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28 May 2024, 00:00:00 (PRT)
PR:WWII Suggestions Suggestions from our community members.

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Default Allow WW2 factions to have an extra Automatic Rifleman Kit per Squad

It's the only way to solve the automatic firepower shortage. Especially for germans.
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Default Re: Allow WW2 factions to have an extra Automatic Rifleman Kit per Squad

The fact the USA WW2 faction has the M1 Carbine, low caliber .30 carbine cartridge that is a big -1 for me. German weapons are all high caliber except for the MP40.

Maybe the issue is you are not looking at who is using the AR kit. 2 types of people who take AR kit, those who suppress and those who only do accurate fire. A 2nd AR player isn't going to make a bad AR player better.

Doing only accurate fire on a machine gun is just as worthless as a rifleman. Only difference is AR bullets from MG34/42 land directly on top of each other, so faster shooting.

Why not use teamwork with 2 squads working together. They could both have AR and MG kits, giving 4 machine guns total in kits. You have the capability to place super FOB HMGs also.

Big issue I see, especially with the people using bolt actions, is they see the enemy, they shoot, enemy hides and they stop shooting just because enemy dissappeared. But the enemy is still back there in some bushes. If you set the bullet trajectory for height of a man, firing deep on several bearings you might at the least snap a round past the enemy you saw or another you didn't see.

You never use all your ammo before dying anyways, and if you do that means you get to go to a crate/halftrack to get more. They don't track accuracy stats in this game.

Sometimes with bolt actions you hit the enemy, they are wounded but not enough to go down. You feel like you missed every shot sometimes, but you actually wounded them
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