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PR:BF2 Clans For all things regarding teams and clans within PR:BF2

Closed Thread
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Seeing as the old thread was outdated, we have decided that we are going to make a new one of these.

Please post up the following information:

Clan Tag:
Clan Name:
Clan Website:
Clan Teamspeak IP:
Clan Ventrillo IP:
MSN Contact:
Xfire Contact:

If once you have posted this information, something changes, or you would like to update something, please PM [R-MOD]Eddiereyes909 and the appropriate changes will be made.


Clan Tag: UKWF
Clan Name: UK Warfare
Clan Website:. UK Warfare [UKWF] Clan website
Clan Ventrillo IP: Ventrillo is by invite only PM the clan contact for info.
MSN Contact: Nill
Xfire Contact: davidjshepherd///ex3uk
Forum Contact: MrSh@vid
Language: English
Location: The UK and Western Europe
Description: UKWF is a multi gaming clan. We play Bf2/2142/PR, Cod4 and various other games. For more information or to apply please visit our website

Clan Tag: =WNP=
Clan Name: Wolf Night Pack
Clan Website: =WNP= Clan Official Site
Xfire Contact: sancharus, jagular78rus, strikerbsa, dankespb
(CL,Main Admin, PubStaff)
Language: Russian / English
Location: Russia
Description: xUSSR based PR clan, Infantry action preferred, teamwork required. Must be 20+ years old. Clan active in different PR-leagues, trying to be active in different PR events
You probably saw our guys on infantry maps, or got few tank rounds from me &Danke somewhere on Kashan

Clan Tag: 1YORKS
Clan Name: 1st Battalion, The Yorkshire Regiment
Clan Website: 1st Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment
Clan Ventrillo IP: PORT: 3847
MSN Contact:
Xfire Contact: kieranv1
Language: English
Location: We accept people from all around the world
Description: We are a new clan that is focusing on teamwork and tactics in Project Reality, we are lookin for great members that will have fun with us and is active.

Clan Tag: =US=
Clan Name: Unknown Soldiers
Clan Website: =US= Unknown Soldiers - Powered by vBulletin
Clan Teamspeak IP: (private)
Clan Ventrillo IP: n/a
MSN Contact: n/a
Xfire Contact: fuzzysqurriel, conman50
Language: English
Location: United States, with many EU players
Description: UnknownSoldiers is a military structured clan with a 5 Year history, We're Recruiting players 16+ for CoD 4, Bf2, ArmA 2, and PR. We have many servers for CoD4, Bf2, PR, and ArmA 2.

Clan Tag: =BTB=
Clan Name: Biting The Bullet
Clan Website: Biting The Bullet
Clan Teamspeak IP: N/A
Clan Ventrillo IP:N/A
Clan Mumble (additional): ask for details (private mumble seperate from PR mumble)
MSN Contact:
Xfire Contact: lofty2007
Language: English (although we do have members from other countries)
Location: International
Description: BTB is relaxed kind of PR clan. We like to have fun. No strict rules. When not ingame, we have a laugh and a joke, when we are in-game, play the game its was intended to be played. For a friendly, fun gaming clan, Join BTB - Biting The Bullet - Endure Pain With Fortitude

Clan Tag:
Clan Name: Special Operations Executive or Special Operations Cadets
Clan Website: SOE | Special Operations Executive
Clan Teamspeak IP: passworded & invite only
Clan Ventrillo IP: n/a
MSN Contact: sectionalpha AT msn DOT com
Xfire Contact: to nerdy for us
Language: English
Location: UK/Euroland/North Americas
Description: Coming Soon!

Clan Tag:[TCF]
Clan Name:Teamwork Comes First
Clan Website:Website
Clan Teamspeak IP: (Public)
Clan Ventrillo IP:
MSN Contact:
Xfire Contact:smuke
The basic guiding principle is that we are interested in developing and maintaining a mature yet fun group that has a common interest in realistic tactical combat simulation.

Clan Tag: [9thMD]
Clan Name: 9th Mountain Division
Clan Website: Home
Clan Teamspeak IP: none
Clan Ventrillo IP:
MSN Contact:
Xfire Contact: thundermanx21
Language: English
Location: All over the world (mainly USA)
Description: Do you want to join a realism unit the acts like the real army, except not as strict? Well you have come to the right recruitment thread. We play as a team, we use tactics and teamwork, but we also have fun. If this sounds like the right place for you, then come to Home
We are based in the East Coast US (EST), but we welcome people form all over the world!

Clan Tag: xSWATx
Clan Name: xSWATx
Clan Website: xSWATx Forums
Clan Teamspeak IP:
Clan Ventrillo IP:
MSN Contact:
Xfire Contact: clarelakakurt, suicideman666
Language: English
Location: USA, Canada
Description: We are a pretty laid back clan, we like to mess around alot, but we can be very serious. We are tactical in PR and other games. We play PR, BF2, ArmA, CoD4. We also film movies in BF2.

Clan Tag: =QTF=
Clan Name: Quebec Task Force
Clan Website: Http://
Language: Français
Location: Québec, Canada
Description: Clan Tactique Québécois, pour plus d'informations (xfire, e-mail, serveurs, etc.) visitez notre site web et forums. / For more information (xfire, e-mail, servers, etc.) visit our website and forums.

Tag: ................ =SWF=
Name: ............. Spartan War Fighters
Website: ......... Spartan War Fighters
Teamspeak IP:
Xfire Contact: . sfscriv
Language: ....... English
Location: ......... International
Description: For casual play and future competition. We believe in teamwork while having FUN.

Clan Tag: GCA
Clan Name: The Golden Camel Alliance
Clan Website: Golden Camel Alliance
Clan Teamspeak IP:
MSN Contact:
Xfire Contact: salaaddin
Language: English (with dedicated French and Polish squads)
Location: Global
Description: We are a group of players that mainly enjoy larger scale battles with 30+ players on each side. Strategy and Tactics, Maturity and Camels are very important to us. While the common language of our Forums is English, we have French and Polish language squads, each with their own sub-forums.
If for some reason or other, the above contact does not react, give a shout in the shoutbox on our website.

Clan Tag: <RangersPL>
Clan Name: Rangers Polska
Clan Website: Rangers Polska Forum
Clan Teamspeak IP: Invite Only
MSN Contact:
Xfire Contact: N/A
Language: Polish
Location: Poland (mainly)
Description: Our clan is dedicated to Project Reality Mod only and has been created after release of PR 0.5. We are a group of polish PR players who like to play this mod and having fun but still able to maintain serious and mature behaviour when needed.

Clan Tag:
Clan Name: The Thirty-fourth "Red Bull" Infantry Division
Clan Website: The Thirty-fourth Infantry Division Headquarters - Home page
Clan Teamspeak IP: None
Clan Ventrillo IP: None
Mumble IP: Invite Only
MSN Contact: -Or-
Xfire Contact: PhantomMilitant or any other 34th Infantry Division Member
Language: Primarily English/ Various Others
Description: The Thirty-fourth Infantry Division is a military realism Unit Dedicated to the actual Thirty-fourth "RedBull" Infantry Division. We are a unit Committed to Teamwork, Communication, Fair play, and Tactics we are a group of serious FPS gamers who enjoy playing Project Reality, Our goal is to gain the respect of the project reality community by being known as a competitive fight force and to represent the actual Thirty Fourth "Red Bull" Infantry Division to the best of our ability.

Clan Tag: LMC
Clan Name: Laurus Manus Concordia
Clan Website:
Clan Ventrillo IP: but there's a password
Steam Contact: palfguy
Language: English
Location: Worldwide, mostly North America
Description: LMC is a gaming community dedicated to reaching the heights of teamwork and tactics. LMC stands for "Laurus Manus Concordia", latin for 'Victory through Teamwork/Tactics'. We are dedicated to training and innovating in the realm of tactical excellence. We work together as a team to accomplish our goals, and we aim to be at the top of competition brackets by means of tactical creativity and coordination. LMC is a large Insurgency (HL2 mod) clan, and we've started expansion into PR and are getting more members to try it out every day.

Clan Tag: *RR*
Clan Name: Rescue Rangers
Clan Website:
Clan Teamspeak IP:
MSN Contact:
Xfire Contact: Pleym90
Language: English
Location: Europe
Description: *RR* are a small but nice clan, the memmbers knows eatch others and have a nice way to play. The *RR* memmbers are friendly and likes to play hard and meet some real good resistance.
*RR* owns a lot of PR servers like:
- *RR* Reality Teamwork
- *RR* Rescue Rangers
- *RR* Training/Match
- etc

Go to fore info

Clan Tag: CBpr!
Clan Name: Commando Bastards
Clan Website: The CB! Clan
Clan Teamspeak IP:
Clan Ventrillo IP: N/A
MSN Contact: (no joke ;])
Xfire Contact:05grottim
Language: English
Location: Global
Description: We're a PR clan that likes to have fun while take part in serious competition on the battlefield.

Clan Tag: [OD-S]
Clan Name: Operational Detachment Sierra
Clan Website: Operational Detachment Sierra
Clan Teamspeak IP:
Clan Ventrillo IP: -
MSN Contact:
Xfire Contact: rambo987
Language: English
Location: EU/US
Description: Operational Detachment Sierra is a fairly new clan with experienced members. Most of our members have played PR for many years and have also participated in the PRT. We will be playing 32 vs 32 games in the future. We also have a organized team layout, which will give everyone a chance to show their skills and become the best at the game.

Clan Tag: ]CIA[
Clan Name: Covert Infiltrate Assault
Clan Website: ]CIA[ Covert Infiltrate Assault Clan
Clan Teamspeak IP:
Clan Ventrillo IP: Join forums to get Info on Vent
Xfire Contact: SyntheticCoyote (clan leader) wolfmancat (co-leader)
Language: English
Location: USA some members overseas
Description: PR fun and competitive clan......very teamwork based....Thats always looking for a good time!

Clan Tag: [Lancer]
Clan Name: The Freelancers
Clan Ventrillo IP: Password: special
Xfire Contact: PR Lead: p3dz :: Founder: clobum
Language: English
Location: Europe
Description: A casual gaming clan geared towards having fun together. If you're looking for a small community to enjoy playing PR with you've come to the right place. Hardcore realism/tactic fans need not apply. (Not to be confused with "Freelancer Union" )

Clan Tag: =RRF=
Clan Name: Rapid Reaction Force
Clan Website: =RRF= Rapid Reaction Force » An Online Gaming Community
Clan Ventrillo IP: RRF.CLANVENT.COM:5313
MSN Contact:
Xfire Contact: Rebiv4
Language: English
Location: USA/International
Description: A multinational gaming clan with one of the best servers around! We are the proud owners and operators of Virginia USA PR .86 Mixed -

Our clan is focused solely on Project Reality and Operation Flashpoint 2 as well as other realistic combat shooters in the future. We are a family and a clan, but our members are top in the world. For more information visit our site!

Clan Tag:=ETU=
Clan Name:Elite Tactical Unit
Clan Website:ETU
Clan Teamspeak IP: Ask us on our forums as we dont want just anyone joining our team speak. IP and Pass will be given upon request.
Xfire Contact:1mhkilla1
I just want to point out that this is not a clan. We are a group of friends who like to scrim. We call each other family and that is how we like it over here at =ETU=. What =ETU= is is a scrim team. this means if you are in a clan but they do not have a scrim team you may join this and it should be alright with your clan. Well we are new to PR but love the look and feel of it so far. We have a scrim team already for bf2142 but as everyone should know 2142 dont touch PR with the tactics point of view. So we intend to take serious players only. Players who can work as a team and also dont mind taking orders. Age dont really matter as long as you are active in game. We will be holding practices so we can learn how each other works and get to know everyone's playing style. Also we will be going over tactics as this is a tactical unit.

Clan Tag: [ABA]
Clan Name: Active British Army
Clan Website: [ABA] Clan - Portal
Clan Teamspeak IP:
Clan Ventrillo IP:
MSN Contact: TBC
Xfire Contact: TBC
Language: English
Location: UK
Description: British military clan open to all serving or ex members of HM Armed Forces. Always up for a laugh and a quick scrim when we can roust enough members!!! PR and beer for the win. No doubt UKF will edit this to the sensible version.

Clan Tag:=UMA=
Clan Name:Ultimate Military Alliance
Clan Website:=Ultimate Military Alliance= =UMA=
Clan Teamspeak IP:
Clan Ventrillo IP:N/A
MSN Contact:
Xfire Contact:abk1234
Description:We are a Corporation of gamers who play FPS mostly the BF2 Mod Project Reality. We are always looking to recruit Mature Players that are family orientated who can participate in games regularly. JOIN NOW !!

Clan Tag: [TMP]
Clan Name: The Manhattan Project
Clan Website: The Manhattan Project
Clan Teamspeak IP: - Public
Xfire Contact: fuzzysqurriel
Language: English
Location: North America
Description: The Manhattan Project is a newly formed community consisting of 15+ members dedicated to the BF2 Modification, Project Reality. We're an active, Fun, and Mature community seeking new members. If you have any questions please contact myself via xfire or hop on ts with us.

Clan Tag: =i4i=
Clan Name: Eye for Eye
Clan Website: Eye 4 Eye - Message Board - Yuku
Clan Teamspeak IP:
Xfire Contacts: acey10, jamesgold, thequinox
Language: English
Location: USA, Canada
Description: PR is our Main Game. We also occacionally will play BF2 Vanilla & AIX Mod, COD4, COD WAW, the new COD when it comes out in 11.09, the next BF Game that hits the market.
We are Looking for squad oriented players. MUST HAVE TALENT!

Clan Tag: -PMF-
Clan Name: Project Military Force
Clan Website: Project Military Force
Clan Teamspeak IP: (None yet)
Clan Ventrillo IP:
MSN Contact:

Xfire Contact: bcshadow2468
Language: English
Location: Started in Texas of the U.S.A. but recruiting from all countrys!
Description: This is a Military Based Clan! We have branches such as, Project Air Force, Project Marines, Project Army, and Project Armor! Recruiting Mature players of All Ages!

Clan Tag:=UMR=
Clan Name: Unite Morte Rosa (United Death Squad)
Clan Website: Clans » (temporary)
Clan Ventrillo IP:
Xfire Contact: hidden0ps (0=zero)
Language: English
Location: U.S.
Description: We are a newly formed clan as we have broken away from our old one. Keep your eye out for us because we are soon to become the fastest growing most elite clan in PR.

Clan Tag:25thID
Clan Name:25th Infantry Division
Clan Website:Welcome to 25th Infantry Division
Clan Teamspeak IP: PM me for the pass word
MSN Contact:N/A
Xfire Contact:MHKilla
Description:This is a Realism clan we want to have fun members but members who know how to be serious when it is game time. We have a ranking system set up, training sessions on the way as well. Come by check out our site and see what you think of our members and how we like to play. Thanks for your time everyone and have a safe time on teh battle field.

"You know we've had to imagine the war here, and we have imagined that it was being fought by aging men like ourselves. We had forgotten that wars were fought by babies. When I saw those freshly shaved faces, it was a shock "My God, my God?" I said to myself. "It's the Children's Crusade."- Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughter House Five
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Default Re: Clan and Community Information

Clan Tag: [RIP]
Clan Name: Rusty In Places
Clan Website: Rusty In Places
Clan Ventrillo IP: Private invitation only
Forum Contact: Sir.Grossi
Language: English
Location: UK
Description: multi-gaming international clan,
with over 150 active members around the world.

We are an 18+ Mature clan with an excellent PR following.
We play as squads in platoons and have a ranking system along the lines of
the British army. Dedicated servers, public and private for training and
regular scrims against other clans.
We also have an Academy for players new to PR with courses that on
completion, earn ribbons and badges for your profile.

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Default Re: Clan and Community Information

Clan Tag: ]UK[cE
Clan Name: UK Combat Elite
Clan Website:.
Clan Ventrillo IP: Ventrillo is by invite only PM the clan contact for info.
MSN Contact: Nil
Xfire Contact: corndog36
Forum Contact: Hammer Time
Language: English
Location: The UK and Europe
Description: UKCE have been gaming for over 5 yrs, we are well established within the gaming community with professional servers and communications,we also have members that have served within real life military over 30yrs experience. We are also a friendly bunch of lads are main aim is to push forward with the Project Reality.
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Default Re: Clan and Community Information

Clan Tag: |3rdID|
Clan Name: 3rd Infantry Division
Clan Website:
Clan Teamspeak IP: Port 10009
Email Contact:
Xfire Contact: 1mhkilla1
Language: English
Location: Canada/US
Description: We are a English speaking Realism Unit. We only take members from the US or Canada. We Currently only have the Infantry Section open but as time goes by and we get more members Aviation and Armour will be opened up. If you have any questions then please feel free to email us our Email is posted above.
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Default Re: Clan and Community Information

Clan Tag: [SUPR]
Clan Name: South Ural PR Team
Clan Website: SU PR forum (RU)
Xfire Contact: power174 (team leader), kingstep74 (team agent), raph91 (major SL), vibras
Forum Contact: kstep
Language: Russian/English
Location: Europe and Asia border, South Ural region
Description: assault/sabotage action specialized PR team with adult soldiers having serious BF2 gaming experience

Why skirmish maps become more buggy and unbalanced from release to release?!
skirmish <3. nothing else but rifle, mates, mumble and skill.
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Post Re: Clan and Community Information

Clan Tag: PR.IT
Clan Name: Project Reality Italian Team
Clan Website: Clan-EI
Clan Teamspeak IP:
MSN Contact: spad85 et /
Xfire Contact: spad85 /
Language: Italian
Location: Italy
Description: the first and the only active Italian clan in Project Reality. Teamwork required.

Project Reality Italian Team - Group Leader
PR.IT powered by
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Default Re: Clan and Community Information

Clan Tag: =RaV=
Clan Name: Raven Team
Clan Website: Raven Team
Clan Teamspeak IP: You can find out on the forums.
Clan Ventrillo IP:
MSN Contact:
Xfire Contact: maverick2311
Language: English
Location: Europe
Description: Raven Team is a new Project Reality clan that is looking for new members, we strive for teamwork, communication, skill and fun. Our goal is to reach about 32 members, we prefer quality over quantity.
We offer trainings to anyone who wants it, have an established ranking system, and three divisions. To find out more add me on xfire or visit our site.

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Default Re: Clan and Community Information

Clan Tag:*UNSTF*
Clan Name:United Nations Special Task Force
Clan Website:The United Nations Special Task Force
Teamspeak:Apply via our forums
MSN Contact:None
Xfire Contact:colzulu or chris631992
Location:Europe & United States
Description:The UNSTF are specifically a PR gaming clan. The clan is situated in and around Europe, including America.
At present we are recruiting people with a good sense of humour. We offer training nights for those new to PR or for those who wish to advance their gaming skills on all levels of the game.
Our age criteria is 18+, but those under the age of 18 must possess a certain level of maturity and be team focused.
Unlike some gaming communities, we are not about internal politics and hard lined regimental displine, but more about the game and its' members, as we recognise the people make the clan and not the other way around.
The clan does have a structure, but ensures a much more simplified structure than many. This is to enable easier administration which then allows administrators to game with fellow members and does not place them on a pedastal away from those who matter. We can offer positions in the clan from casual to head banging serious, depending on your gaming style and needs.
Where you wish to end up in the clan is entirely your choice.
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Default Re: Clan and Community Information

Clan Tag: <CSa>
Clan Name: <[C]zech[S]lovak[A]rmy>
Clan Website: CSa klan
Clan Teamspeak IP:
Clan Ventrillo IP: -----
MSN Contact: -----
Xfire Contact: pipino003
Language: Czech, Slovak
Location: Czech republic, Slovakia
Description: We are playing PR for FUN - the best game on the world (: , We are only Czech and Slovak
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Default Re: Clan and Community Information

Clan Tag: [MIA]
Clan Name: Mercenaries International Alliance
Clan Website:
Clan TS IP:
E-Mail Contact: /
Xfire Contact: Hoplomachus / Undertaker
Language: English
Location: Worldwide
Description: We are an established multi-gaming community that started in 2006 with BF2. Our community plays all types of games from Eve to COD to Battlefield Heroes. We have been around a long time and will still be around for many more years to come. We will start our PR serer soon and hope to have you all join in and have fun. Come check us out!
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