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Default Asad Khal - HAMAS Mansion Defense

I really like the new Asad Khal as Hamas. It's a fun map and the first assault on the mansion can have some hectic firefights. Here's what I always do:

Sorry for the paint screen, but didn't had any better here.

== Preperations ==

Yes you can grab every anti-vehicle kit there is and start waiting for the M113 to pass by, but first thing first, get some spawnpoints up.

Every squad except 1 should spawn in the mansion and build a hideout there (Hideout A). The location is debatable. Inside the mansion walls is a good choise to get the frontline more away from the mansion, outside the walls for a possible counter-attack if IDF manages to get inside the walls.

1 Squad should stay inside the mansion while other squads move up to the buildings near the road. This should be the frontline.

Let 1 squad Spawn on North Objective and build a hideout there (Hideout B). After it's finished, grab the Technical and go to South Objective. There is a weapon cache there and build a hideout next to it (Hideout C). Then, move all the way around North Objective to the small buildings near the fields. If there are no IDF in sight, build a third Hideout there as well (Hideout D). If the IDF has advanced past these buildings you are in position to lay some damaging suppression fire on their flanks.

== Defend the Mansion ==
With 4 hideouts set in a small arc around the mansion and south objective, it's time to fight the IDF. Try to get as many overlapping fire zones as possible.

-Do NOT go for kills! Remember, you are defending and the IDF will cross your path sooner or later. If you get out by yourself you will get killed.

-Do NOT cross the road The road should be the killzone of your defense.

== Falling back to the Mansion ==
If the IDF gets past the road with ease or Hideout D gets destroyed, it's time to shift the frontline to the mansion. Use the fields as cover to fall back.
The mansion is your fort, defend the entrances and again, do not go out to try to get some kills. Let the IDF come to you.

== The Mansion lost? ==
If your defense isn't enough to hold the Mansion (seriously, did you follow anything?) There few things you can do.

- If you build Hideout A INSIDE the walls, it's most likely lost. Spawn on Hideout C or Hideout D (if still up) and get ready to defend the city.

- If you build Hideout A OUTSIDE the walls, see if you can reorganize and get a counter-attack.


Counterattacking the mansion from the city is the WORST thing Hamas can do on this map.
Why? Because you will attack the troops in the IDF Mansion while your backs are exposed to the IDF troops from IDF Staging Area.
That's just a certain deathwish.
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Default Re: Asad Khal - HAMAS Mansion Defense

first rule is: DIVE.
dive in grass and you are saved

nickname: =WAR= Kadart
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asad, defense, hamas, khal, mansion
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