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PR:BF2 General Discussion General discussion of the Project Reality: BF2 modification.

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Old 10-15-2009, 02:08 AM   #1

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Default Need help setting up downed pilot scrim scenario.

Well iv been thinking about this and i have posted this on our members section to see what they think, and i think i might as well post it here to see what other ideas you guys have. I am looking for a downed pilot scenario, on a server that does not have changed files.

This is what i have so far:

So for those who were playing with us tonight, we had a nice little incident. I was piloting the helo on Op Archer, when we took massive damage and had to crash land. Everybody hopped out but started to split up and dispersed leaving me unguarded. Upon taking heavy fire, i was forced to move into the city where the cache was suspected to hide in the buildings due to the PKM shooting right at me. Well, as you would know it, as i approached the city, a car full of taliban pulls up and starts to open up, so i run inside the nearest building hoping i shook them, and well... guess what, theres the freaking cache, completely unguarded.
Unfortunately, they all came in and i was faced by 3 men with shotguns pointed right at my face. Since i couldnt defend myself, i tried to be their prisoner, (and i called for help for a rescue mission as fast as possible). Apparently they didnt like the fact i was on their cache so i got shotgunned in the face.

However this brought up the downed pilot scrimmage we could have.

What if, the taliban have the pilot as their prisoner, and the US have to get him back? This would have to be done on a map that is big enough but not congested enough like OP Archer, with some rules set for the pilot.

We would send the pilot in alone into whatever place the insurgents want, and have them talk out where hes to stay. The rules will state that they cannot shoot the pilot, but the pilot cannot run, if there are at least 1 taliban within 5-10m of him. We would give the taliban about 10-15 min after the pilot is handed to them to set up where hes to go. The US will remain at the base and wait for the go order. There would be a certain amount of time for US to recapture the pilot. Pilot would need to be in the airport (alive) by that time.

If taliban shoots the pilot, the US wins, if US shoots the pilot by mistake, the taliban win.

We might need to restrict some assets from the US, such as no FB, but rally is ok. Taliban would be allowed to still camp the US main, giving them last minute chance to win if US captures pilot.

We might as well make it that if the Pilot is inside a vehicle, upon rescue, he becomes fair game. So US has to do everything in their power to not get him killed. N ofcourse pilot will not be able to drive himself or pilot.

The pilot would not be allowed to communicate at all to his team, like persay the enemies location, etc. The pilot would be in vent with the taliban, so they can tell him what to do if they need to move him.

The US job would be to eliminate the taliban around his location so that the pilot can get out, or have at least 1 US soldier near him 5-10m to have him move with him. (If that one US soldier gets shot, and theres taliban around the pilot within 5-10m, he needs to stop right there and follow the taliban instructions).

This is just a rough idea that needs clearing up and patching, any help would be awesome. Its done much more interesting in ARMA cuz u can turn tags off on the map and we could do more with that. The US will be able to see the pilot on the map the entire time in PR so it becomes slightly retarted, but at least he wont be in communication with them.

Any other ideas?

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Old 10-15-2009, 01:50 PM   #2

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Default Re: Need help setting up downed pilot scrim scenario.

this kind of organized scrim was once played on a brazilian server, as seen in YouTube - Project Reality - Black Hawk Down - Pilot Rescue (video by Romagnolo).

the ROE was set up before the game, and was very fun indeed. i think you could PM Romagnolo to ask about the organization of that kind of game.

hope I've helped and sorry about my lame english.
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