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PR:BF2 General Discussion General discussion of the Project Reality: BF2 modification.

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Post Re: [Ideas] PR Future Engine Ideas and Suggestions

The below is taken from the PR2 page, currently viewable at: Project Reality : Battlefield 2 Mod - PR2


Project Reality 2.
Pre-production update and revised FAQ - December 2009

In June 2009, one of the leading figures behind Project Reality, [R-DEV]eggman said: "We don't like to make any sort of 'official' statements which may be construed as promoting what could end up being vaporware. I hate it when folks do that... I've been a gamer for 35 years.. seen a lot of that...always hated it. I'd really prefer to keep it informal, but at the same time building interest helps with morale and momentum."

Well, that's still the case as far as the whole Project Reality team are concerned - however, due to growing community interest in Project Reality 2, the PR2 DEV team felt the need to once again make a semi-official update with regards to the project.

To paraphrase Eggman again; PR2 is a stupidly ambitious undertaking that is only feasible because of the passion a bunch of guys have to make a game that doesn't yet exist and that no-one else has the blind faith to jump at. That is still the case and PR2 is still very much in the pre-production, pre-Alpha, planning, proof-of-concept and design stages...

...and yet, we feel it's important that you, the Project Reality community, have an idea of what's going on, where things stand and what to expect - if we manage to pull this off.

So here's a quick, updated, FAQ:
  • Is the PR team working on a complete stand alone game?
    Yes, and as of June 6, 2009 we were in pre-production. This remains the case now - late 2009.

  • Who is working on PR2?
    Currently, a small group of developers from PR1 are involved. The number is currently very small (under fifteen), as work at this early stage centres around proof-of-concept and design planning.

    This core group of developers will be responsible for putting together a solid foundation, upon which more developers will work later down the line. New members of this team are not being sought at this time, and no, we're not about to tell you who they are... we have inbox quotas to stick to

  • What engine is the team using?
    The C4 engine.

  • Is this the engine that the team won with Mod of the Year 2008?
    No. We evaluated the Torque engine(s) and found that the C4 engine would be a better fit for our long term goals.

  • Why not Unreal? Or id? Or Frostbite? Or <insert other>?
    We have no budget. We need to work with an indie priced engine. We don't want to get bogged down in legal contracts and business entities; nor do we want to strike some kind of deal with a publisher who forces us to make a game they want to sell as opposed to the one we want to make. That's leaving aside how improbable a publishing deal would be, too.

    Additionally we want to support the Indie gaming community and the C4 engine and it's author Eric Lengyel are stellar examples of how indie gaming is progressing.

  • What will the game be like?
    We imagine it will be like PR1 mixed with Infiltration, Armed Assault and Call of Duty 4. Ideally it will look like CoD4; play like Infiltration; have the scale of ArmA; the accessibility, team structures and innovations of PR1... along with some new PR2 innovations to tie it all together. Awesome, in other words.

  • What kind of features and content will it include?
    Most of this, for obvious reasons, is still under wraps at the moment. However, you should not expect a direct port of current Project Reality 1 gameplay, content and user interface into a new engine. PR2 is aiming to do much more than recreate what already works (and works well) on the Battlefield 2 engine.

    PR2 isn't about plugging the gaps in what our BF2 mod can't deliver (fastropes, for example). It's about creating something new and original.

  • Where and when will it be set?
    Something that's being kept under wraps for now.

  • What factions will be represented?
    Again, not public information as of this time.

  • How many players will be supported?
    We are hoping to support a minimum of 33 players per team (4 x 8 man squads + 1 Commander, per side) for a total of 66 players. Ideally we'll support 98 players total preferably up to 130 (8 x 8 man squads + 1 Commander per team).

  • How big will the maps be?
    Maps will be scaled based on the type of engagement; infantry maps will be smaller, combined arms maps will be larger. The C4 engine theoretically will support unlimited terrain sizes.

  • How much will it cost?
    Right now we don't know. It will possibly be sold via subscription, possibly through Steam. Yes, Steam can be awkward, but it has a lot of great infrastructure for PC sales and distribution.

    However, we, like everyone else, have no real idea of what shape or state the market for video games will be like by the time PR2 comes to be a commercially viable project: watch this space, and don't believe everything you hear.

  • Will there be vehicles?
    Would PR be PR without them? Of course there will!

  • Will everyone be able to play Special Forces?
    No, PR2 will be a class based game much like PR1, only with a much better UI for the class and squad systems. As with PR1, the main focus of PR2 will be mainstream frontline forces.

  • When will there be a playable alpha?
    What's your definition of playable?! But yes, hopefully before too long we'll be able to distribute an early build to the community that shows off some of the basics. This will not be in 2009.

  • Will there be a free beta / demo?
    Yes, we'll be releasing several playable builds over the years of development, incrementally moving towards a "one point oh" release that will be commercially available.

  • When will it be released?
    We don't know! As of late 2009, we're still only able to say a commercial offering of PR2 won't be available in 2010.

  • Will there be a physics system?
    Yes. C4 will include its own physics system and in the unlikely event that this proves inadequate for our needs, we'll integrate a 3rd party physics engine.

    As of late 2009 the C4 physics system is slated for inclusion in C4 v2.0, which is due imminently. The physics system in C4 is designed to be a "network aware" physics engine; networked physics are extremely difficult to pull off, particularly in large scale multiplayer environments (physics use network traffic fairly intensively). But all on the team dislike the idea of elm trees that can stop a tank, and we have had some thoughts about where networked physics are a must-have, and where they are less vital. This optimization will hopefully allow a good balance of immersive, realistic environments and smooth gameplay.

  • Will PR2 be released on consoles?
    If we shout "YES!" people will say "omg, they screwed PR for consoles"... if we say "Never!", we'd be lying. The reality is that if a publisher came to us and said "We'll fund you to port the PC version of PR2 to 360 and/or PS3", we'd consider it - simply because the financial implications are hard to ignore when you're attempting to develop a game on a shoestring.

    The C4 engine works on PS3 today and will, by the end of 2010, work on xBox360. Basically we're going to try and avoid any decisions that would make a console "port" be unnecessarily difficult.

    That said; the tactical gamer on the PC platform is our primary audience, and that is who we will always bear in mind during the development process.

  • When/How often will you update this FAQ?
    As and when we have more information to give! This page is the place to get updates on our intentions and developments with PR2, and will be updated when we feel there is something worth adding.


The Project Reality Team


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Default Re: PR2 - FAQ

FAQ Updated.

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