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24 Apr 2018, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Support Help and support regarding PR:BF2 installation and in-game issues

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Unhappy Another 'debug assertion' issue - refresh rate problems


This issue isn't strictly PR related (since I have to get BF2 up and running first to be able to play that) but I figured you'd maybe take a shot at helping me out anyway.

I posted this originally over at Total BF2 forums (The infamous 'debug assertion' error, unable to start BF2 locked refresh rate problem) but I'll just copy/paste in here. Here we go:



Veteran BF2 gamer here wanting to give it a whirl after several years of not playing it.

Unfortunately, due to gaming on a laptop with a locked monitor refresh rate of 59MHz, the game refuses to boot up.

By running in windowed mode with the +fullscreen 0 preset, I get the exact same error described in this thread:

The problem is obvious: Battlefield has trouble handling the 59MHz refresh rate I'm locked at. So, it's not a matter of lacking system requirements, needing to reinstall etc. All other games run fine, so it's not a system problem. It's about the refresh rate, period.

Now, I saw this fine thread:

I tried all of the suggestions. None worked.

What has me really confused now is how the editing of the video.con file in my 'documents/BF2' folder doesn't help, which seemed to be the solution for most anybody else with the problem. I tried setting it up by editing that file to start in a 800x600x59 resolution, but it didn't work - nor did a 1680x1050x59 one, which is the native default on my system.

I even tried the suggested fix of editing some key settings in the videodefault.con file located inside the main Battlefield 2 installation in the Programs folder. Didn't work either, obviously.

I also considered the RefreshForce program available that will allow you to force system refresh rates, but I'm afraid it might damage my hardware (if it even works) so I haven't tried that.

So, now that I've listed all the stuff that DIDN'T work, I'd be overjoyed if you can help me. I'm confident my system can run the game - the question is HOW.

Many thanks in advance,

Apheirox ('Strategist' back in the days)

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