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24 Apr 2018, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 General Discussion General discussion of the Project Reality: BF2 modification.

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Old 05-11-2011, 06:54 AM   #1
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Exclamation PR: BF2 - 128p Servers Official Management Response


There has been some discussion regarding the 128 player (SISU) server, as well as other servers purportedly exceeding the 64 slot player limit in BF2.

With regards to the SISU server, let me clarify the PR team position:
  • When running in 128 player mode it is required to remain locked (passworded). The password can be displayed in the server's forum thread. If it has been unpassworded in the past, that was an error on the part of those running it and will not be repeated.

  • The server is only to be run for the purposes of testing the >64 player functionality, in order to collect crash dumps and performance info. At all other times this server must run in 64 player mode (with no password requirement).

  • This server running must not be at the detriment of the wider Project Reality server community. [R-DEV]epoch is currently waiting for [R-CON]Soppa to provide a test plan so we can ensure that testing does not conflict with peak gaming times. Testing will not re-start until I have received that. This of course needs to be balanced with the requirement to get players onto the test server. However, the needs of the wider server community take precedence. After all, they're paying for their servers, and it's unfair for PR development work to impact that.

We appreciate that this development exercise is of interest to a great number of PR players, but the others servers have been providing this community with somewhere to play for a long time, and their hard work (and expense) should continue to be rewarded.

Clearly this is ongoing development, and as such the server files are not available for wider release. There should be no other server running >64 with the exception of the [NEW] clan who are running an event. This one-off event has been allowed as a 'thank you' for previously hosting the 128 player testing.

With regards to UKWF's server, they do not have access to the code that we are using, and are doing something different. [R-DEV]epoch will be speaking to them shortly before deciding what action - if any - is necessary.

This post should be taken as an Official Project Reality Management response to this issue, and is therefore not open for discussion

- Project Reality Management
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Old 05-13-2011, 08:43 AM   #2
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Default Re: PR: BF2 - 128p Servers Official Management Response

After some Management discussions, we have come to the following agreement:

1. The SISU server running >64p, will be ran as the official PR Test server for this process.
2. It will be passworded at all times throughout.
3. It will run each week for a 48hr period, the days will remain flexible, according to [R-CON]Soppa's needs and commitments. ([R-CON]Soppa will inform the community when they will be as required)
4. The server will NOT run a 48hr period over the whole of the weekend only.
5. All players on the server, will be a part of the Official PR Testing process, and to that end will be forced to play PR Style Gameplay, Admins of the server will adhere to the same rules laid down in the Server Admin Agreement, and force the rules as directed in there.
6. Other >64p Events will all be classed as Official PR Testing also, and we will ensure the times of when the servers are running are deconflicted.
7. As "Testers" we excpect everyone to provide valuable feedback to ensure the development is a speedy process, so we can move to a release.

As a final point, the whole team / Mods / Devs / CONs etc, will take a dim light against any further "Demands" and insults to the decisions made by the whole team during this process.

In extreme circumstances, it may even result in the server coming offline until it is resolved.

You have been warned.

The Management reserves the right to any Final Decisions within the Project Reality Development, in all areas.

- Project Reality Management
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