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PR:BF2 General Discussion General discussion of the Project Reality: BF2 modification.

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Default Re: Mumble installation guide for PR

Click here for more information

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Default Re: Mumble for Project Reality

Originally Posted by R-DEV TwistedHelix

PR Mumble v0.4 beta changelog
  • Fixed the wrong registry key entries ... now should only install and read from Mumble(PR Edition) key/folder (hopefully this sorts out a host of issues)
  • Hardcoded values should now not be saved or loaded from the registry
  • Removed the update version and version check system so that now new snapshot message should not appear
  • Default Quality set to 10
  • Default Volume set to 60%
  • On creating a 'New' entry in the server connect dialog, the PR Official Server should come up as default.
  • Greyed out the values on sliders
  • Renamed Push-to-Talk --> Local Speech
  • Renamed Force-Center-Position --> Squad Leader Radio
  • Probably some other stuff that I can't remember

First post updated with link.
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Default Re: Mumble Voice Program in Project Reality

updated 1st post with v0.5:

Mumble is an audio communication program that works externally from BF2. It allows users to communicate within the battlefield, with the sound volume and position being relative to your location on the Battlefield. It also allows people from other teams to communicate with one another, so long as they are within a certain distance.

The Mumble developer team and Project Reality team have been hard at work creating the next instalment of the Mumble client. After much testing, the time has come to do what is called a "stress test". Much like, say, cold weather testing on a car, we try and attempt to push mumble to it's limits, and see how well it can cope under serious strain.

Originally Posted by TwistedHelix
mumble beta 0.5 changelog compiled 14/05/09 (updated tiny things 30/06/09)

* client now keyed to server
* greyed out selection for continuous and VAD in the settings config, push to talk only
* greyed out selection for VAD in the audio wizard, push to talk only
* g15 LCD helper back in
* Default connection set to new PR official mumble server
* set installer to install files as PRmumble(0.5beta) and PRmurmur(0.5beta)
* Made changes to the database instance so no conflicts with previous installs
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Default Mumble - EVERYTHING !

Message to moderators and viewers: I wanted to make a massive topic about mumble in the portuguese language to encourage the brazilian community to use it (which has failed). Then I noticied it could be useful for the entire PR community, so I started to translate it to English. It may contain some gramatical mistakes, please, send me a PM pointing it out and I'll correct it. If a moderator thinks this topic is useless, you can delete or move it. All I want to do is to HELP and ENCOURAGE more players to use this awesome software.
I'll delete this message after a while

Hello, I created this topic to compile all informations about installation, configuration, tips and solution for eventual problems.
I think this is the best HOW-TO-DO tutorial about PR MUMBLE you'll find around. It's all written in details and you'll have many images from the software to know better what to do in your computer.

I want to eliminate any doubt from the beginning, so this tutorial is long, which may cause the impression that it is complicated and hard to use this software. It is not complicated to install, configure and use Mumble, it is very simple!


Mumble is an open-source communication software for players. It is special and different from other softwares such as Team-Speak 3 or Ventrillo because it works together with the game and creates a 3D communication ambient! In other words, when an in-game soldier stays by your right side, you'll hear his voice in your right ear. If your friend is close, you'll hear him clearly, but if he is far you will have difficulties to understand.

Watch the videos below to understand it better. Try to notice the "source and direction" of the voices when people talk. Notice too all the teamwork which naturally happens between many squads working togheter.

YouTube - PR v0.95 Fallujah - US Army Mechanized Infantry

YouTube - Project Reality 0.91 - British forces ambushed (TWICE) - Tactical Gamer mumble teamwork

YouTube - Project Reality 0.95 - The Unkown German Joke

YouTube - Project Reality 0.95 - Epic taliban climbing

With all that, you already noticied how Mumble is capable of IMPROVE the PR matches ?

Imagine the following in-game situations:
  1. All squads working togehter, the whole team can cooperate and exchange information many times and very fast. Without mumble we see squads working apart most of the time. With mumble you can eliminate those moments when you see an enemy and can't tell to your teammate who is not in your squad.

  2. Communication between infantry units and vehicle crew much faster and simpler than typing on the HUD.

  3. Positional perception of friend units improved.

  4. The fun of playing with the whole team without that awkward silence even when you are by the side of your friend in game.

  5. After all that, the voice quality in Mumble is superior than Team-Speak and Ventrillo withouth affecting the player's connection to the game server.

...and much more!

================================================== =======

*Where do I find Mumble?*

The version which we use today is the 0.5b. It comes with the PR download files since the 0.91 version. The installation file can be found in your computer at: C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\pr\readme\extras.

If you can't find it or it didn't come with the PR files, you can download it from this link:

Download PrMumbleMurmur_v0.5beta_Installer.exe from - send big files the easy way

*Installation and initial configurations*

There is no secret here. You just have to install mumble and when you use it for the first time, it will guide you through a quick configuration. Don't forget to check the "push-to-talk" option and select a key for it. I suggest the "V" key for now.

*Configuring the keys for Mumble*

After Mumble's installation, there will be a shortcut on your desktop area. You must start the software from it.

When it starts, click on Configure and then on Settings:

On the new window, select the Shortcut tab just like the image below:

The tip here is that you should configure your keys just like I did in the image above. To do so, follow the steps below:

1. Click on the Add button at the bottom of the window.

2. A new command line will appear inside the gray window with the name "Unassigned".

3. Do a double-click over "Unassigned" and select the action you want, for example the Squad LEader Radio, Toggle Mute Sefl, Toggle Deafen Self, etc...

4. On the right side of the command line, you can select the key you want. Do a double-click on that space and press the key for that action. Once more I remind you that the best is to configure the commands with the same keys from the image above.

5. WARNING, BE CAREFUL WITH THE BUG! - Every time you set a new action with a new key, press OK, close Mumble and open it again to configure a new action with a new key. There is a small bug yet to be solved that makes the Mumble crash when you try to set new actions and keys in a row.

*Connecting with the Official Project Reality Mumble server*

After Mumble's installation, there will be a shortcut on your desktop area. You must start the software from it.

When it starts, click on server and then on Connect.

A new window will open just like this one. The official PR server adress should be already configured by default on the Custom Server tab. In case it doesn't happen, fill the spaces with the information you see in the image below, except the nickname part, which you must use yours (and if possible, just like the same you use in game).

Info about the Official Project Reality for Mumble:

Port: 64738
Username: Yournicknamehere (don't use spaces)
Password: leave it empty ---> this is not the password, just leave it empty
When everything is OK with the explanations above, press the Connect button on the bottom of the window.

*Learning more about the server rooms and its sub-sections*

After you connect to the Official Project Reality Mumble server for the first time, you may feel a little lost. CALM DOWN! Take a deep breath and don't give up, nobody will hurt you.

After the connection with the server is established, you will be automaticly dragged to a room called "AFK". There, everybody is automaticly muted and can't unmute themselves.

Since there are many server rooms, I will work and explain the all the system based on the Tactical Gamer server room.
This image shows the TG server room on Mumble and with it I'll explain which sub-section means.

1. The server's name. You must get in the same server with the same name, both in Mumble and in-game, to work correctly (which is obivius).

2. Well... it's the admin room. Some servers have it, some don't.

3. If you are going to play as a squad member (not a squad leader), double-click over the TEAM 1 or TEAM 2, depending on which side you are playing game. TIP: Get in one room and say it: TEAM CHECK. The players will answear you and you'll know which team is related to each faction in game. If you are in the wrong TEAM room, nothing that a ALT-TAB can't solve it.
To use this room, use the key related to the LOCAL SPEECH action, which is the V key on the image above, as I suggested.

4. If you want to squad lead, get in one of this sub-sections according to your team. Use the tip above to know which team you should join. You can communicate with other squad leader in game just like a radio. To talk with the soldiers next to you, use the LOCAL SPEECH action, which is the V key on the image above, as I suggested. To talk with the other squad-leaders, use the SQUAD LEADER RADIO action, which is the C key on the image above, as I suggested.
4*.Another channel for squad-leaders.

5. If you want to talk with friends using the good quality of voice and sound from Mumble, use this room. It is not linked to the game and it won't bother the players.

It doesn't matter which room you select, you'll be unmuted and undeafened automaticly.

As soon as you select a room to play, DON'T SAY ANYTHING! The 3D positional audio will work only after you first spawn in game.

Avoid talking while you are out of the game, because everybody will hear you and that really, REALLY, bothers all the players who are in game.

*Configurating your Battlefield 2: Project Reality*

There are only 2 simple things you need to change in your Project Reality game to play with Mumble with comfort and fun. You need to change one key to talk with the in-game VOIP commander channel and the volume of your game. That's all.

The key linked to the LOCAL SPEECH action that I suggested above was the "V" key. It is also used for the in-game VOIP commander channel as default. In your game options, change this action to the H key, which has no action in game.
To do so, do it:

1. Open the game.

2. Go to OPTIONS

3. Select CONTROLS

4. In the tab COMMON, on the right side of your screen, there is the COM. CHANNEL action. Click only once over the key (which is V by default) and then press the H key from you keyboard.

5. Click on APPLY on the left. DONE!

The other detail to be configured in game is the volume. Each one can configure it the way they want, but my recomendation is, from my experience, to turn the volume down to something around 30%.

TO configure the PR's volume option:

1. Go to OPTIONS

2. Select AUDIO

3. In the section GAME VOLUME, let the little bar EFFECTS around 30%.

4. Yet in the GAME VOLUME section, let the little bar VOICE OVER aroun 75%.

5. On the left side of the screen, click on APLLY. DONE!

*Mutting and Unmutting Mumble*

It is common for players to talk between rounds with each other using other talking softwares to chat. Some prefer the silence. And others want to talk with mumble, because you are out of the level, the 3D positional audio no longer works and you can hear everybody.

To put an end on this dilemma, the solution is very simple. Those who want the silence can mute the Mumble beatween the rounds and as soon as a new round starts, they can unmute it.

If you configured the keys as I suggested many times above, you can simply hit the TOGGLE DEAFEN SELF key (key "=") to not hear anybody. Once the round beggins, hit it againt to undeafen self.

End of problem!

Important Note:
When you hit the TOGGLE DEAFEN SELF key ("="), your microfone is automaticly muted too. So, when you want to UNDEAFEN yourself, you need to UNMUTE youself too! To do so, just press your TOGGLE MUTE SELF key, which is, as I recommended, "-" key.

=====ATTENTION, BUG!=====

Attention Windows 7 users! This Windows version usually turn down the volume of audio programs while there are other softwares being executed. This "feature" makes the volume of Mumble to be turned down just after you open Project Reality. To fix it, follow the tutorial below:

1. Right click on sound box right next to the computer's clock and select PLAYBACK DEVICES

2. On the new window, select the COMMUNICATIONS tab. Select DO NOTHING. Press OK.

*Mumble Overlay*

This option shows the nick of the player who you are listening on your screen. My recommendation is to leave this option deactivated because there are some rare cases of some players who had problems with punkbuster. Deactiving solves it.

Originally Posted by KEIOS View Post
There had been problems with the Mumble Overlay, but sorted that Violation out with Evenbalance (PB) and you won't have any troubles with using the Overlay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Mumble ? Why should I use Mumble, TeamSpeak 3 is way better !
Answer: So what? This is a topic about Mumble!

Question: Is this software somewhat related to that song with same name ?
Answer: You mean Mambo No. 5 ? No, but the song is very good.

YouTube - Lou Bega - Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit of...)

...yeah, now you pointed it out, it sounds like he says MUMBLE in the song.

Question: Is this 3D audio postion the same as the Team-Speak 3 one?
Answer: No! And Team-Speak 3 does not have a 3D audio position which work with games. You can set some kind of a meeting room with TS3, but it does not work as Mumble.

Question: But I heard about it! I heard that TS3 has a 3D audio system!
Answer: OK! Post it here, then...!

Question: My Mumble doesn't work with the 3D sound system! I hear everybody and everybody hears me! All that about Mumble is a LIE!, I hate mumble, I won't use it and I hate everybody who does!
Answer: The Mumble 3D audio system only works after you first spawn in game. In other words, you first need to appear in game to active the Mumble 3D audio. You probally opened the the software and haven't entered the game, that's why you hear everybody and everybody hears you.

Question: Is it true that who uses Mumble have the BF2 account banned by PunkBuster?
Answer: Yes, it is true! You can use mumble only once! All those players you've seen in the videos had their game account banned by punkbuster...
DUDE, OFF COURSE NOT! There are no records of players who had their acc. banned because they used mumble. There are only a few reports that using mumble overlay causes some problems with PB, but just deactiving it solves all.

Question: Can the enemy hear me ?
Answer: It depends on the Server room configuration you are in. Some servers prefer to separete the audio for each team. Some prefer to make only one room, so you can hear the enemy and the enemy can hear you. If you are under situations you can't use mumble, you can use your VOIP or type it.
In the servers which everybody is in the same room, a good tactic to use is shout very loud screams like Allahu Ackbar to scare the coalition forces just like this video at 2 minutes and 50 seconds (2:50)

I've done this before and it is very funny! It is only one of the many possibilities and situations which Mumble has to offer.

Question: When I'm inside a tank or an APC, it is very hard to talk with my gunner/driver because the sound of the engine is too loud. That's why I hate mumble, I'll never use it again and I hate everybody who does!
Answer: In this case (the need to talk with the crew of you vehicle) use the VoIP! If you need to talk with someone outside the vehicle such as to acquire intel or asking for coordinates use mumble. If the engine is still too loud, exit the vehicle.(... or tweak mumble louder in comparison to game sounds)

Question: Is there any problem if I open mumble while my game is already running ?
Answer: There is no problem at all. Mumble will be linked to the game like normal as soon you return to the game.

Question: All the teams that play with Mumble win the game! IT'S AN CONSPIRACY AGAINST OTHER PLAYERS! That's why I hate mumble, I'll never use it again and I hate everybody who does!
Answer: ...

Question: Nobody can hear me in Mumble. I tried to talk with friends nearby, but they don't answer. What is wrong?
Answer: Only those who are using mumble in the same server you are will hear you, it's why is important to tell everybody to use it.

A big thanks to splatters and bloodthirsty_viking for their help with corrections in the topic. Thank you guys!

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