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Modding Tutorials Information and tutorials related to modding BF2.

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Exclamation The Tutorial/Tool List for PR Mapping (For Beginners & Up)

If you want to start mapping for BF2 / PR, here is a list of all the tuts you need to do to get to grips with how BF2 works and how to map for it and PR.

First you need to download and install the BF2 Editor and install it with PR.

This tutorial will set you up with all files needed:

Do these tuts in order, and there are probably some other ones you may want to do as well on the BFEditor forums.

NOTE TO BEGINNERS: We strongly recommend beginners to start mapping in vBF2 even if you only plan on mapping for PR with a small, simple, 256x2 test map (click to view recommend settings for a first test map) just to get to grips with how BF2 and the BF2 Editor works. Diving strait into PR mapping will only get you really confused with maps crashing when only trying to test them ingame as the first load of tutorials do not tell you how to set your map up for PR. Once you have learnt the basics and got a simple, small test map done which you can run around on and has a few terrain features, statics, roads, perhaps some overgrowth and undergrowth too etc, then its time for you to look into PR mapping.


Basic Tutorials
1. Creating a Basic Terrain
2. Creating a Basic Level
3. Low Detail Textures
4. Overgrowth/Undergrowth
5. Understanding Bf2 ground textures
6. Using the Stamp and Align Tools
7. Understanding the .desc file.
8. Layers

Moderate Tutorials
1. Envmaps Tutorial
2. Roads
3. Road Intersections
4. Ambient Effects
5. Ambient Sounds
6. Puddles
7. Using Roads to Modify the Terrain
8. Lightsettings
9. Lightmaps
10. Painting Images Directly onto your Terrain
11. Simple Undergrowth & Overgrowth setup based on your Terrain
12. Avoiding The Soundbug
13. Placing Dynamic Glows
14. Lightning and other weather effects (don't use the rain or snow though!)
15. Creating zip fles for custom content
16. Recreating a map's editor files

Project Reality Mapping Specific Tutorials
1. Setting up the BF2 Editor for Project Reality Mapping/Modding
2. PR Mapping Guidelines
3. Map Auditing, also useful for learning about the level editor
4. Close Support Bridges
5. Map Localisation
6. AASv3 control points setup
7. AASv4 Control points setup

Advanced Tutorials
1. Overgrowth Shadow Maps
2. Making The "perfect" Minimap
3. Triggerables
4. Advanced Lightmapping (with 3D Studio Max)
5. Overgrowth Field Placement
6. Using Real World Terrain Data (DEM)
7. Using Real World Terrain Data (DEM) - Alternative
8. Hand-packing OG and UG Atlases
9. Creating Heightmaps with GeoControl and BFHMT
10. Changing factions and altering files for the ALT layer

Tips & Tricks
1. Selecting statics to optimize performance
2. Rhino's Tips and tricks (Very Outdated)
3. Irontaxi's tips and tricks (Very Outdated)
4. Working with Undergrowth in a manner that avoids (too many) crashes
5. Editor's 3D Area Resolution
6. Enabling the Player 3rd Person Views in the BF2 Editor


Terrain Tools
3. BF2 TPaint - Useful Tool for painting a basic colour and detail map onto your terrain.
4. Terrain Patch Grid - Simple Photoshop (.psd) file to show you what texture goes on what part of your terrain.
5. Secondary Heightmap Generator

6. Map Build Script - Compresses all your map files into the correct client/server.zips ready for the game to use.

Model Viewing Tools:
7. BF MeshViewer - Simple tool to view BF2 modes with without having to load the BF2 Editor.

Running Map in Dedicated Server Mode:
8. Use this tutorial to test your map if you want to make sure the GPO is functioning correctly or if you experience lag in local mode:

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I'm new to modelling and map making, so I guess a "thanks" is in order

Good job, and thanks

"Without geometry, life is pointless"
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Ya thanks to who ever made this wiki.

Reality Gaming - Making Games Reality

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Just want to say that the links are broken. they all give me a 404...

"Without geometry, life is pointless"
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Links 1 and 2 are broken.
The others work just fine though.

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Originally Posted by [R-MOD]BlakeJr View Post
Links 1 and 2 are broken.
The others work just fine though.
Hmm, wierd. I was at their site and I tried out a lot of other links that had "wiki" in them but non of them worked..

oh well, found another tutorial on how to mod for beginners: no idea if its good since I've only just started to read it, but it looks fine so far

"Without geometry, life is pointless"
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maaa must have been cos of the site moving to a diffrent server.

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Old 2007-09-24, 05:21   #8

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&#@$#!%* bloody hell. just wanted to dabble in mapping but just tryin means getn a handful of programs and being confronted with a screen full of options. looks like that idea has been killd. instead of a tutorial for beginners can we got a tutorial for DUMMIES. it just seems like im passing by so much important things when i use these tut's, i think the real problel is they just tell u wat to do not how. I made a map i just dont now how i did it. that seems to be a problem with all the tutorials iv had a look at. can any1 derict me to a tutor that explains as it goes and doesnt ask 4 any more programs?
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If anyone cares, the links work again.

Thanks for posting btw, i'm having a look at the BF2 editor.
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Old 2008-01-17, 19:31   #10

I just gonna read all the tutorials and try to understand how the editor works and THAN I'm going to make my own friggin map.
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