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Closed Thread
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Old 2009-12-18, 22:43   #1

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Default [Kits] U.S Army

New u.s kits coming to 0.9 HOOAH !!!!
models : the fist & readmenace
uv, textures, export : the fist

Edit: Since people keep asking this over and over again...the Asian guy is just to show the new gear. Only the kits are changing, so no, the US Army won't suddenly be Asians-only.

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Default Re: [Kits] U.S Army


Taiwan Armed Forces
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Old 2009-12-18, 22:48   #3
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Default Re: [Kits] U.S Army

Yeah, COD4 can sometimes be a great looking game.

Wait a minute!

*dies of shock*

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Old 2009-12-18, 22:49   #4

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Default Re: [Kits] U.S Army

looks nice!

all of them having some kind of eye ware looks a little excessive though, would be nice to have one or 2 without it

"It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog."
-Mark Twain

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Old 2009-12-18, 22:54   #5

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Default Re: [Kits] U.S Army

To good to be true

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Old 2009-12-18, 22:54   #6

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Default Re: [Kits] U.S Army

looks asian no black soldiers anymore? good work guys

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Old 2009-12-18, 22:55   #7
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Default Re: [Kits] U.S Army

Hell yeah!

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Old 2009-12-18, 22:59   #8
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Default Re: [Kits] U.S Army

Agreed on the asian thing, I take it that they wont all look like that, right? Kits look amazing apart from that!
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Old 2009-12-18, 23:01   #9

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Default Re: [Kits] U.S Army

Nice but Can they also have the 3 Color Camo instead on just the ACU
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Old 2009-12-18, 23:03   #10

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Default Re: [Kits] U.S Army

Not 100% sure on the faces themselves (although they are an improvement ) But the gear its self looks VERY nice. Very high detailed. Great job !

UK!SSG MachoMan -Who wants to get in this truck and do it with me?
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Closed Thread

army, kits
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