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Default [Menu] Auto Deploy

One thing that is great to see in PR is full servers. However, trying to get into one of these full servers can be a pain. Something that I have always wanted to see, is a way to automatically join the server when a slot frees up. Well, now you can

I've gone into more detail about some things that I didn't mention in the video in my blog .

Auto Deploy - Project Reality Forums

So, I hope it comes in handy for all these full servers

Oh, it you didn't guess already, it is a very basic layout graphically, it will be improved .

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Default Re: [MENU] Auto Deploy

that'll come in handy.
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Default Re: [MENU] Auto Deploy

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Default Re: [Menu] Auto Deploy

nice one ancientman!
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Default Re: [Menu] Auto Deploy

too cool
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Default Re: [Menu] Auto Deploy

schmex .

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I found this sentence quite funny and since this is a war game forum I will put it here. No offense to the french just a good laugh.
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Default Re: [Menu] Auto Deploy

Awesome work mate!

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Default Re: [Menu] Auto Deploy

Aw, epic! Me and some friends were talking about this, because you also have this feature on source games etc. Thank you!

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Default Re: [Menu] Auto Deploy

That's so cool! Keep up the good work!
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Default Re: [Menu] Auto Deploy

Oh god yes

Been waiting for this ever since BF2 came out.

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