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22 Jun 2024, 00:00:00 (PRT)

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ADF Soldier Kits
Posted in: Modeling
Posted 2009-06-22 at 07:56 by Tonnie

So i have been slowly working on these now for a very long time (since about mid last year)... It had been basically a massive wast of time due to shitty uvmaps and just the way i set it up... Just today i came round and thort hmmm maybe i should get this back up and running... So today i completely striped the layouts off all the kits and redid the uvmaps so that they use only one texture file. I now have a bases that i can work off to get the rest of the kits done...

From the Kit kitty (Kit kitty is what i will refer to when i talk about all the kit parts as one) i have put together the Officer kit in about 5 - 10min with a few scaling issues (As the old ones were scaled to fit the Brittish soldier) and the like. From now on tho i shouldnt run into to many scaling issues as i will be cloning the officer parts rather then going strait to the Kit Kitty as that way i should have everything scaled correctly.

So here is todays work lol not much but its getting there the officer is still WIP as i plan to add a backpack and maybe some more side pouches but for now this will do till i review them all at the end.

Ok so i am now working on the Riflemen... Still WIP. Diffrence from the officer mainly is diffrent chest layout and added extra pouch on left leg. Still need too add the neck protection on both the Riflemen and Officer as i noticed i had not made one so thats pirority 1 atm then i will look at moving onto the Medic.

Busy busy busy.... Righto heres the Automatic Riflemen... Now theres not much to say other then the face mask and goggles...

Medic.. Now if you look closely you will notice that there is 3 epipens on the chest as well as a few extra larger pouchs for medical gear.

Heres the Light Anti Tank kit.. Main thing you will notice with this kit geom is that it has a m72 law on his back. Now i will post here two pics one of the front and another to show off the m72 LAW.

And the m72... now the m72 was very generously donated to the ADF faction by EOD mod.

Ok so now adding the HAT, Sniper, Crewman, Specialist, Combat Engi and Iron sight Riflemen
So to start off i have the HAT... The HAT kit is build down pretty simple, main reason a soldier would do this is to minimize the chance of something getting caught and there for possibly ruining a important shot...

Next we have the Sniper...
The sniper was abit harder to choose what headware is was to have, for now i have given him a boonie hat but i also have a cap as a backup just incase, have also added 4 SR98 mag pouchs as well as back up pouches if needed..

Ok so now the Combat Engineer.
So with this i have basically given him the same loadout as the Medic diffrences here tho are i have removed the epipens and added some spanners...

So onto the Specialist...
With the Specialist i have given him the same kit as the iron sighted riflemen but diffrent headgear layout.

Last but not least the Iron Sight Riflemen...
Yeah just you basic bottom of the pack low line grunt who has the gear and is ready to take on anything... I have given this kit a well loaded and packed chest webbing take a look for urself
[B]Ok so from now on i cant post imgs as i have a limited amount i can put on a blog, so i will just put links[/B]

Marksmen... Hmm same kit as a basic solder maybe with a few less pouches...

So started the texture yesterday and have spent about half a day on it so far not much but i thort i would give you a peak at whats to come...

Updated 2009-06-24 at 16:30 by Tonnie
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