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26 Apr 2018, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Tales from the Front Share your in-game experiences playing PR:BF2.

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Default [AAR] My first time sniping since .5 (.9 story, Gaza beach)

I was playing around in the new version and I joined an insurgency server running Gaza beach. There wasnt that many people playing at first (16 vs 16) so I figured Id try my hand at sniping (my squad wasnt very coordinated and our SL at the time wasnt talking or giving any real orders). I grabbed my rifle and moved out to the city to see what I could see. I got set up on what I think was an apartment building (not the roof, but a balcony with 2 entences). I got set up and I started spotting down the scope, the first targets I killed where on roof tops looking out towards the IDF main base, I took them both out, first taking out a guy with an SVD and then an RPG. Several more targets on roof tops revealed themselves (they where using binoculars) and I took them out as well.

I was on edge the entire time, and even more so when I checked the scoreboard and saw it was now 32 vs 32. My heart actually sank. But I stayed up on my roof top and kept doing what I was doing. I took out several foot mobiles who where on the street below, one of which in particular was a medic, I followed him for the longest time until finally hitting him before he rounded a corner. The next targets I took out where guys occupying an apartment building, I took out 2 of them as they went up and down the stairs.

The next group of guys I found I think where screwing around, there where 2 dead Hamas in the street and they where tea bagging the bodies, one of them was about to get healed by a medic when I shot him dead in the chest, his squad all ran off which made me feel rather proud. The following target was a hamas who had some how gotten one of our sniper kits, my first shot had missed and he ducked, but when he came back up I hit him some where in the chest.

My last kill was probably the most intense. I had set trip flares up at the stair case and I heard the "fizz" sound that they make and my heart sank again. I pulled out my pistol and approached the staircase, there was no one there. As I got closer though I saw another hamas and he had an IDF sniper kit, some pistol rounds hwere exchanged but thankfully I won the hand out but was bleeding. I decided to leave the area but my feild dressing wasnt enough to stop the bleeding, and as I raided the enemy snipers kit for a feild dressing another hamas armed with an ak 47 came up the steps. I got one or 2 shots into him before he killed me.

I got between 10 and 11 kills from that roof top, which I think is good considering I had no spotter or support (next time Ill be sure to bring some support with me though hehe )

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Default Re: My first time sniping since .5 (.9 story, Gaza beach)

What's pretty awesome as a HAMAS sniper on that map, is that you have a couple of grenadetraps with you as well, meaning you can cover the stairs behind you where pesky IDF might come from.
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