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06 Mar 2021, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 General Discussion General discussion of the Project Reality: BF2 modification.

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Old 2009-06-03, 00:41   #1
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Exclamation Project Reality: Combined Arms Ver .96

We are now releasing version .96 of combined arms and the update features a full installer.This installer will install all required files to the required directory and create a shortcut on your desktop.

If you are having any issues with a missing shortcut or not being able to connect/play, then you installed with a non-current installer, I guarantee it. A bad version of the installer which is also named "Combined Arms .96 Installer" was released two days ago and if you are having issues you installed with that bad installer. If so delete everything related to Combined Arms and re-download and install
(shouldn't take any more than 15 minutes).

1. Download the installer
2.Install the game: leave the directory as C:/Program Files/EA GAMES/Battlefield 2 or where ever the battlefield 2 folder is (For example it could also be P:/My super secret files/my uber secret files/the cake is a lie/123456/Battlefield 2 it just depends where you installed bf2 to) DO NOT PUT ON /mods/pr_ca it will fail!!!
3. Click the "Combined Arms" icon and join our official server hosted by Digital Militia (It will be the only one listed).

This installer is very easy to use, it works for any OS and most importantly it will NOT affect your Battlefield 2 or Project Reality installations at all. Your PR shortcut will still be there and it will be just as easy as ever to start up project reality (with both games installed at the same time)
We hope to now phase into larger scale testing with player counts of 32-64 people. We ask that anyone who has ever been curious about the things in our videos, cynical of the changes, even those who have no idea what we are about and want to find out: Please just try the game; we’ve made it very easy to install and connect to help people understand what we’re about.

So what is Combined Arms Anyway?
Combined Arms is an add-on to Project Reality. You could think of it like an expansion pack just like Special Forces etc… The goal of Combined Arms is to emphasize the Combined Arms aspect of Project Reality (duh) where infantry, armor, and air assets all coordinate their efforts to form a more effective fighting force; doing so in an environment that implements another level of realism. In addition to serving as a place for players to enjoy such an environment it will also serve as a location to do large scale tests on vehicles, weapons, and game play concepts that may be implemented into the regular PR mod in the future to see if they function as intended and to observe how they affect game play.

To those who already have a previous version of Combined Arms installed: You MUST delete your current pr_ca folder and your current Combined Arms shortcut (and if you have used a CA installer before remove CA in add/remove programs) before you install with this program. This is both because we want the program to be installed under the proper version number with the program appearing in the add/remove programs list, and also because there was an issue with the directory from the last update that reinstalling from scratch is the only way to fix externally. This installer will function as a new base file and all other updates will feature two installers: One which upgrades from the base installer and another which upgrades from the previous update.

Here are the files:

filefront: Combined_Arms_.96_Installr.msi Download File

MegaUpload: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

See you on the Battlefield Soldier!

~Added Road to Kyon Gin
~Added Seethed Waters 16 person skirmish layer featuring epic pirate battle mode with a skirmish between two Iron Gators [testing oriented].
~Added Desert Rats Training Map.
~Changed Assault Carriers on Seethed waters from the vbf2 version of the USS Essex to Iron Gator version of the USS Essex featuring full interiors.
~Added aircraft hangers and elevator platforms to the Aircraft Carriers on Seethed waters.
~Moved all jet re-spawning [minus harriers] on Seethed waters from flight deck to aircraft hanger. All jets will spawn on the flight deck the first time and subsequent flights will require the player to spawn in the aircraft hanger and taxi their jet to the elevator and take off from the flight deck (drive safely).
~Added improved vehicle stability.
~Added Various air weapon and air vehicle tweaks and fixes (for those of you modders who understood the subtle tweak reference you rock)
~Replaced harriers on the Seethed 64 layer with Cobras.
~Added loading pictures and map for Seethed Waters. Also a new song…
~Fixed issues with missing flags.
~Fixed issues with aircraft carriers on seethed related to the spawns and ladders.

Will Stahl aka "Merlin" in the Squad community
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Last edited by Sniperdog; 2009-06-04 at 16:21.. Reason: adding dl link
Old 2009-06-03, 01:04   #2

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Default Re: Project Reality: Combined Arms Ver .96

What kind of publicity does this have at the moment? I mean, are there a decent amount of people playing this?

Anyways, I do appreciate the detail that is going into creating a more realistic side of combined arms, especially the detail going into making the vehicles more realistic.

I am suprised the PR developers have not adopted a more realistic aspect of modern day vehicle targetting systems and the FLIR is almost spot on the real life thing. If you can change between "white" hot and "black" hot that would be outstanding.
USMC Infantry (0341)
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Old 2009-06-03, 01:11   #3

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Default Re: Project Reality: Combined Arms Ver .96

Wow wow wow and wow!!!!!!
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Old 2009-06-03, 01:44   #4
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Default Re: Project Reality: Combined Arms Ver .96

Holy crap. You can make the elevator go up without even having to get out of the jet to press the button?
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Old 2009-06-03, 01:45   #5
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Default Re: Project Reality: Combined Arms Ver .96

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Old 2009-06-03, 01:55   #6

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Default Re: Project Reality: Combined Arms Ver .96

The person capturing the video raised the elevator, the guy in the jet just taxi'd to the elevator...
Pretty cool stuff CAS, impressive.
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Old 2009-06-03, 02:19   #7

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Default Re: Project Reality: Combined Arms Ver .96

WIN. Great work CA team

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Old 2009-06-03, 02:22   #8

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Default Re: Project Reality: Combined Arms Ver .96


One problem tho.. the elevator is pretty badass. But what happens when your tail catches the hanger bay and you splode? xD
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Old 2009-06-03, 02:40   #9

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Default Re: Project Reality: Combined Arms Ver .96

Originally Posted by Dev1200 View Post

One problem tho.. the elevator is pretty badass. But what happens when your tail catches the hanger bay and you splode? xD
You explode and die.

Its nice to see the Iron Gator getting used though.

Proof that cheese love is better then any other.
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Old 2009-06-03, 02:58   #10

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Default Re: Project Reality: Combined Arms Ver .96

Originally Posted by Dev1200 View Post

One problem tho.. the elevator is pretty badass. But what happens when your tail catches the hanger bay and you splode? xD
press f11 and look behind you.
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