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Old 2009-12-26, 14:47   #1
Retired PR Developer

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Default [Map] Fallujah- New USMC Main

[R-Dev] Bosco has kindly provided these in game screenshots and encouraged me to show all you guys the new US mainbase on Fallujah. It has been a discussed topic here about the poorly defendable current main base. And this new Establishment, located in the South West of the map, should change the map dynamic, for the better. Its pretty cramped in there with a full vehicle loadout, but should provide a solid safehaven for US forces on Fallujah West map in 0.9.

Along with slight tweaks around the map, and the new Pavements/Sidewalks (depending on where your from) Should give this map fresh playability in the next release.

The last 2 show the current US main, which is now the insurgent main.

+ Excuse the mirrored USMC flag

Happy New year, and heres to 2010, where PR will carry on advancing in all respects, including more detailed environments, this is just the tip of the iceburg of work from PR mappers.

Much Love, Duckhunt x
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Old 2009-12-26, 14:48   #2
Retired PR Developer
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Default Re: [Map] Fallujah- New USMC Main

great job

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Old 2009-12-26, 14:49   #3

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Default Re: [Map] Fallujah- New USMC Main

Awsome !!!! hopefully putting an end to the constant base rape this map has gone though for so long
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Old 2009-12-26, 14:50   #4
[R-DEV]​Dr Rank
PR:BF2 Developer
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Default Re: [Map] Fallujah- New USMC Main

Awesome work mate, as usual!

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Old 2009-12-26, 14:52   #5

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Default Re: [Map] Fallujah- New USMC Main

An Abram o.o?
I think the Insurgents are gonna owned by heat rounds
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Old 2009-12-26, 14:52   #6

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Default Re: [Map] Fallujah- New USMC Main

Could it be that this thread disappeared for a minute, Duckhunt? :P Looking really good over there.

Will the USMC get their VBF2 LAV-25 model replaced by a new model, or that AAVP7A1?

Keep up the good work, Duckhunt!

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Old 2009-12-26, 14:58   #7
Retired PR Developer
Default Re: [Map] Fallujah- New USMC Main

Wow so many new things... Love what you've done (the subtle changes):

- Supply crate in teh back of the logi, makes a lot more sense as the current 'empty' model posed the question, why can't I get some guys sitting in there?

- Looks like a mobile ammo technical, should be very good and make the insurgency mode a fair bit more interesting

- Blue dots on the map. I think it was really lacking these in 0.8x
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Old 2009-12-26, 15:02   #8

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Default Re: [Map] Fallujah- New USMC Main

I hope that tank is not removed after the beta testers + devs have had enough fun driving it around the Fallujah

Looking good, gives some fresh gameplay for that map.

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Old 2009-12-26, 15:05   #9

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Default Re: [Map] Fallujah- New USMC Main

The new Fallujah's a lot more fun Good job as usual duck

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Old 2009-12-26, 15:08   #10

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Default Re: [Map] Fallujah- New USMC Main

The insurgents kinda suck at keeping things clean back at the old US main...And
Do we get to keep the tank?

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Closed Thread

awsomeness, fallujah, main, map, usmc
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