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20 Nov 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Tales from the Front Share your in-game experiences playing PR:BF2.

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Old 2009-08-18, 17:06   #1

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Default [List] Your best time as a civilian

Title says it all, Post your funniest or most epic time playing as a civi.

Map: FW

Team: INS

Class: civi

It was a hot day in the city of Fallujah and the USMC where Placing lots of pressure upon us. We had already lost 4 cashe's and the infidels where hot on the trail of number 5. When I had arrived at the hiding out it was easy to see that our troops had taken a sever pounding and where in desperate need of aid and better organization, so I began healing their wounds and resuscitating who I could and at that time we had a new commander to show us the was to crush the infidels.

The Infidel must die.

When I was done healing the wombs of my brethren the commander had sent me on a scouting mission to locate the infidels firebase and ;with the help of my trusty sidekick**, set a trap. (**Don't remember his name but he was pretty damn good with the SKS) So we set out to the hotel to get a better veiw and suddenly the crack of a M-40 made us hit the deck. Apparently we where being watched so I sent my commrade to draw his fire while I tried to spot him with my BINOC's, and as expected when he was about half way across the street a 7.62mm round landed 2m from him and I laid eyes uppon him. USMC Infidel 1337 sniper on the 4th floor of the hotel on the south side, So I took off across the street as fast as I could and the sniper fired a frivolous round that missed by 4m.
At this time we where about a block from the hotel and had two options. The first was to take out the sniper and the second was to by pass him and head on our mary way. So I called upon our commander and asked him what he would prefer and at that time he had told us to move on and that he would have SQ5 (I think) move on the building; which they did with great effect with minimal losses.

The Infidels cannot hide!

At this point we where ready to move east to find the location of the Infidels Outpost which had been causing a great irritant to our soldiers. So me and my comrade moved almost one grid when it became very apparent that the Infidels outpost was near from the high level of activity, so we headed into an apartment building to wait for the infidels to move out. And then we heard it, a USMC APC heading south along the road, but luckily it didnt see us nor did we get a chance to see what type of APC had just passed us. After 2-3 minuets of waiting the two of us stuck our heads out to see if there where any enemy soldiers around who could spot us ;which luckily their where not any to be seen, so we headed S/SE and about the time we had walked 50m we had hit the jackpot, Sitting in the middle of the road there was a HMG. At this point we knew that we where close to the Infidel out post so I called the commander and he told us to destroy it. We now had to cross a 4 lane street and jump a fence in the middle of the infidels territory. My Brave comrade volunteered to go first and stepped into the road, he ran 5 meters, then 10 meters and finally the 15/20 meters across the street and over the fence. Now it was my turn but I had the advantage of someone covering me so I mad my run without incident but that would soon change.

We lost a good man

We had survived the run across the four lane road and where gearing up to destroy the hide out which my good comrade had spotted just around the next corner. I grabbed my rope and My comrade picked up his SKS. luckly fo us There was a large two story building behind us which I could climb upon and mark the outpost for the commander to send a strike from the heavens encase my comrade did not return from his mission. I threw my rope onto the building and my good friend had prepared to round the corner. I had almost finished preparing my binoc's when it happend. My friend had rounded the corner just as I spotted an infidel with a M-16 standing behind a crate. But my friend had also spotted him and began lining up his shot. I dont know quite what happened next but I do remember seeing my friend fire one,two three shots before the ringing of multiple M-16's. I don't know where they came from but when all was over my comrade was dead and two infidels where looking at his body.

And I Ran

Shaken by the loss of my friend I had almost forgotten to call in the morter strike to kill the infidels and destroy their outpost that they had hidden like cowards. But in a split second I had snapped back into action and called the commander on my Motorola cell phone and gave him the co-ordinates of the outpost so he could have our morter teams shower the area clean of the infidel scum. And just as I had hung up the phone a hook came flying onto my building and This could only mean one thing ,they where coming for me. So I reach into my pack and grab one of my ropes and tie it to the chimney and begin my decent. As I place my feet upon the side walk I start running across the street to the main door to a large complex. After a long hard sprint I make it to the entrance but the door is locked and I happen to look back across to road and see three infidels heading my way. I begin looking for an alternative then I spotted it. A small ally way just around the north side of the building and I ran towards it. I dont know how the infidels where so fast but they kept getting closer and when I had made into the ally I knew my fate was sealed and had given up all hope until I say a small opening in the fence which lead to a small yard with a large corner with a Air conditioning unit which was just large enough to hide behind. I could feel my heart beating as I heard the Infidels come down the ally and into the yard, there I sat behind a AC unit 5m away from 3 USMC soldiers. I was sure I would be captured but from some good grace they headed back into the ally and searched a near by court yard.

The Mosque Is safe

I could not believe that I was still alive and unharmed. Now I had time to think about my next move. After 1-2 minuets I decided that I had two choices. the first was to sneak out of town and leave this war behind me or the second which was to call the commander and see where he would like me to go. The first option was completely dis-honorable and I could not bring that shame upon myself so I reached into my pocket to pick up my phone and suddenly I heard loud whistle and jumped to the ground because I knew the morters where coming in and then the ground and the building I was hiding behind started to shake from the salvo of large explosion's. After the last explosion my ears where ringing and my body shaking with out control. and after 30 second's or so I noticed the light on my phone was on, It was a call from the commander. hastily I picked it up and heard what sounded like garbles due to my ears still ringing. but after a minute I was able to hear the commander ask "was the infidels Outpost destroyed" I thought for a moment and told him to allow me a moment to confirm. and after I brief walk it was clear that the morters had done their job. Then I called to commander and confirmed that the strike was a success and at that point he gave me a new objective, Move to the mosque and then you will receive your next objective.

The run to the temple

I began my trip the the temple with no incidents for the first 2 grids, but then I ran into an squad of infidels who I had managed to out whit with my rope and a tall shed, but soon after the infidels got bored and left I had headed back to the mosque where the battle was beginning.

The final run

When I arrived the battle was just beginning. the infidels where preparing to enter and our brave soldiers where setting up defenses around the gate. so as I began towards the door of the mosque my phone began ringing the commander ordered me and my new comrade to setup on top of the highest point and spot where the infidels where coming from. so we climbed two flights of stairs onto the roof and then up tower. We had a clear veiw of the battle and for five minuets we spotted the to infidels with impunity until they had spotted us and began firing on our position until ; I am guessing that there Squad leader made them hold fire and continue attacking our troops in the yard. So we continued to spot the enemy until I heard my new Comrade yell. I looked behind me in time to see my friend fall off the tower at which point I dropped my binocs and headed for the ladder but it had an enemy soldier climbing up on. At this point I had two choices, jump off the side to take my chances down past the Infidel on the ladder. and with a little luck made it passed him and onto the roof and into the building but out of the corner of my eye I saw the two infidels running towards me, So I jumped down the stairs and took a right into a large room with a door which lead to the main hall. Now I could hear the soldier coming down the stairs so I sprinted to the door and ran down the stairs and towards the back door and I turned around and only saw one soldier heading my way which was odd because there where just two, So I turn around to run out the door but just as I do a large,black USMC soldier punches me so hard I fall to the ground and then the other Infidel Cuffs me up and takes all of my equipment......320 seconds until respawn.

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Default Re: Your best time as a civilian

civi is quite a fun class to play, as long as your patient!

thats my best civi experience, i should really do a sequel to that, but the round has never happened

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Default Re: Your best time as a civilian

My friend and I found a manned HUMVEE with just the gunner inside, we were both civilians so we decided to hop on it and mess around with the marine on Fallujah.

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Old 2009-08-18, 18:06   #4

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Default Re: Your best time as a civilian

ah yeah it was in Basrah .. i walked out of the mosque to follow my fellow soldiers and i walked around the corner and ended up on the main road *BAM* 120 sec respawn time..... BLOODY INFIDELS

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Default Re: Your best time as a civilian

Hey it's makemebad

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Default Re: Your best time as a civilian

M4Sherman said " I began healing their wombs.........."



That was a good story, and I like the way you wrote it!

And it continued - "After 1-2 minuets........"

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Old 2009-08-20, 06:53   #7
Default Re: Your best time as a civilian

Old times back in .75 and the like. Nothing like swimming in the river at bashrah next to a brit, or hiding on grapple hooks. The funniest is when they try to climb the hook, then end up falling 10 meters to there death.
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Old 2009-08-22, 02:07   #8

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Default Re: Your best time as a civilian

That one time when I wasn't shot on sight.

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Old 2009-08-24, 01:53   #9

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Default Re: [List] Your best time as a civilian

Probably when civilians were first introduced to the game, I probably haven't been a civi since .6/7 I remember climbing the trees that used to be by VCP or that sign in front of the US base and throw rocks at them, but you didn't have to worry about a huge spawn time than doing that now is pretty pointless.

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Default Re: [List] Your best time as a civilian

healing their wombs!?
haha Great story though, you just gotta fix that typo...

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civilian, list, time
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