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26 Apr 2018, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Tales from the Front Share your in-game experiences playing PR:BF2.

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Old 05-11-2009, 08:48 AM   #1

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Default [List] Your best firefight?

Sometimes in Project Reality there are fire fights were you get hit and scream for a medic.

Sometimes you get to shoot some rounds and run for cover.

Sometimes, it gets so awesome you can hardly describe it

My best firefight was on Korengal, my US squad got pinned down on the central road. Attacked from the rear. Our SAW gunner did a great job. Covering fire while we got off the road.

Tracers were going everywhere.

Nobody got hit or wounded but for about 20 - 25 seconds we just blasted away and then bailed out of there with smoke covering our asses.

It was awesome.

Share your favorite firefight. Please name map, what happened, what did the squad to and the results.
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Old 05-11-2009, 10:49 AM   #2
Default Re: Your best firefight?

Asad Khal.

My squad was round some boxes and walls and fighting 4 or 5 arabs pinned down in a couple of buildings. For a couple of minutes things were pretty slow, I think we lost one but he was brought back up and we were hitting them too.

Soon we started all firing on them pretty heavily and got their heads down. Everyone in one of the buildings, I think two guys, were killed. With the whole squad pinning their last few down I just sprinted about 30 yards to the second building and somehow made it without being seen. I walked past at least 1 dead body, went up the stairs to see one guy remaining, hiding behind a window and occasionally peeking out.

Slowly I crouched and walked towards him. I was going to just shoot when I realised I should knife for extra humiliation, so I fixed the bayonet to my rifle while literally one yard behind, told everyone to stop shooting, and stabbed him.

So we won.
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Old 05-11-2009, 11:01 AM   #3

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Default Re: Your best firefight?

Al Basrah, i was a tank gunner in an armor squad, our team was sweeping the village for 2 caches that are located very closely together, my squad and another APC squad was tasked to defend that area(along with a firebase), we fought off 2 bomb cars+(one more passenger version), 3 technicals and the WMD truck within 5 minutes, with all guns from the tank and APCs blazing away(yes, even the .50cal to fend off one bomb car that came really close).Not to mention the amount of insurgents coming this way, that moment reminds me of the human wave tactic used in WWII. After the 2 caches have been taken out, we lost 2 rovers to RPGs and i'm left with 8 rounds of cannon shell left(2 HE + 6 APR). The whole firefight lasted 15 mins.

When you see a house land on somebody and they're still kicking, you know something is wrong
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Old 05-11-2009, 11:53 AM   #4
Retired PR Developer

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Default Re: Your best firefight?

Leading a squad on Korengal through the hills and woods on the southern most part of the map, somewhere between the Insurgent main and the old flag that the US could capture.

Rounds start coming in from the hill opposite us some 200 metres away. Contacts are shouted out, multiple targets on the ridge line! Everyone opens up, SAW gun blazes the hill to suppress their fire. We form a tight defensive arc, covering likely enemy angles. With fire still raining down on us from the hill opposite, fighters start moving down the ridge to close and kill us. The fighting is now getting closer I give the order to pull back to a nearby compound which offers better defensive positions. Hot on our heels the enemy pursues us, with our rear guard taking out a couple trying to follow us. Between us an the compound a flanking insurgent is spotted and dispatched with a well placed grenade. We all make it to the compound and take up firing positions for an attack we know is coming. Some 20 seconds of quiet passes before the insurgents are spotted at various angles all around us. It seems like there are a million of them, and quickly we are over run having taken a good amount of them with us!

After watching the battlerecorder back I counted some 15 insurgents attacking us in total. The squad did amazing to hold out as long as we did. What got us in the end were two insurgents in the hills above the compound which we didnt spot. I took a load of screenshots, unfortunately the rest of the screenshots and battlerecoder are on a HDD that died.

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Old 05-11-2009, 04:02 PM   #5
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Default Re: Your best firefight?

Korengal. Not one of the best firefights, but the best one that I can recall everything. I was in one of two squads that were moving together and communicating through mumble. We took down about 2-3 caches moving from the mountains in the northeast of the map to the forests near the western center across the river without one of our squads getting wiped out.

While moving up a road, we spotted one Taliban popping his head up a hill a few meters in front of us, and a second later, 4 Taliban heads popped up and then even more, I don't remember how much. Almost immediately, everyone started shooting and tracers were flying everywhere. Grenades were sounding off like crazy.

The Taliban had the height advantage and we were quickly getting our asses kicked. The firefight lasted less than 20 seconds, and already one of our squads were wiped out. A few seconds later, our squad was wiped out except for me and one other squad mate. I escaped most the chaos by sliding down a hill and attempting to flank them. I was badly bleeding at the time.

My squadmate followed. While we were sneaking around to their flank,I saw a Taliban solider behind him. I looked at him through my optic sights and pressed my fire button. To my dismay, I heard the *click* sound of an empty magazine. I warned my squadmate over my VOIP about his flank, and he took him out. While I was reloading, Taliban soliders almost immediately appeared at all sides, so I slid down another hill to escape but due to all the damage I had sustained, I died when I slid down.
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Old 05-11-2009, 04:25 PM   #6
=]H[= BrewCrew
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Default Re: Your best firefight?

Asad Khal. As MEC Forces, we managed to secure the Southern Objective. Several troops had taken the high ground over-looking the fields to the South using the swinging walk bridge to get to their position. Just down the stairs North from their position we constructed a Forward Outpost in the enclosed area & started laying Razorwire & Foxholes. Things were mostly quiet as the construction took place, then suddenly the gunfire began. Brits were swarming from the SouthWest out of the barn and around the small water-tower, moving closer & closer. Grenades & Tracers flying everywhere you couldn't hear eachother on VOIP things were so intense. We'll never know if the Brits had what it took to overrun us - all 32 of us were respawning at that location.

After about 2 steady minutes of fire the round ended victoriously for the MEC. My *BEST* firefight, never seen anything like it.

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Old 05-11-2009, 04:40 PM   #7
Default Re: Your best firefight?

My favorite so far was on Operation Archer, on the US team. It was going badly, we had destroyed one cache in the village already, but two more had appeared there as well. My squad was separated and I was confused, considering I could not find ANY way into the damn village. Finally, I circled around to the south and crossed the river. We're getting insurgent spawns all over the place, I'm hit and bleeding, the only two guys with me are pinned down, so I run into the nearest building. A few minutes ago, one of the guys in my squad went commander, so I run upstairs, pull out my lase, and call an area attack a few meters in front of my position. A second later (literally), I get hit and go down.

This part amazed me. We have an area attack coming down on my position, but somehow my entire squad managed to regroup on my building. My medic revives me, we take cover downstairs, and the artillery comes in, destroying both caches. That was probably the most badass I have ever felt in PR so far.
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Old 05-12-2009, 09:44 AM   #8

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Default Re: Your best firefight?

Kashan Desert
i was on the MEC team in an inf squad. our order was to capture the South Bunker we were dropped on the roof eferything went easy until we got the flag to neutral! suddenly i hear over the Voip " ENEMY ATTACK CHOPPER!" one of our teammates looked out on the roof with his AA when suddenly the UH-60 landed and somehow dodged the AA-missile a squad jump out and was trying to get down the stairs where i was standing with my Automatic Rifleman when i heard the shots and my squadmate fell down the stears and cursing over the Voip i knew that this was the time for some epic pwnage the us troops began running down the stairs and i shot 2 or 3 i don't recall it but i was bleeding so i called for a medic and ran around the corner to cover the medic but suddenly an APC went in the front entrance pinning us down in the front of the bunker we didn't have any lat or hat so we tried to pusht the battle upstairs on the roof and so we did but to our big surprice the americans Apache was cruising right over us and blew us all up

In-Game: Makemebad[DK]
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Old 05-13-2009, 04:30 PM   #9
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Default Re: Your best firefight?

My best Firefight.

Hmm well ill give you two.

First of:

Kashan Desert: MEC: Squadmember

We had 2 votnicks and we had positioned ourself between north bunker and north village, in the hill. We fire at the village, lots of fireworks. Then we rush North village and take out all enemies there.
After that, we get helicopters dropping supplies to us, so we build a firebase.

Suddenly a LAT hits near us, and our 2 50 cals starts opening up. The enemy rockets keep hitting near us everywhere with a reasonable delay. Markers everywhere. Firefight like this lasts for about 10 minuits.

Im in one 50. the enemy is no longer in sight, so i look up. A parachute! An entire enemy squad is landing in our midst with pilot kits, taking us out.

Was hilarious (This was 0.75)

Second firefight

Barracuda:USMC: Squadleader

My squad was split up into 2 fireteams, and just after defending it for about 10 min with another squad, i order that squad somewhere else.

Now its only my squad defending, i order 2 guys to start patrolling the area around us, and me and another cover SE and the other NW i think. Maybe im wrong.

Then instantly after leaving the flag the patrol gets contact, we help them out. We get contacts everywhere, there is a friendly Sniper at our midst, BLUE, i tell him over mumble to get out.

Wave after wave after wave of small infantry units keep pouring in. We figure of course there is a rally, but they always come from different angles and at the same time too. It felt like we were defending it against the whole Chinese team, at the end i lose my connection, crash. I get back in and my squad is still there. By then a friendly squad had landed at Missile and we won

Was the UKWF server, you rock!

I had one Fireteam leader his name was Angry Welshman, he did an outstanding job, best fireteamleader ever!

Xact Wicca is The Joker. That is all.
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Old 05-13-2009, 06:38 PM   #10

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Default Re: Your best firefight?

Mine has to be a really good one on Operation Archer. We had set up a firebase at castle (I like to do that a lot, you dominate half the map with the .50s), and we were in the process of handing over to another squad, when our sniper sees about 20 targets coming from everywhere, and .50 2 technicals. I just went "What the f-" before 3 RPGs explode over my head. Gun were going off everywhere, me, as the SAW gunner on the NE tower, was pouring fire onto one of the technicals. Our LAT guy blows up one, and we quickly take out approx 10 guys, with a few going around back to see if they can get in. Next thing I know, half of our base was in ruins from a mortar strike, and onle the sniper and I are alive (from which I took cover), from after I promptly killed 3 Taliban, and the sniper killing 2. There are still about 5 so I go Kamikaze and take out another 3 surprisingly. I feel a shot go right over my head and I'm like wtf to the sniper, until I turn around and see the dead Taliban body. I just lol'd.

until 2 guys take me out and quickly take out the sniper
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firefight, list
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