover spare tire not being visible in first person.
  • Fixed Tornado gunner HUD.
  • Fixed TOW HMMWV Python restrictions.
  • Fixed traverse/elevation angles on T-62, T-72, T-90, and ZTZ-99 .50 cals.
  • Fixed UAV shaking from nearby explosions.
  • Fixed Up-Armored HMMWV TOW map icon.
  • Fixed VAB gunner having no turret icon, passenger seats and animations, and applied correct armor settings.
  • Fixed volume envelope issues on multiple vehicles.
  • Fixed Z-9WA 23mm gun damage.
  • Fixed Zastava Van music looping constantly.
  • Fixed Zhi-8KA helicopter control scheme.
  • Fixed ZSL-92B and Type 86G showing wrong HUD for ATGM.
  • Fixed ZSU-57-2 gun settings.
  • Removed AP rounds from M48A1.
  • Updated AH-1Z to have slightly increased max speed.
  • Updated all land vehicles to burn a bit longer before exploding.
  • Updated ammo loads for main gun and MGs on some tanks to be more realistic.
  • Updated autocannons on multiple vehicles to have basic recoil.
  • Updated Avenger to use correct AA missile types.
  • Updated BMP-1 desert textures.
  • Updated Challenger 2 Tank to have no barrel collisions.
  • Updated Challenger 2 to use HESH instead of HEAT shells.
  • Updated Chinook to be slower.
  • Updated Coyote textures.
  • Updated F/A-18 variants to have a slightly better turn rate. It is still not meant to outturn the MiG-29.
  • Updated Fennek to require crewman only for driver.
  • Updated FSA BMP-1 textures.
  • Updated Gazelle helicopter gunner HUD and added 4x zoom.
  • Updated Gazelle with improved textures.
  • Updated ground attack jets to always see laser markers.
  • Updated Havoc/Apache to be slightly more resistant to 25mm shells.
  • Updated heli rails to not glitch as much.
  • Updated helicopter flight physics to better represent real life capabilities.
  • Updated Huey variants to have less speed (compared to other ingame helicopters Huey was way too fast).
  • Updated Hueys, increased UH-1N speed slightly compared to older UH models.
  • Updated land vehicle zoom system to allow zooming while reloading.
  • Updated Lynx to be slower (still the fastest chopper ingame).
  • Updated Lynx to use the correct light helicopter armor.
  • Updated M113, VAB, and ZSL-92A to only cost 2 tickets.
  • Updated magnification settings for tank gunner and commander views to be more realistic.
  • Updated Merkava to be able to fire its ATGMs in laser-homing mode.
  • Updated Mi-17 and Mi-8T speeds to be slower.
  • Updated Mi-24 to have increased agility and speed and to be less armored vs tank shells.
  • Updated Namer vehicle smoke to auto reload.
  • Updated Osprey pilot FOV to eliminate fisheye effect.
  • Updated Panther and Zhi-9 variants to be slightly faster.
  • Updated Scimitar and Scorpion to only cost 5 tickets.
  • Updated Scimitar and Warrior main guns to be more accurate.
  • Updated several MBTs, IFVs and APCs with IR blocking smoke .
  • Updated Shilka to have improved driving physics.
  • Updated Su-25A flying physics to have a slightly improved turnate.
  • Updated T-62 textures.
  • Updated tank gun reload times for the Type 98, T-72, T-90, and ZTZ-99 to 7 seconds and ATGM to 8.
  • Updated tank side armor so one AT hit can cause a heavy damage state.
  • Updated Tiger to have improved agility physics and gear making it a bit easier (still difficult) to land.
  • Updated UAV altitude to be based on map view distance. Maps with <400m VD have UAV disabled.
  • Updated vehicle names to be more realistic.
  • Updated Zhi-9WA with HJ-8 to not have a Laser Targeting firing mode.
  • Updated ZSL-92B to count as an IFV.
  • Updated ZSU-57-2 with reload sounds.

  • Added AKM and AKMS assault rifles.
  • Added ATGMs with a realistic fire delay (hold down fire button until launched).
  • Fixed ATGM trails blocking the gunner's view.
  • Fixed 9M14 missile with increased accuracy.
  • Fixed C4/TnT instantly exploding on water contact.
  • Fixed Dutch Minimi BUIS.
  • Fixed Enfield and Nagant magnification.
  • Fixed HAT deviation indicator being off-center.
  • Fixed G3 markings being incorrect.
  • Fixed LAT projectile damage vs. APC glass.
  • Fixed M20 rocket trajectory not matching the sight and increased accuracy.
  • Fixed M72 LAW reloading twice when selecting empty weapon.
  • Fixed M72A7 using low-res 1p texture.
  • Fixed Negev having switch firerate sound.
  • Fixed phone 1p animations.
  • Fixed Saiga shotgun not having ammo indicator.
  • Fixed spotting tracers not showing on far distances.
  • Fixed stationary MGs to show ammo only when looking down sights.
  • Fixed TnT/C4 from being instantly deployed sometimes.
  • Fixed ZPU-4 overheating to quickly.
  • Fixed ZU-23-2 recoil.
  • Updated .50 cal to have a super tiny splash damage to simulate debris flying off from impact.
  • Updated AA missile explosions to not damage deployables.
  • Updated AA missile physics to not pull up straightly when they have no lock.
  • Updated AGM-65 Maverick model with a better-looking and more optimized one.
  • Updated AK-74 and RPK-74 scoped firing animations.
  • Updated AK-74 recoil to have less side-to-side recoil.
  • Updated ammo bag throw physics and to have a lower resupply radius for emplacements.
  • Updated bolt-action rifles to deal slightly more damage.
  • Updated bolt-action rifles to scope out after shooting (hold fire button to stay zoomed).
  • Updated C4 to only destroy caches within ~1m.
  • Updated EOTech and magnified aimpoint reticle to be larger now.
  • Updated grappling hook to have a lower climbing speed.
  • Updated handheld AA missiles to get less distracted when having a locked target.
  • Updated HAT to deal increased damage to various soft- and light armored vehicles.
  • Updated HAT (unguided version) to use the same deviation as LAT.
  • Updated HJ-8 helicopter launched missiles to have same properties as Hellfires.
  • Updated KPVT and NSVT to be more accurate.
  • Updated laser projectile to be less prone from bouncing off surfaces.
  • Updated light SAM targeting system to relock more quickly after getting distracted.
  • Updated light SAMs to see heat-boxes on whole screen now.
  • Updated M2 .50 cal tripod with improved and optimized textures.
  • Updated M2HB with minor model optimizations and improvements.
  • Updated M3 Grease Gun with a better model.
  • Updated MANPADS to have a straighter missile launch.
  • Updated Mk 14 EBR to not have BUIS and updated undeployed magnification to 3.5x.
  • Updated PF-98 projectile physics (accurate to markings on left side) and added range-finder HUD.
  • Updated Skorpion to have 2 additional magazines on the Iraqi Insurgent medic.
  • Updated SKS recoil to be lower.
  • Updated SPG-9 HEAT projectile damage to be higher.
  • Updated shovel and repair kit to have a progress bar when used.

  • General:
    • Updated all maps with new asset spawn times, mainly affecting heavy assets to have a minimum of 20 instead of 15 minutes respawn. This was changed as the majority of the community and PR team found that the 1.0 respawn times led to a too excessive asset domination, which spoiled infantry gameplay.
      • In special cases or on asymmetrical layers respawn times may have different configs for balance.
    • Updated map overviews for all maps with better compression, separated logistics/truck icons, and added off-map mortar icons.
    • Removed on-map mortars from CNC layers.
  • Added Nuijamaa (2km) (FR vs RU) (AAS, Skirmish).
  • Removed Arctic Lion.
  • Removed Shikotan Island.
  • Updated Al Basrah:
    • Updated the fixed firebase with a fixed bunker at the vehicle checkpoint.
  • Updated Assault on Mestia:
    • Fixed being able to spawn in US main as Militia.
    • Removed AAS 32 layer.
  • Updated Battle of Ia Drang:
    • Fixed attack Huey not spawning.
  • Updated Burning Sands:
    • Updated lighting.
    • Fixed sky texture.
    • Removed insurgency layer.
  • Updated Black Gold:
    • Added ZU-23-2 AA truck to insurgency STD.
    • Fixed Russian truck spawning for Militia.
    • Fixed being able to spawn in enemy main.
    • Updated bleed on last flag to be faster.
    • Updated INS 64 tickets to 600.
  • Updated Beirut:
    • Added new helipads that only re-arm IDF at docks.
    • Fixed floating close support bridges.
    • Fixed Russian base ATGMs to be correct HJ-8 on factory flags.
    • Updated all AAS layers, removed 1x Mi-17 to make room on deck and added RU PKP RHIBs.
    • Updated AAS 16 flag layout, to prevent IDF from too many bleeding tickets.
    • Updated AAS 64, delayed Havoc spawn until Russians caps first flag.
    • Updated AAS 128, exchanged BMP-3 with BTR-80 for balancing.
  • Updated Charlie's Point:
    • Updated AAS 64 layer, removed BTR-60 for balancing.
  • Updated Dovre:
    • Updated all layers to feature Russian vs Dutch Forces.
  • Updated Dovre Winter:
    • Added Dovre Winter COOP 64 layer.
  • Updated Dragon Fly:
    • Updated Train Depot capture time to be lower.
  • Updated Fallujah West:
    • Fixed 2 floating caches near SW apartments.
    • Removed US main base MGs as they would get you stuck.
  • Updated Fools Road:
    • Fixed AAS 16 loading screen showing a wrong time of day.
    • Updated AAS 128 layer, exchanged MEC BMP-2 with Mil BMP-1, MEC with RU model Spandrel.
  • Updated Pavlovsk Bay:
    • Fixed Russian rally points and outpost becoming spawnable for US.
    • Updated view distance to 900m.
    • Updated all AAS layers with minor tweaks and improvements.
    • Updated overgrowth, lightmaps, and some statics to improve performance.
  • Updated Hades Peak:
    • Added AAS 16 layer, featuring only ground assets and spawn-delayed transport helicopters.
    • Added CNC 32 (very asymmetrical, NL vs Militia) and CNC 64 (NL vs RU) layer.
    • Fixed assets blowing up after left on the map.
    • Fixed statics and other minor on-map issues.
    • Fixed jet combat areas.
    • Fixed jet resupply zones supplying too quickly.
    • Updated AAS 32, 64 and 128 layers with minor tweaks for better balancing.
  • Updated Iron Ridge:
    • Fixed terrain in 5 spots where railroad tracks were floating.
  • Updated Jabal Al Burj:
    • Updated AAS 64: added Mi-17 and exchanged Gopher with Shilka.
    • Updated MEC main base bridge to be non-destroyable.
  • Updated Kashan Desert:
    • Removed CNC 32, 128 layers due to major issues which could not be fixed in time.
    • Updated environment to reduce distant mountain disappearing.
    • Updated AAS 16 layer to be more balanced in favour of MEC.
    • Updated AAS 32 layer with minor asset changes, fixed Havok not spawning.
    • Updated AAS 64 layer to feature the pre 0.9 'old school' asset layout with USA A-10/F-16 vs MEC Su-25/MiG-29, and reduced a few heavy assets to promote a better infantry>asset ratio.
    • Updated AAS 128 layer to feature Canadian vs MEC Forces.
    • Updated CNC 64 layer with new concept; replaced tanks spawning in the beginning with light assets, so the teams have more time to set up their FOBs. Later heavy assets will spawn as usual, just no jets.
  • Updated Khamisiyah:
    • Fixed crash when running Khamisiyah right after Assault on Mestia.
    • Updated AAS 128: added Mi-24 light attack heli.
    • Updated AAS 16: replaced M2A2 Bradley with Stryker.
    • Updated INS 64 layer to feature a US Kiowa.
  • Updated Karbala:
    • Added COOP 32 layer.
    • Updated all layers, to have 300 secs increased spawn time for APCs and IFVs.
    • Updated INS 128, balance tweak by adding more armed jeeps to insurgent team.
  • Updated Kokan:
    • Added COOP gamemode.
  • Updated Korengal Valley:
    • Fixed flag poles being visible.
  • Updated Kozelsk
    • Fixed COOP, bots won't die on spawn.
    • Updated AAS 16, 64, 128 layers to have a slight ticket bleed at start to force Russian Forces to attack, updated ticket counts to make up for the bleed, and swapped out most BMP-3 with BMP-2.
  • Updated Lashkar Valley:
    • Fixed German main base combat zones.
    • Updated sun flare position.
    • Updated INS layers, exchanged 1x Technical with ZU-23-2 AA truck.
  • Updated Operation Archer:
    • Updated INS 32/64 layers, replaced a Chinook with Griffon and a MG technical with ZU-23-2 AA Truck.
  • Updated Operation Barracuda:
    • Updated OPFOR main base, removed entrance fences.
  • Updated Operation Ghost Train:
    • Fixed map crashing the client on load.
    • Updated AAS 64 layer, swapped out one HMG WMIK Land Rover for a GMG Land Rover and exchanged the RHIBs armed with the M60 for ones armed with the PKP.
    • Updated AAS 16, also exchanged RHIBs with M60 for ones armed with the PKP.
  • Updated Ramiel:
    • Fixed cargo containers allowing people to get stuck in them.
    • Fixed COOP crash.
    • Fixed a few floating trees.
    • Updated all layers with CAS, added ZU-23-2 AA truck to AAS layer and all layers with CAS on INS.
  • Updated Sbeneh Outskirts:
    • Added night layer (Insurgency STD).
    • Added off-map mortars for FSA.
    • Added pickup kits for FSA.
    • Added Vehicle Warfare layer (kits are not broken, meant so you can still have infantry).
    • Fixed overgrowth that would flicker in and out of view.
    • Fixed several floating objects.
    • Fixed wrong values in sky and water settings that could cause crash.
    • Removed AAS ALT.
    • Removed Mi-24 from AAS Large.
    • Updated all layers to have new asset layouts.
    • Updated bleed flags on MEC (at last cap flag only now for them).
    • Updated object textures to look higher quality.
    • Updated overgrowth and undergrowth to raise performance and be more accurate for its location.
    • Updated roads to be wider.
    • Updated skyboxes and sky settings on all layers.
  • Updated Xiangshan:
    • Fixed rock glitches around Temple.
    • Updated AAS 64/128 spawn delay for the French Tiger and the Chinese AAV.
    • Updated sky/light settings.
    • Updated routes and split into Alt, Std and Lrg layer to increase chances for southern routes.
  • Updated Wanda Shan:
    • Fixed ATVs on Wanda Shan not being team locked.
    • Fixed flag pole being visible on village hill.
    • Removed main base AAs.
  • Updated Yamalia:
    • Fixed minor on map issues.
    • Updated AAS 16, 32, 64, 128 layers, exchanged one Chinook with one Griffon helicopter.
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Default Re: PR:BF2 v1.3.0.0 Changelog

hooraaaay for pr
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Default Re: PR:BF2 v1.3.0.0 Changelog

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Default Re: PR:BF2 v1.3.0.0 Changelog

Awesome work, guys! Any chance for a preload (if the iso is ready that is)? Some of us have pretty antiquated internet connections.
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Default Re: PR:BF2 v1.3.0.0 Changelog

And so, the 12 month wait for 1.4 commences :P On a serious note: HOLY JESUS, YEEEEEEEEEEESSSS!!!!I'm kind of sad you didn't change the anti-human shield radius for civis
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Default Re: PR:BF2 v1.3.0.0 Changelog

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Default Re: PR:BF2 v1.3.0.0 Changelog

Originally Posted by Strategos View Post
Awesome work, guys! Any chance for a preload (if the iso is ready that is)? Some of us have pretty antiquated internet connections.
There won't be a preload.

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Default Re: PR:BF2 v1.3.0.0 Changelog

Originally Posted by [R-DEV]Mineral View Post
There won't be a preload.
Oh well, I'll just have to join the battle a little bit later then. What's 1 day to 10 months ?

Just scanned through the changelog: Seriously guys, this is fantastic work. Must be a pretty satisfying feeling to squash all these bugs at once.
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Default Re: PR:BF2 v1.3.0.0 Changelog

Originally Posted by [R-DEV]AncientMan View Post
Updated Dutch and Canadian forces to have appropriate amount of black soldiers. Don't riot plx.

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Default Re: PR:BF2 v1.3.0.0 Changelog

Thx you guys for giving PR new life!
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