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Old 2009-10-03, 12:01   #1
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Default VBS2 JCOVE Lite (PC Game)

I know theres a VBS2 thread around here somewhere. But, JCOVE lite is a free version of VBS2(virtual battle space) used for recruiting in the UK, sort of like Americas Army in the US.

So I downloaded it, and tried it out. I've only played a couple missions and screwed around a bit in the mission editor. But, it looks pretty decent. Big maps, lots of nicely modeled British vehicles. It's basically Arma2 with only UK forces and insurgents. A couple missions and a mission editor. Can't complain for free. I haven't tried the multiplayer yet.

Anyone else play(ed) it?

Originally Posted by Mad-Mike View Post
Ok here's abit of an update:


Since most people have been going on about this game, Ive been wanting to play it and test it out, I managed to get hold of a copy from S10 and played it and I think its a interesting game to play, ok the graphics are not the best but its playable and bearing in mind its for the UK Ministry of defence.
Then I noticed a topic about VBS2 JCOVE on this forum and it had alot of replies and alot of people found it interesting but couldnt find a copy of the game, So I have kindly uploaded the 2GB file to a torrent so this fantastic game can be shared with others and get the community bigger.
I can confirm its safe to put this game on a torrent and share it with other people as quoted here:

JCOVE is currently a Lan based platform with no dedicated servers, But as quoted S10 might bring magic to the JCOVE community.


Menu Screen


Initial Qualification

Single Player Missions

Server Hosting - Hopefully there will be a dedicated one on there.

Equipment Viewer - View anything.

Mission Editor

As you can see on the images above its a little bit like Arma, But Arma needs a good computer to run it and has good graphics, where as JCOVE has ok graphics and does'nt need a top of the range gaming computer to run it.
You will notice you can edit your own missions and make an opp how you want it.
You would of also noticed the server listing there is none but if you download Hamachi and get your friends to, you can play together using that.


Register on to get the full direct download mirror. Please do not post it here, as a few of us have worked for 18 hours a day for the past few days to get the site to this stage and get some awesome mirrors

Whats needed

WinRAR, and either CDBurnerXP or Daemon Tools Lite. See The JCOVE-Lite Installation step by step guide (again, requires registration) for the full install process and software needed.


If you do have any trouble with JCOVE Lite, check out the Troubleshooting Forum for guides, troubleshooting tips and for forum support.

Thanks Mad-Mike.
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Old 2009-10-03, 12:32   #2
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Default Re: VBS2 JCOVE Lite

Actually it's Arma 1 not 2

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Old 2009-10-03, 12:57   #3

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Default Re: VBS2 JCOVE Lite

what is it?

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thanks rampo93
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Old 2009-10-03, 16:16   #4

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Default Re: VBS2 JCOVE Lite

I so want this

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Old 2009-10-30, 20:22   #5
Default Re: VBS2 JCOVE Lite

Don't exactly know how I missed this one before. It is my understanding that the UKMoD JCOVE Lite, and ADF Lite versions are seriously neutered and are used as give-a-ways at conventions, recruiting stations, and in some mailings. I was unaware that there was a multiplayer feature included in the Lite editions until badmojo420 mentioned that he hadn't tried it yet.



As far as either version being down-loadable somewhere, I'm certain that they are, but I haven't a clue as to where to look and I don't have a copy of either one even though I would like to just to fulfill the BIS/BIA fanboy I keep hidden deep inside of me.

As far as what it is, I'll try to explain.

Bohemia Interactive Systems (BIS) created the "Real Virtuality" system which was used for the original Operation Flashpoint game. Upon that VBS1 was created by Bohemia Interactive Australia (BIA). As Real Virtuality grew into the BIS game Armed Assault, BIA developed VBS2 off of it. As you know, Operation Flashpoint, Armed Assault, and subsequently ArmA 2 are entertainment titles sold as games to the general public. VBS1 and subsequently VBS2 were developed for use as training aids for military organizations.

Yes, regular folks like us can legally purchase a license copy of it if we wish but it is extremely expensive in comparison to an entertainment title. I myself have a "Personal Edition" license that I paid dearly for that I tinker with often and I really enjoy having it. But, it is most certainly not a game and the multiplayer community as it were is effectively non-existent even though more and more PE licenses are being sold to other nutters like myself.

But before you reach for your credit card I must tell you that almost everything that sets off the "cool meter" in VBS2 can be found in the entertainment versions of Armed Assault and ArmA 2 either via the default install or by the addition of excellent and free community built addons. If however, you are serious about a purchase and have questions you can contact the sales department at the following link as well as read more about the software itself and see their collection of screenshots, videos, and feature newsletters.

Virtual Battlespace 2

Best wishes,
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Old 2009-10-30, 20:47   #6
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Default Re: VBS2 JCOVE Lite

If anyone could come up with a JCOVE lite download link for us non-uk and Australia people, I would be very thankful.
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Old 2009-10-30, 22:37   #7
Default Re: VBS2 JCOVE Lite

One question... is it as shit and buggy and crapply voiced as the abomination of a game that Arma 2 is?
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Old 2009-11-01, 10:20   #8
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Default Re: VBS2 JCOVE Lite

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Old 2009-11-02, 00:48   #9

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Default Re: VBS2 JCOVE Lite

cool vid, where did u download this from?

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Old 2009-11-02, 01:05   #10

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Default Re: VBS2 JCOVE Lite

I did a quick google search, and it seems like they only gave away copies of it at some British Game convention or something
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free, game, jcove, lite, vbs2
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