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PR Highlights Highlights of what work the Devs are currently working on

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Default Project Reality: BF2 v0.96 Features List

Project Reality v0.96 Features

  • Added Shijia Valley (4km) (GB vs PLA) (AAS, Skirmish)
  • Updated Burning Sands (GB vs MEC) (AAS, Skirmish)
  • Updated Dragonfly (GB vs MIL) (AAS, Insurgency, Skirmish)
  • Updated Jabal Al Burj (US vs MEC) (AAS, Skirmish)
  • Updated Iron Eagle (IDF vs MEC) (AAS, Skirmish)
  • Updated Kokan (US vs TAL) (Insurgency, Skirmish) and added the Canadian faction to the "Alt" layer
  • Updated several other maps with AAS Routes (AASv4), layout changes and other minor tweaks
  • Updated ticket counts on all maps
  • Updated mortar base protection shields to be included on all maps
  • Removed Wanda Shan

Game Modes

Advance And Secure Routes (AASv4)
  • Added new game mode: AAS Routes (AASv4), to compliment, not replace, previous versions of the main game mode
  • Control points are ordered in a logical battle route. Multiple routes are then predefined and chosen randomly upon map start. This results in battles that are more focussed, unlike in AAS Random (AASv3) where flags could be selected resulting in illogical flag orders.

Advance And Secure (AAS)
  • Flags that cause ticket bleed now have different color attack and defend markers to identify them as bleed flags.

Co-Operative (COOP)
  • Merged Fallujah West from the SP Map Pack into the main build
  • Removed Jabal Al Burj due to map changes breaking COOP

  • Updated bleed/hit screen effects; getting hit and bleeding produces a sharp eyes-shut 'wincing' effect as opposed to the original method of covering the screen in semi-transparent red blood.
  • Added mortar minimap icon
  • Added new 9K114 Shturm AT launcher sight
  • Added new IFV minimap icons
  • Added ability to remove the HUD through the console command "renderer.drawHud 0" when hosting a local server. Still disabled on online servers to prevent exploits.
  • Added throttle indicator to Tornado HUD
  • Added new selection icon for shovel
  • Added ammo ability icons to basic insurgent kits
  • Updated AH-1Z co-pilot crosshair
  • Updated demolish command to work in a 200m radius instead of 100m
  • Updated Kiowa pilot HUD
  • Increased transparency of the combat area overlay to help visibility of the map grid overlay
  • Removed red "missile flying" information cycle from AT's with guided system

Menu / Interface / Installer
  • Updated the server browser to only show servers running the version the player is running
  • Updated the server browser to show if the server is running any hotfixes
  • Updated the installer heavily with several new features

  • Added option to define server time limit in the config files, which will overwrite the common time limit
  • Added back German and Russian AT kit request
  • Added back UAV availability
  • Updated commander rally point to require 6 team members close, and only one of them needing to be a squad leader
  • Decreased range between insurgency caches to be 200m instead of 400m
  • Added spawn block to prevent accidental spawning. You need to click "done" when you want to spawn.

  • Added new destructable gate effects
  • Added new multicolored bird effect for jungle maps
  • Updated vehicle deployed smoke to last about 1 minute
  • Updated some vehicle explosion effects

  • Added new PLA kit geometries
  • Added russian alternative AT and Rifleman AT kit geometries

  • Updated German soldier textures
  • Increased soldier movement speed
  • Increased minimum energy required to sprint
  • Decreased sprint recharge time
  • Decreased soldier movement acceleration time to let momentum impact more

  • Added new wooden fences
  • Added new chinese steps and lanterns
  • Added new HESCO components

  • Added prbot2 spectator camera vehicle with a "steadicam" style control mechanism (All)
  • Added Panther CLV (with desert and woodland specific models) (GB)
  • Added Kiowa with AGM114 Hellfire rack (US Army)
  • Added MLVW truck (CF)
  • Added Stryker interior (US Army)
  • Added new canvas to MEC, MIL and RU logistic trucks
  • Added rearview camera to Gary/Big Red trucks
  • Added missing horn to VN3
  • Added minor explosion damage to helicopter .50 cal weapons
  • Updated all GB ground vehicles woodland camouflage
  • Updated LOD switching distances on various vehicles
  • Updated various civilian vehicle cameras
  • Updated all tank cameras
  • Updated all amphibious vehicle water speeds
  • Updated BMP-3 engine and interior texture
  • Updated Puma IFV coaxial ammo layout to 2x1000 rds and increased reload time
  • Increased number of flares in transport choppers to 60
  • Increased mass of all logistic trucks
  • Increased BRDM-2, BTR-60/80 and Stryker number of magazines by 1
  • Increased Puma IFV armor
  • Decreased total armor on nearly all helicopters (except scout helicopters)
  • Decreased HMMWV series, M35, and Ural truck scales
  • Removed Zeev jeep

  • Added new shovel for all factions
  • Added ammo counter to grenade trap
  • Updated PF-89 magnification to 2.5x
  • Updated PF-98 magnification to 4x
  • Updated ERYX magnification to 3x
  • Updated M14/M21 undeployed magnification to 3.5x and deployed magnification to 10x
  • Updated SV-98 magnification to 3.5x/10x
  • Updated all AA's, AT's and Rifleman AT's to launch their missiles from their barrel
  • Updated SRAW deploy animation
  • Updated F1 grenade deploy animation
  • Updated MG 3 animation
  • Updated grappling hook staying now 180s
  • Increased grappling hook reload time to 15s
  • Increased deviation for handheld AA
  • Decreased M2HB scale
  • Removed ammo counter from Panzerfaust 3
  • Removed ability to throw incendiary grenade further than 2m to prevent exploitation against vehicles
  • Removed arming delay from mortar rounds. This means they will detonate if fired underneath anything

  • Added G-Wagon engine sounds
  • Added rotational sounds to SA-13 Gopher and 9K114 Shturm turrets
  • Tweaked 25-30mm cannon distant firing sound

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an exploit in pr.exe, and fixed a bug with prspy launching
  • Fixed UAV crash
  • Fixed insurgent ammo drop crash

Co-Operative (COOP)
  • Fixed some crashes with AI
  • Fixed bot piloted jets in an attempt to make them easier to shoot down and less dangerous

  • Fixed hud removal code with the prbot spectator camera and prbot2 to be "selected weapon" based rather than always on
  • Fixed issue with 2d markers not working for some people
  • Fixed mortar HUD
  • Fixed ammo counter on Canadian grenadier kit
  • Fixed BMP-3 ammo counter positions
  • Fixed Type 98 HUD

  • Updated MILAN with a fixed zoom
  • Fixed M2HB and ammo box position on deployable HMG nests
  • Fixed deployable HMG nests' camo net texture
  • Fixed CSB collisions to allow easier driving over
  • Fixed glitch with mortars firing through buildings and caves

  • Fixed CSB destruction effect
  • Fixed shotgun muzzle effect
  • Fixed VN3 muzzle effect
  • Removed impact effect from M134 minigun rounds to fix sound issues

  • Fixed Taliban alternative AA kit geometry
  • Fixed PLA Rifleman AP having grenades instead of another detonator

  • Fixed AAVP7A1 smoke launcher sound
  • Fixed MiG-29 having distant impact sounds on it's cannons
  • Fixed 9mm pistol distant sounds travelling the entire map and loud volume

  • Fixed ammo boxes and supply crates showing as hot on thermal cameras
  • Fixed colored smoke blocking thermal cameras
  • Fixed LAV III to prevent it from flipping
  • Fixed Tiger UHT landing behavior
  • Fixed German Huey dropbag floating issue
  • Fixed Kiowa spring sounds
  • Fixed Merlin landing gear
  • Fixed Puma IFV speed to give better sloped terrain movement
  • Fixed Puma IFV and M2A2 HEAT not cooling down properly
  • Fixed WZ551 passenger viewports
  • Fixed BTR-80A driver camera
  • Fixed BTR-80 and Scimitar maincannons overheating rate
  • Fixed 9K114 Shturm AT firing direction
  • Fixed Tornado alternative pilot views
  • Fixed Lynx "sleeping" passengers
  • Fixed Lynx pilot camera
  • Fixed 120mm HEAT round damage against MBT front armor
  • Fixed 120mm AP and HEAT round damage against APC and IFV armor
  • Fixed exit points of various vehicles
  • Fixed Namer texture to prevent ATI users from crashing when loading certain maps
  • Fixed various land vehicle textures
  • Fixed ammo drops to prevent them from blocking exits
  • Fixed critical bleed rate on all choppers to be 1% of critical armor level
  • Fixed technical front seat gunner camera
  • Fixed MAN truck rearview camera and engine settings
  • Reverted Challenger 2 acceleration (same as 0.9)

  • Fixed RPG-7, RPG-7V2 and Panzerfaust 3 related crashes
  • Fixed PLA AP mines
  • Fixed various weapons and missiles velocities

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Default re: Project Reality: BF2 v0.96 Features List


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Default re: Project Reality: BF2 v0.96 Features List

So much win, canada on kokan!

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Default re: Project Reality: BF2 v0.96 Features List

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Default re: Project Reality: BF2 v0.96 Features List


Xact Wicca is The Joker. That is all.
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Default re: Project Reality: BF2 v0.96 Features List

Going to be amaaazing! Good job!
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Default re: Project Reality: BF2 v0.96 Features List

now waiting till its done, lucky it will be out "soon"
iz going to be awesome
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Default re: Project Reality: BF2 v0.96 Features List

Awesome, you kept your promise too :P

On a side note, no BMP-2? Reduced all helis (attack helis concern me) armor? Did they even have one?
And why only transport choppers get 60 flares?

Sorry to be so rude :P

In-game: Cobra-PR
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Default re: Project Reality: BF2 v0.96 Features List

nice FTW !
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Default re: Project Reality: BF2 v0.96 Features List

Awesomes, cannot wait

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