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17 Jun 2024, 00:00:00 (PRT)

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PR:BF2 Gameplay Videos Part 9
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Posted 2011-07-22 at 14:13 by dbzao

[B]Ramiel - Insurgent PKM Defense[/B]

Just holding a weapons cache position from a few attacks.


[B]Silent Eagle - Russian Assault on Logging House[/B]

Working with multiple squads via Mumble. Calling CAS on enemy armor and infantry on entrenched positions. Mortars support and fast assault with APC.


[B]Burning Sands - British Combined Assault on Airport[/B]

Working with multiple squads via Mumble. After defending Arar Village and providing support to the rest of the team with mortars and other emplacements, we decide to get our full squad on the attack. Assault on the control tower. Marco failing. Calling CAS on enemy armor. Insertion by chinook after getting overrun by APC and infantry. Deploying defenses and getting ambushed. Engaging enemy armor. Assault on the last enemy position.


[B]Silent Eagle - German Mechanized Infantry[/B]

Working with APCs squad on Mumble. Assault on Objective 156 hilltop. Defending Missile Silo. Assault on the Russian Operations Base.


[B]Korengal - Taliban Compound Defense[/B]

Ambush on enemy infantry and humvee. Firefight around and inside the compound.


[B]Beirut - Russian Beach Assault[/B]

Great cover fire and maneuver on enemy position.


[B]Iron Ridge - Apartments Defense[/B]

Overwatching (overhearing?) the crazy firefight over the weapons cache building.


[B]Jabal - USMC Bridge Defense[/B]

We infiltrate, capture Jabal Al Burj and now wait for the counter-attack.


[B]Silent Eagle - Assaulting a house[/B]

Don't forget to reload your weapon, unless you have a pistol.


[B]Asad Khal - All Your Barn Are Belong To Us[/B]

No way we would let them keep it.


[B]Kashan - Bunker Assault[/B]

Small little assault on enemy forces defending a bunker.


[B]SPG-9 Fail[/B]


[B]Muttrah - MEC Infantry Defense[/B]

Fighting around the city against enemy infantry trying to move in from the rear.


[B]Kokan - US Army Covering Fire and Boat Assault[/B]


[B]Kokan - Taliban Defense of Weapons Cache[/B]

Just a small clip of our squad defending a target building just outside the enemy main base.


[B]Iron Ridge - Apartments Defense[/B]

Holding the apartments complex against enemy mortar and infantry attacks.


[B]Op. Barracuda - USMC AAVP-7A1[/B]

Covering infantry, defending a position and getting shot at.




[B]Fallujah - USMC Assault on Weapons Cache[/B]

Intense engagement over enemy position with multiple squads and APC support.


[B]Iron Eagle - MEC Armor Column[/B]

Just nice to see all this armor working together. We were on the road to scout ahead and I started recording when 2 tanks already passed our position.


[B]Burning Sands - MEC T-72[/B]

Just some poor infantry in the desert getting ripped to pieces by our tank, until.. My microphone audio didn't record because I plugged my headphones after Fraps started, so I didn't noticed it didn't get set up right. I was constantly marking targets for Spriggan and doing some desperate yelling at the end when all hope was lost =P


[B]Iron Ridge - Russian Mechanized Infantry[/B]

Working with multiple squads via Mumble. Fighting the militia in forests and buildings. Forest engagement with enemy squad with APC support. Ambushing enemy vehicles with APC and infantry. Moving into the city and engaging enemy infantry. Engaging enemy infantry in buildings near waste plant. APC gets ambushed and clearing enemy outpost. Patrolling the forest and getting into contact with the enemy. Falling back for rearm. Enemy counter-attack on friendly APC and infantry. Flanking the enemy and engaging technical and mortar position. Counter-attacking the mortar position. Scoreboard


[B]Kashan - US Armor Warfare[/B]

Engaging enemy armor and trying to keep control of the positions.


[B]Ramiel - US Army Commander[/B]

Commanding the US forces during a pickem event on TacticalGamer. Retreating after taking a cache out. Calling CAS on enemy infantry. Patrolling the city outskirts. Engaging enemy vehicles with stryker and humvee. Team movement through the city towards cache position. Calling artillery on enemy position. Assaulting a cache position at the docks. Asking Squad Leaders for input on the next attack. Convoy towards next cache position. Attack on cache position at the city outskirts. Organizing squad transport with the stryker. Taking out enemy hideout. Getting attacked by enemy bomb truck. Over watching the last attack


[B]Silent Eagle - Spotting for Close Air Support[/B]

Lasing targets for CAS to drop bombs, sometimes a little bit too close =P


If you want to know how I make these videos, [url=]check this blog post[/url] and maybe you will feel motivated to make your own. Feel free to check out my other PR videos, all the way back from PR v0.32! :D

[url=]YouTube - dbzao's Channel[/url]

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  1. Old Comment
    foxtwofive's Avatar
    great videos! gets you pumped for PR!
    Posted 2011-07-22 at 19:28 by foxtwofive foxtwofive is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Farks's Avatar
    Hey db, what server does the people you play with play on? I wanna make videos like your videos, so I can watch my videos while I watch your videos.
    Posted 2011-07-22 at 21:16 by Farks Farks is offline
  3. Old Comment
    Snazz's Avatar
    You left out the best one:

    Posted 2011-07-23 at 04:32 by Snazz Snazz is offline
  4. Old Comment
    I had some people tell me the other day on the server "I recognize you from youtube videos!!!!"

    How much traffic are you actually getting?
    Posted 2011-07-24 at 18:23 by Portable.Cougar Portable.Cougar is offline
  5. Old Comment
    Nosferatu's Avatar
    Good fights, good videos!
    Posted 2011-07-24 at 19:59 by Nosferatu Nosferatu is offline
  6. Old Comment
    nice vids. Corsair is taking their sweet time replacing my ram so thanks DB for giving me my PR fix for the week. Plus I was in 2 videos. 1) getting raped by that epic tank shot in Marco's squad on Burning Sands and 2) getting raped by CAS at logging house on Silent Eagle when we thought we had you guys pinned at the edge of the village.
    Posted 2011-07-29 at 03:58 by Col.Sanders34 Col.Sanders34 is offline

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