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Old 2009-07-10, 21:54   #1
Retired PR Developer

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Default [Map] Dragonfly [WIP]

Well hello there!

I thought its about time I let you all know what i'm up to

Some of you may recognise the name of the map and have possibly seen pics dotted around the forum if you have a keen eye. The Map is part 3 of the militia series alongside Mestia, Fools Road and 'Siege at Ochamachira'

The map was created by Irontaxi, who left it to persue a sucessful mapping and modeling role with Z-trooper in "Offworld: fall of mars", Rhino then asked me to finish of the map. Thankfully both Irontaxi and Z-trooper are activly contributing to PR again and you'll see plenty more of their fine work in the mod

It will feature the Militia ( duh ) and British Forces Fighting over a war torn City, much like the ones pictured in the recent War between Russia and Georgia, Big concrete tower blocks and the like

My aim for the map is to see Tanks and mechanised infantry in a urban environment, with the militia ambushing using spandrels and rpg attacks from the hundreds of windows inside the city ( 90% of the buildings in the city will be enterable )

This -

Obviously this map is still a work in progress, nothing as of yet has been lightmapped or fully completed so take the following pictures with a pinch of salt



So there you have it, Dragonfly


Smeg: Fuzz commands a lot and promotes good teamwork, db flips vehicles, Bosco is an all-round nub, Outlawz is an SP whore, Nickbond is a friggin ninja and Rhino gets kicked for being a n00b.
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Old 2009-07-10, 21:57   #2
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Default Re: [Map]Dragonfly - WIP

Yes mate! xD

I'm Happy

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Old 2009-07-10, 21:57   #3
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Default Re: [Map]Dragonfly - WIP

Its coming along really nice, looking good Nick.

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Old 2009-07-10, 21:58   #4
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Default Re: [Map]Dragonfly - WIP


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Old 2009-07-10, 22:00   #5

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Default Re: [Map]Dragonfly - WIP

Finally!!! Dragonfly is coming

Can't wait

Do not post stupid suggestions just because you had a bad round in PR
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Old 2009-07-10, 22:03   #6

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Default Re: [Map]Dragonfly - WIP

Nice Work nick

And nice Mappin Skills tho.

Now lets search for "Nick Bond" made whit Overgrowht
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Old 2009-07-10, 22:09   #7
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Default Re: [Map]Dragonfly - WIP

Originally Posted by torenico View Post
Nice Work nick

And nice Mappin Skills tho.

Now lets search for "Nick Bond" made whit Overgrowht
don't forget the penis

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Old 2009-07-10, 22:16   #8

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Default Re: [Map]Dragonfly - WIP


[R-DEV]Jaymz - If it wasn't for the F-18's incompetence, "Independence Day" would have ended half-way through.
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Old 2009-07-10, 22:20   #9
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Default Re: [Map]Dragonfly - WIP

we needed a urban map with the CR2 woodland

if that doesnt feature it i will feel mad
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Old 2009-07-10, 22:34   #10
[R-DEV]​Dr Rank
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Default Re: [Map]Dragonfly - WIP

Great work Bondage

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Closed Thread

dragonfly, map, mapdragonfly, wip
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