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23 Feb 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 General Discussion General discussion of the Project Reality: BF2 modification.

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Old 2009-05-15, 20:02   #1
Default PR Server Idea

I have a plan to set up a server with a white list of experienced, team-work orientated players. The idea is to have a server where you can always go and expect the other players to be reasonably experienced and mature - if all goes well , there will be an absolute minimum of rules, and no need for an admin - the players will admin themselves to remain members of the community. ( having said that, there will be an admin as backup )

The server will be about teamwork and tactics and membership will be more about ingame attitude, rather than skill level.

It will not be a clan, and no commitments will be expected of members. Initially anyone can become a member, but once the player base is established, membership will be via referral from members.

All members will be expected to have a mic, mumble, and xfire.

The server will have a scoreboard on the server website, which is reset each month.

Initially members would be asked to make a contribution of £5 ( $8 ) per year to the server, but this would not be compulsory, and I have plans which would allow the server to be self funding without the need for any contributions. The server would need a minimum of 128 members to become viable. The first server would either be set up in the US or Europe, depending on where the majority of players come from, but the long term aim would be to set up a server on both continents.

Please let me know what you guys think of the idea. If you like the idea then put "interested" at the bottom of your post, plus your location (Europe/N America/Other)

PS - In general I'm against elitism in PR - the idea is to have a server which does not experience the type of people who act like tards. "My brother was using my account will not be accepted as an excuse"
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Old 2009-05-15, 20:06   #2

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Default Re: PR Elite Server

sounds like a dream coming true,if only i can convince my parents to allow me to donate....

Well im 18 in 2 months so then im allowed to do it myself

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Old 2009-05-15, 20:11   #3
Default Re: PR Elite Server

sounds interesting. Also thought a similar idea long time ago. suffered on financial facts
How do you want to make it community only? password? Will be mumble a MUST? (hope so... 64players on mumble, working together = *_* - had some nice rounds on UKWF with 20+ people on mumble)

interested - Germany/Europe

Sorry for my bad english ^_^'
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Old 2009-05-15, 20:14   #4
Default Re: PR Elite Server

Wow, you described the majority of successful servers except for the whitelisting part. Servers such as TacticalGamer, TCombat and Tactics and Teamwork have had player bases that were self correcting without always needing admin, but since they are not password protected there will always be a few tards that hop on and disrupt game play even if only briefly.

Although I am interested in a white listed server I see the following issues:

With 128 white listed players there will be a lot of dead time unless events are scheduled because only a small portion will match up at the same time, in which case having a regularly used server handle events would work out better. People will play in bursts, either a very few or empty or all at once. And once people start leaving the server will empty quickly.

To hit critical mass to get enough players for people to donate you need enough donating players to make it sustainable. Server cost might be lower because of having fewer players, but there's that critical point where there is enough follow through to get the thing started. Even popular servers can seed with random pubbies.

Why have a scoreboard when the goal is not about skill? If the scoreboard only showed team win/loss I could see that working.

Interested - N America
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Old 2009-05-15, 20:25   #5

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Default Re: PR Elite Server

In six to twelve months from today - plus a rumour saying ok for the server and its members, i will be donation/participation-level interested.

Location: Europe

I second this opinion from post 29

Originally Posted by snooggums View Post
You'll need to post up some guidelines for 'how Pr should be played' as everyone will have a similar, but differing opinion.

For example: Some people who are otherwise great players have no issue with driving transport cars around to squash infantry instead of using the main gun. While doing so during a pass when surprised is no big deal, I wouldn't want to see people playing bumper cars.

Likewise, some people who are otherwise great players have no problem ramming vehicles with other vehicles if the situation is to their advantage, even though it is completely unrealistic with the forces they are playing (such as USMC or Brits) who have no history of suicide tactics.

And there are other players who have no issue with using planes to baserape uncappable flags, even though they are barred from the game intentionally with the dome of death from doing the same with infantry.

Really, there would need to be a few strict rules and otherwise war is war, but having no rules and kicking people at a whim would not be conductive to server population since no one would know what to expect to be kicked for. If no one is kicked, then the point of having this type of server is void.

Define irony. A bunch of guys playing PR year after year. A game teaching initiative as the prime mover.
However, in regard to EA, these guys never took the initiative.
We who play these kinds of games are the first generation of war robot pilots.Today we pilot a camera in 3D heaven,Tomorrow...
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Old 2009-05-15, 20:26   #6
Default Re: PR Elite Server

All good points snoo, and the scoreboard would indeed be based on win/loss (including loss "points" from early disconnection ) - this idea is slightly controversial, but I expect many players would not be bothered about their score, but some would, and this would encourage players to keep coming back to the server, and also encourage even more teamwork.

Also by having an x-fire group, hopefully it would encourage people to get together to seed the server, as well as cutting down on ingame text chatter. This will also be helped by having compulsory Mumble.

A big aim of PR is to reduce unrealistic things on the screen, and yet most servers constantly have rules scrolling up in large text, plus the usual in game crap. Hopefully this server will be free from that ( and disabled if possible )

The 128 players, is the number needed to establish the server - I would hope that the majority of the PR community would eventually become members, as the tards seem to be in a minority in PR, but unfortunately can quickly ruin a game for the majority.

The whitelist will work via a script. If your names not down - your not coming in!
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Old 2009-05-15, 20:30   #7

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Default Re: PR Elite Server

only players with mumble ? Oh, what a dream !

[R-DEV]OkitaMakoto:"Cheers, you're the man, Okita"
[R-DEV]Rhino:"I in fact got kicked from a server for tking."
Hitperson:"well done, treasure it forever."
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[R-DEV]Chuc:"Pro man, pro."
(yes, it was about me)
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Old 2009-05-15, 20:32   #8

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Default Re: PR Elite Server

Well it's an interesting concept, would love to see how it turns out.


North America
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Old 2009-05-15, 20:34   #9
PR:BF2 Developer

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Default Re: PR Elite Server

So basically another PR community with a server like TG or TCombat..?
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Old 2009-05-15, 20:40   #10
Default Re: PR Elite Server

Originally Posted by Outlawz View Post
So basically another PR community with a server like TG or TCombat..?
Similar in some ways, except it wont have a clan, and it will have a white list so there will be zero tards, and no complete first timers, who can basically turn a game. The problem with some other well admined servers is that there are still arguments over assets etc and lots of nitpicking over rules - I'm aiming for true teamwork, and a mature attitude.

I dont like to exclude first timers, and when i play PR, beginners are always welcome in my squad, but they hopefully strive to become a member of this server, and as I said, its more about attitude than skill level.
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