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03 Feb 2023, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 General Discussion General discussion of the Project Reality: BF2 modification.

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Default The history of Project Reality

The history of Project Reality releases and features (WIP)

**NOTE** Joint Operations Reality Mod has no affiliation with Project Reality **

Project Reality Forums opened 07-23-2004
"Welcome to Project Reality, a modification for the upcoming Battlefield 2.
Enjoy your stay!

requiem, Project Founder"
Project Reality New Website opened 08-25-2004
Project Reality :: BF2 Mod ::
Mod DB news post by [R-DEV]Evilhomer presenting the project 08-15-2004
"...we will be creating a mod to cater to the players, with higher expectations from a Modern Combat Military FPS"

Project Reality Mini-Mod v0.1 released 07-08-2005

New Project Reality Developers
  • [R-DEV]JS.Fortnight.A
  • [R-DEV]requiem
  • [R-DEV]UK_Force
  • [R-DEV]ArchEnemy

New Features
  • Kill & Hit Indicator removed
  • Weapons Damage increased
  • Reticles removed
  • Parachutes removed
  • Adjusted Physics of Vehicles and Characters

New Weapons/Equipment
  • None

New Maps
  • All vBF2 maps included

Items removed
  • None

Project Reality Mini-Mod v0.2 released 10-27-2005

New Project Reality Developers
  • ...

New Features
  • Add HEI/AP rounds for APCs
  • Add zoom to MBTs/APCs/AAVs

New Weapons/Equipment
  • ...

New Maps
  • All vBF2 maps included

Items removed/retired
  • Removed call UAV ability from squad leader/commander commo rose

Project Reality Tournament: Campaign 1 started 02-18-2006

Project Reality Mini-Mod v0.25 released 02-25-2006

New Project Reality Developers
  • [R-DEV]BlakeJr
  • [R-DEV]Black Beret
  • [R-DEV]Eddie Baker
  • [R-DEV]Evilhomer
  • [R-DEV]eggman
  • [R-DEV]TR
  • [R-DEV]Stigger

New Features
  • New Assault and Secure Gamemode - capture flags in a specific order to focus and intensify combat.
  • minor tweaks to weapons, new visuals, infantry load out adjustments,

New Weapons/Equipment
  • ...

New Vehicles
  • MH-6 Littlebird (USMC)

New Maps
  • Oasis by Dr. Mabuse (USMC vs MEC)
  • Steel Thunder by Illicit Films (USMC vs PLA)
  • Strike at Karkand 2 by Hrothgar (USMC vs MEC)
  • All vBF2 maps included

Items removed/retired
  • ...

Project Reality Mini-Mod v0.3 released 05-11-2006

New Project Reality Developers
  • [R-DEV]JavaMoose
  • [R-DEV]Happy
  • [R-DEV]Ghostrider
  • [R-DEV]AiRfOrCe
  • [R-DEV]Exel
  • [R-DEV]RipFire
  • [R-DEV]KingofCamelot
  • [R-DEV]Rhino
  • [R-DEV]TheRealFritz
  • [R-DEV]Katarn
  • [R-DEV]Gaz
  • [R-DEV]e-Gor
  • [R-DEV]Wraith
  • [R-DEV]Wolfmaster

New Features
  • Many Weapons and Class Changes
  • New Xtract Gamemode - escorting an SUV through checkpoints to an escape point
  • New Single Objective game mode - the attacking team must destroy the enemy radar and UAV to win the map

New Weapons/Equipment
  • SPR S-MOD Rifle (USMC)
  • P226 Pistol (USMC)

New Vehicles
  • Black SUV (USMC)

New Maps
  • Muttrah City by [R-DEV]Rhino (USMC vs MEC)
  • Jabal Al Burj by [R-DEV]Ali-Tom (USMC vs MEC)
  • CP Abadan by [R-DEV]Ali-Tom (USMC vs MEC)
  • Road to Kyongan’Ni by [R-DEV]NikovK (USMC vs PLA)
  • Jungle Fever by Dr. Mabuse (USMC vs PLA)
  • Operation Nightshift by BierPizzaChips (USMC vs MEC)
  • Zhianjing Security Area by Khrimson (USMC vs PLA)
  • El Alamein XXL by Mr. Burns (USMC vs MEC)
  • Sharqi Night by Stringer Studios (USMC vs MEC)
  • Karkand Night Ops by Stringer Studios (USMC vs MEC)
  • Mashtuur Night by Stringer Studios (USMC vs MEC)
  • 8 vBF2 maps included

Items removed/retired
  • ...

Project Reality Mini-Mod patch v0.31 released 06-06-2006

New Project Reality Developers
  • [R-DEV]RikiRude

New Features
  • This release addressed the BF2 v1.3 patch compatibility and some minor game play enhancements.

Project Reality Mini-Mod v0.32 Map Pack Patch released 09-11-2006

New Project Reality Developers
  • [R-DEV]2Slick4U
  • [R-DEV]Fullforce
  • [R-DEV]MasterTom
  • [R-DEV]NikovK
  • [R-DEV]qwerty4030
  • [R-DEV]sofad
  • [R-DEV]Stinger
  • [R-DEV]Thomazz
  • [R-DEV]xW0LFx

New Features
  • fixed supply drop height
  • changed round start delays to 90 seconds for all game modes

New Maps
  • EJOD Desert by [R-DEV]Thomazz (USMC vs MEC)
  • Mao Valley by by [R-CON]xtrm2k (USMC vs PLA)
  • Hongshangu Winter by Ga-KnomboeBoy (USMC vs PLA)
  • Goods Station by [R-CON]spfreak (USMC vs MEC)

Items removed/retired
  • ...

Project Reality v0.4 released 11-11-2006

New Project Reality Developers
  • [R-DEV]Alex L.

New Features
  • Kit Limiting System
  • New Kit loadouts and new kits (Light AT, Heavy AT, Anti-Air, Anti Infantry)
  • New HUD that is less visible/takes up less screen space
  • New sound effects for several weapons and vehicles
  • Reduced name tag draw distance
  • New Insurgent faction introduced
  • New British faction introduced

New Weapons/Equipment
  • Field Dressings (All Factions)
  • L85A2 SUSAT (British)
  • L85A2 Iron Sights (British)
  • L115A1 Sniper Rifle (British)
  • L7A1 Mounted GPMG (British)
  • L1191A (British)
  • L9 Pistol (British)
  • LAW80 (British)
  • RPG7 from BF:SF (Insurgents)
  • Remote Detonated Claymores (All Factions)
  • Molotov Cocktails *early version (Insurgents)
  • UGL launched smoke (All Factions)
  • Grappling Hook from BF:SF (All Factions)

New Vehicles
  • T62 Tank (Insurgents
  • Saxon APC (British)
  • A10 Warthog (USMC)
  • ECH365 Scout Helicopter (PLA)
  • Support HMMWV from USI (USMC)
  • Technical 50cal from BF:SF (Insurgents)
  • Civilian Car from BF:SF (Insurgents)
  • Big Red Bomb Truck from BF:SF (Insurgents)

New Maps
  • Al Basrah (v1) by [R-DEV]duckhunt (USMC vs Insurgents)
  • Gulf of Aqaba by Khrimson (GB vs Insurgents)
  • Hills of Hamgyong by [R-DEV]NikovK (USMC vs PLA)
  • Mao Valley by [R-CON]xtrm2k (USMC vs PLA)
  • Operation Ghost Train by [R-DEV]Rhino (GB vs PLA)
  • Operation Greasy Mullet by Ga-Knomboe Boy (USMC vs MEC)
  • Qwai River by [R-DEV]IronTaxi (USMC vs PLA)
  • Raid on Mosykie by [R-DEV]matt.b (GB vs Insurgents)
  • Street by [R-CON]spfreak (GB vs Insurgents)
  • Sunset City by [R-DEV].:XDR:.FRIJJ (USMC vs PLA)

Items removed/retired
  • ...

Project Reality v0.5 released 02-09-2007

New Project Reality Developers
  • [R-DEV]duckhunt
  • [R-DEV]IronTaxi
  • [R-DEV]BrokenArrow
  • [R-DEV]jarleif
  • [R-DEV]dbzao
  • [R-DEV]dizzy
  • [R-DEV]fuzzhead

New Features
  • Added new Squad Rally Point system
  • Added new Vehicle Damage System
  • Tank & Pilot Kits
  • Destructible Environments
  • Vehicle Damage System
  • Advance and Secure (AAS) v2

New Weapons/Equipment
  • QBZ Rifle Series (PLA)
  • M-14 Marksman Rifle (USMC)
  • AT4 Light AT (USMC)

New Vehicles
  • Merlin HC3 Transport Helicopter (British)
  • Land Rover (British)

New Maps
  • Airport by [R-CON]spfreak (GB vs MEC)
  • Al Basrah (v1.5) by [R-DEV]duckhunt (USMC vs Insurgents)
  • Helmand Province by [R-DEV]duckhunt (GB vs Insurgents)
  • Inishail Forest by |TG|Kilrogg (USMC vs PLA)
  • Operation Phoenix by |TG|Kilrogg (USMC vs MEC)

Items removed/retired
  • Removed Forward Spawn Points from Flags

Project Reality v0.6 released 07-17-2007

New Project Reality Developers
  • [R-DEV]Spearhead
  • [R-DEV]Matrox
  • [R-DEV]Dr Rank
  • [R-DEV]Jaymz

New Features
  • Militia Faction
  • Commander Assets
  • New Spawning Systems
  • Wave Spawning Heavy Assets
  • Kit Limiting Updated
  • Insurgent Civilian Kit
  • Insurgency Game Mode
  • Massive Battlefields
  • Long Range Engagements
  • Server licensing system implemented

New Weapons/Equipment
  • Shovel/E-Tool (All Factions)
  • G3A3 Assault Rifle (MEC)
  • QBZ-95 UGL Rifle (PLA)
  • SKS Carbine (Militia, Insurgents)
  • M40 Sniper Rifle (USMC)
  • PPSH (Militia)
  • Stones (Insurgents)

New Vehicles
  • Warrior IFV (British)
  • AH-64 Apache Longbow Attack Helicopter (British)

New Maps
  • Al Basrah (v2) by [R-DEV]duckhunt (GB vs Insurgents)
  • Al Kufrah Oilfields by [R-CON]DarkOverlord (GB vs MEC)
  • Assault on Mestia by [R-DEV]IronTaxi (GB vs Militia)
  • Bi Ming (Night) by [R-DEV]Dr.Rank (GB vs PLA)
  • Kashan Desert by [R-DEV]duckhunt (USMC vs MEC)
  • Seven Gates by [R-DEV]IronTaxi (GB vs PLA)
  • vbf2 Zatar Wetlands customized (USMC vs MEC)
  • vbf2 Daqing Oilfields customized (USMC vs PLA)

Items removed/retired
  • Retired Extract Game Mode

Project Reality v0.7 released 12-31-2007

New Project Reality Developers
  • [R-DEV]Outlaw22
  • [R-DEV]MacNeill_USA
  • [R-DEV]M.J.Patterson
  • [R-DEV]AtlantaFalcons
  • [R-DEV]Rico

New Features
  • New Commander/Squad Leader Build System
  • New Commander Functions
  • New Commander Feature: GPS Guided Bomb Area Attack
  • New Commander Feature: SAT Guided Air Strike
  • Close Air Support Improvements
  • New Ammo Resupply System
  • Spawn Point Revision
  • Long Range Distant Weapon Sound Effects
  • Counter-Attack Game Mode
  • Deviation System Added

New Weapons/Equipment
  • M16A4 ACOG and Iron Sights (USMC)
  • RPG-7 (Insurgents / Militia)
  • IED - Improvised Explosive Device (Insurgent)

New Vehicles
  • Scimitar Recon (British)
  • Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank (British)
  • Eurofighter Jet (British)

New Maps
  • Battle for Qinling by [R-DEV]Rhino (GB vs PLA)
  • Bi Ming (Day) by [R-DEV]Dr Rank (GB vs PLA)
  • Fools Road by [R-DEV]IronTaxi (GB vs Militia)

Items removed/retired
  • Removed Infantry Minimap
  • Removed Saxon APC (British)

Project Reality v0.756 released 03-16-2008

New Project Reality Developers
  • [R-DEV]Falkun
  • [R-DEV]GrayeKnight

New Features
  • Deviation System tweaked heavily
  • Added new suppression effects when getting shot at


New Weapons/Equipment
  • ?

New Vehicles
  • UH-1N Iroquois "Huey" Transport (USMC)
  • UH-1N Iroquois "Huey" Gunship (USMC)

New Maps
  • Operation Archer by [R-DEV] (USMC vs Insurgents)

Items removed/retired
  • ...

Project Reality v0.8 released 08-29-2008

New Project Reality Developers
  • [R-DEV]AfterDune
  • [R-DEV]AncientMan
  • [R-DEV]A.J.Sawyer
  • [R-DEV]CAS_117
  • [R-DEV]Cheeseman
  • [R-DEV]Chuc
  • [R-DEV]CodeRedFox
  • [R-DEV]foul_killer
  • [R-DEV]LeadMagnet
  • [R-DEV]Masaq
  • [R-DEV]Mosquill
  • [R-DEV]Nickbond592
  • [R-DEV]ohnomelon
  • [R-DEV]OkitaMakoto
  • [R-DEV]TrahnLee
  • [R-DEV]Undies

New Features
  • Added US Army faction
  • All New custom Animations, Sounds and Effects
  • Deviation System Overhauled Again
  • Enterable Command Post - required for all commander functions
  • Commander placeable map markers to help team coordination
  • Spotting system for squad leaders and commander
  • Commander deployed off-map artillery, mortars and JDAM strikes
  • All Conventional Factions and Militia - Deployable Heavy Machine Guns
  • Insurgents - Deployable Insurgent Hideouts
  • Assault and Secure Version 3
  • Command & Control (CnC) Game Mode - new "hardcore, open ended" mode of play
  • Skirmish Game mode - for clan matches
  • Training Mode

New Weapons/Equipment
  • Underbarrel Grenade Launchers - M4 M203, M16A4 M203, G3 HK79, L85A2 AG36
  • M4 Carbine (US Army)
  • M249 SAW/Minimi (US Army, USMC and British)
  • SSGP1 Sniper Rifle (MEC)
  • G3SG1 Rifle (MEC)
  • RPG26 Anti Tank (MEC)
  • L85A2 Bayonet (British)
  • L86 Light Support Weapon (British)
  • Zipties on Insurgency (BLUFOR Factions)
  • Short Magazine Lee Enfield No.4 Rifle - Ironsights and Scoped (Militia and Insurgents)
  • Samozaryadniy Karabin sistemi Simonova (SKS updated) (Militia and Insurgents)
  • Molotov Cocktail (Insurgents)
  • RKG-3 Anti Tank Grenade (Insurgents)
  • Cellular Telephone (Insurgents)
  • Medic Tools - Resuscitate Compression (All Factions)
  • Medic Tools - Epinephrine Auto Injector (All Factions)

New Vehicles
  • M2A2 Bradley APC (US Army)
  • UH-60 Blackhawk (US Army)
  • M1126 Stryker ICV (US Army)
  • HMMWV (US Army / USMC)
  • Stormer Anti Air Vehicle (British)
  • RAF Tornado GR4 (British)

New Maps
  • Korengal Valley by [R-DEV]CodeRedFox (US Army vs INS)
  • Muttrah City 2 by [R-DEV]Rhino (USMC vs MEC)
  • Operation Barracuda by [R-DEV]duckhunt and [R-DEV]Dr Rank (USMC vs PLA)
  • Ramiel by [R-DEV]OkitaMakota (US Army vs INS)
  • Tad Sae by [R-DEV]Nickbond (USMC vs PLA)

Items removed/retired
  • ...

Project Reality Single Player v0.8 released 12-15-2008

New Features
  • Added insurgency AAS mode

New Maps
  • ...

Project Reality v0.85 released 01-23-2009

New Project Reality Developers
  • [R-DEV]bosco
  • [R-DEV]Deer
  • [R-DEV]Drav
  • [R-DEV]GeZe
  • [R-DEV]Hitperson
  • [R-DEV]~KILL~Pirate
  • [R-DEV]Nosferatu
  • [R-DEV]PRC_Heavy_Z
  • [R-DEV]Pride

New Features
  • Logistics System overhauled
  • Deviation System refined and improved
  • Vehicle Resupply & Repair overhauled
  • New HUD's for all Attack Helicopters
  • New HUD's for all Russian vehicles
  • New minimap icons for all vehicles


New Weapons/Equipment
  • AK-47 (Insurgent, Taliban, Chechen Rebels)
  • AK-47 Bayonet (Chechen Rebels)
  • AK-74 Scoped, Ironsight, UGL (Insurgents, Taliban, Chechen Rebels)
  • AK-74M Scoped, Ironsight and UGL (Russians)
  • AKS-74U (Russians, Insurgents, Chechen, Taliban)
  • Al-Quds RPK (Iraqi Insurgent, Taliban)
  • Artillery IED (Iraqi Insurgent)
  • Grenade Trap (Iraqi Insurgent, Taliban)
  • Incendiary Grenades (All Factions)
  • M16A4 with M68 (USMC)
  • PF-98 Heavy Anti-Tank (PLA)
  • RPG-7 Tandem Warhead (Russians)
  • SA80 Bayonet (British)
  • Trip Flare (All factions)

New Vehicles
  • BTR-60 APC (Russia and MEC)
  • Gaskin Anti-Air Vehicle (MEC)
  • Humvee Avenger Anti-Air Vehicle (USA)
  • Logistic Trucks (All Factions)
  • Lynx AH-7 Transport Helicopter (British)
  • T-72 MBT (MEC)

New Maps
  • Asad Khal by [R-DEV]Deer (GB vs MEC)
  • Fallujah West by [R-DEV]duckhunt (USMC vs INS)
  • Karbala by [R-DEV]KillPirate (US Army vs INS)
  • Kozelsk by [R-DEV]Deer (RUS vs CHECHEN)
  • Operation Archer Redux by [R-DEV] (USMC vs TALIBAN)

Items removed/retired
  • Removed player direction indicators on map.
  • Removed Wrench ability to repair vehicles, instead it is able to remove mines and traps
  • Retired vbf2 Vodnik (MEC)
  • Retired vbf2 Nanjing (PLA)

Project Reality Single Player v0.85 released 2-28-2009

New Features
  • ...

New Maps
  • ...

Project Reality v0.86 released 06-19-2009

New Project Reality Developers
  • [R-DEV]Twisted Helix
  • [R-DEV]Kaijleor
  • [R-DEV]Hans Martin Slayer
  • [R-DEV]77SiCaRiO77
  • [R-DEV]Z-Trooper

New Features
  • Insurgency heavily tweaked to improve gameplay.
  • tweaked Civilian class to prevent exploits.
  • tweaked the medic system.
  • Changed Combat Medic to now be a limited kit.
  • Added Automatic Rifleman (limited) and Officer Ironsites (limited) to the spawn menu.
  • Added "Auto-Deploy" to menu to automatically join full servers when a slot is free.
  • Heavily improved the server browser in the main menu.
  • Added news ticker to the bottom of the main menu.
  • Added zoom to all conventional faction's LMG's
  • Standardized and updated various weapon, vehicle and effects sounds.
  • Tweaks to various maps to increase performance, help game balance, and enhance gameplay.
  • Added LMG and Medic kits to the spawn menu, both limited to 1 per squad.
  • Revive changes so that if shot after 60 seconds of being revived, player is killed.
  • All LMGs give 4x zoom in deploy mode
  • Countless bug fixes and tweaks to improve your Project Reality experience.

LINK -> Project Reality v0.86 Tweaks / New Features - Project Reality Forums

New Weapons/Equipment
  • M249 with Elcan / ACOG Scope (USMC, US Army, GB)

New Vehicles
  • WZ551A APC with new QJC-88 MG (PLA)

New Maps
  • No new maps.

Items removed/retired
  • ...

Project Reality v0.87 released 09-04-2009

New Features
  • Battlefield 2 v1.5 compatible
  • All new Commander UAV
  • Insurgent/Taliban commander informants
  • Multiple bug fixes and various game play tweaks


Project Reality Single Player v0.87 released 09-27-2009

  • All Project Reality v0.87 maps supported (25 maps in total)
  • Muttrah City 2 AI support.
  • Battle for Qinling - Infantry AI support.
  • Kozelsk AI support.
  • Operation Archer AI support.
  • Operation Barracuda AI support.
  • Various improvements to many existing maps.
  • Better AI support for all vehicles.
  • Various bug fixes and tweaks.

Project Reality v0.9 released 02-05-2010

New Project Reality Developers
  • [R-DEV]Alkali
  • [R-DEV]GhostDance101
  • [R-DEV]J.F.Leusch69
  • [R-DEV]motherdear
  • [R-DEV]Ninja2dan

New Features
  • Added IDF, Hamas and Canadian factions
  • Coop now fully integrated
  • New Vehicle Warfare mode added
  • Overhaul of both the Rally Point and Deployable Asset systems
  • New Squad Leader Radio so squad leaders can place map markers without commander
  • Commander changes, no longer needs stay in CP to access command screen
  • New kit geometries for US Army, Russia and IDF factions
  • Many new animations for guns/soldiers
  • "Mumble" 3D positional VOIP software integrated into the PR installer


New Weapons/Equipment
  • Tavor 21 and CTAR/STAR variants (IDF)
  • M4 with MARS and MEPRO21 reflex sights (IDF)
  • Negev LMG with ACOG, MEPRO21 and ironsights (IDF)
  • M72A6 LAW (IDF, CF)
  • Jericho 941 pistol (IDF)
  • Matador HAT Launcher (IDF)
  • Buttstock melee smash with M4 and TAR21 rifles (IDF)
  • C7 with Elcan Optics (CF)
  • C9 and C9A2 (CF)
  • NLAW AT Launcher(GB)
  • M16A1 and sawed off variants (IDF, HAMAS)
  • MG3 with Elcan Optics and ironsights (MEC)
  • RPG-7 Tandem Warhead (RU, MIL)
  • Type 82 Fragmentation Grenade (PLA)
  • Browning Hi-Power (INS, MIL, TALI, HAMAS)
  • Remington 870 shotgun (IDF, INS)
  • Milan Stationary ATGM (MEC)
  • DHsK Heavy Machine Gun (TALI, MIL, HAMAS, INS)
  • M4 and M16A4 bayonets, mounted on the weapon with increased range (USA)
  • QBZ95 bayonets, mounted on the weapon with increased range (PLA)
  • LMG, Grenadier, Rifleman AT, and Marksman rifles with new Ironsight variants (All Factions)
  • Remote Detonated Anti Personnel Mines (All Factions)
  • P226 Pistol (MEC)

New Vehicles
  • Armored Command Vehicles (All Factions)
  • M1A1 Main Battle Tank (USMC)
  • M1A2 Main Battle Tank (US-A)
  • Chinook Transport Helicopter (CF, GB, US-A)
  • MAN Supply/Logistics Truck (GB)
  • Leopard 2A6 Main Battle Tank (CF)
  • LAV-3 APC with fully modeled interior (CF)
  • G-Wagon Jeep (CF)
  • BTR80 APC (RUS)
  • BTR80A APC (RUS)
  • MiG 29 Fighter (RUS)
  • Merkava MK4 Main Battle Tank (IDF)
  • M113 Light APC (IDF)
  • Recon HMMWV (IDF)
  • VN3 Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle (PLA)
  • Ammunition Resupply Technical (TALI, HAMAS, INS, MIL)
  • Alternative Technical from BF2:SF (TALI, HAMAS, INS, MIL)
  • Dumpster Bomb Truck (INS, TALI, HAMAS)
  • unarmed variant of BRDM-2 (RUS, MIL)
  • unarmed variant of Big Red Truck (TALI, INS, HAMAS)
  • different colored variants of civilian bomb cars (TALI, INS, HAMAS)

New Maps
  • Beirut (IDF vs RU) (AAS)
  • Dragon Fly (GB vs MIL) (AAS)
  • Gaza Beach (IDF vs HAMAS) (INS)
  • Iron Ridge (RU vs MIL) (AAS, Insurgency)
  • Lashkar Valley (GB vs TALI) (Insurgency)
  • Siege at Ochamachira (GB vs MIL) (AAS)
  • Silent Eagle (US ARMY vs RUS) (AAS, CNC, Vehicle Warfare)
  • Yamalia (CF vs RU) (AAS, CNC, Vehicle Warfare)

Items removed/retired
  • Sunset City map
  • Training mode removed
  • vbf2 M1A2 retired
Project Reality v0.95 released 10-15-2010

New Project Reality Developers
  • [R-DEV]DankE_SPB
  • [R-DEV]Hauteclocque
  • [R-DEV]marcoelnk
  • [R-DEV]Outlawz
  • [R-DEV]Rudd
  • [R-DEV]SashaSK8
  • [R-DEV]Sniperdog
  • [R-DEV]strima

New Features
  • Added new faction: German Forces (GER).
  • Added new kit geometries for: British, Taliban, Hamas, Militia, Insurgents and USMC.
  • Added Thermal Imaging Systems for all Vehicles that have them in real life.
  • Added 3D scopes to all handheld weapons.
  • Added functional UGL sights to all UGL weapons.


New Weapons/Equipment
  • G36A1 Assault Rifle (Germany).
  • G36KA1 Assault Rifle (Germany).
  • G36A1 AG36 UGL (Germany).
  • P8 Pistol (Germany).
  • DM51 Frag Grenade (Germany).
  • MG4 Machinegun (Germany).
  • PZF3 RPG (Germany).
  • KM2000 Knife (Germany).
  • MP7 with Zpoint (Germany).
  • G22 Sniper rifle (Germany).
  • Unarmed Melee (All Factions).
  • M16A2 (automatic variant) (Hamas)
  • FN FAL Battle Rifle (Militia, Insurgents).
  • M60 Machinegun (Militia).
  • Mossberg 590 Shotgun (US Army).
  • new SVD Dragunov (variants include: Wooden and Synthetic, Scoped and Irons).
  • new old-school AK74 (variants include: Bayonet attached, Irons, UGL, Scoped).
  • AK47 GP25 (Taliban, Insurgents).
  • new AK74M (variants include: Bayonet attached, Irons, UGL, Scoped).
  • Makarov pistol (Militia, Insurgents, Taliban, Hamas, Russia).
  • SV98 Sniper Rifle (Russia, Replacing the Vanilla L96A1 on China as well as an improved placeholder).
  • G3A3 Bayonet (MEC).
  • temporary placeholder QBB88 Ironsights (China).
  • L105A1 pistol (P226 clone for British).
  • Minimi with SUSAT LMG (British).
  • new L115A3 Sniper rifle (British).
  • ACOG L85A2 (British).
  • L22A2 Carbine (British).
  • C8A3 Elcan and C8A3 Eotech (Canadian).
  • C7A2 Ironsight and C7A2 Eotech (Canadian).
  • AR10T and AR10T ELCAN DMR. (Canadian).
  • C7 Elcan M203A1 and C8A3 Eotech M203A1 (Canadian).
  • C14 Timberwolf Sniper Rifle (Canadian).
  • M14 DMR with ACOG (US Army).
  • M16A1 M203.
  • M4A1 DMR with ACOG.
  • M16A1 Menosar M203.
  • M4 Eotech and M4 M203 Eotech (US Army).
  • M57 detonator in replacement of the C4 detonator for M18A1 Claymore Mine and BLUFOR C4.
  • PM4 detonator for MON50 Claymore Mine and OPFOR C4.
  • C13 frag grenade (M67 clone for Canadians).
  • MG3, Minimi, C9A2, M60, PKM stationary MG variants.
  • new RPG7V2 (Russia).
  • new M24 Sniper Rifle. (US Army, IDF)

New Vehicles
  • Su-25 Jet Bomber (Russia).
  • MAN Truck (German).
  • Eurofighter Jet (German).
  • Tornado Jet (German, credits to OPK).
  • Leopard 2A6 Tank (German, credits to OPK).
  • Tiger UHT (German).
  • UH-1D Helicopter (German, credits to OPK).
  • Puma APC (German).
  • M557A2 ACV (German).
  • Gwagon (German).
  • MT-LB series. MT-LB, MT-LB with NSVT, MT-LB 6MB, Shturm-S tank-killer, Strela-10 AAV.
  • Namer APC (IDF).
  • SPG-9M Technical - white (Insurgents, Militia, Hamas, Taliban).
  • Kiowa Helicopter (US Army).

New Maps
  • Burning Sands (4km) (MEC vs GBR) (AAS, Skirmish).
  • Iron Eagle (4km) (MEC vs IDF) (AAS, Skirmish).
  • Kokan (2km) (TAL vs USA) (Insurgency, Skirmish).
  • Wanda Shan (4km) (PLA vs RUS) (AAS, Skirmish).

Items removed/retired
  • vbf2 SVD Dragunov
  • vbf2 M24
  • Insurgent browning HP.
  • Bayonets on all US factions (too many variants to keep up with).
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Default Re: The history of Project Reality

Your all welcome to add and improve this as I need to get some work done today

Please only add useful information, all spam and "I dont like, that was bad" posts will be removed. At the end I will remove/replace this with a cleaned version

"apcs, like dogs can't look up" - Dr2B Rudd
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Default Re: The history of Project Reality

Retired PR Maps ( as of PR v0.9 )

  1. 7 Gates
  2. Al Fallujah Region / Desert Storm
  3. Al Kufrah Oilfields
  4. Assault on Mestia
  5. Bi Ming
  6. Chuncheng Outskirts
  7. CP Abadan
  8. Ejod Desert
  9. El Alamein XXL
  10. Inishail Forest
  11. Goods Station
  12. Gulf of Aqaba
  13. Helmand Province
  14. Hills of Hamgyong
  15. Hongshangu
  16. Jungle Fever
  17. Mao Valley
  18. Muttrah City v1
  19. Oasis
  20. Operation Compton
  21. Operation Ghost Train
  22. Operation Greasy Mullet
  23. Operation Night Shift
  24. Operation Phoenix
  25. Raid on Moskiye
  26. Road to Kyongan Ni
  27. Steel Thunder
  28. Street
  29. Strike at Karkand 2
  30. Sunset City
  31. Tad Sae
  32. Zhanjiang Security Area
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Default Re: The history of Project Reality

Too lazy to edit it in and select the most relevant entries but for 0.8 straight from my manual:

3 new game modes: Command & Control, Skirmish and Training
Critically wounded soldiers can be revived for up to two minutes. They can use
the “Give up” button on the Caps-Lock map to opt out of waiting for a medic
Medics can now resuscitate downed soldiers which untangles them from the
ground. This is useful to make sure the epipen will do it's job
Insurgents can build hideouts to spawn at
Regular armies and the militia can deploy a heavy machine gun emplacement
The spotting system has been overhauled. Automatic spotting is practically
gone. Squad leaders can send a contact report to the commander. The
commander can confirm those reports and place markers on the map to warn
the rest of the team
Artillery and mortars have been added to the list of possible area attacks
Pistols & SMGs do not suppress other players. Shots also need to travel some
distance before they have a suppression effect
Weapons need to be reloaded manually
Bunkers & Fire bases do not resupply soldiers and vehicles anymore
Deployable assets can be placed without permission if no commander is on
the team
Rally points can be placed anywhere. They are overrun and destroyed if 3
enemies get close to them or if 6 squad members die in their vincinity
Grenade launchers need to be fired at targets at least 30-40m from the
shooter or the grenade will not detonate
All factions have a command post which is enterable by the commander. The
commander can only use his map while inside the post.
The enemy tickets are not displayed
The main gun in any armored vehicle has a 30s usage delay
Soldiers start to bleed out when their health drops below 75%
Civilian collaborators will always respawn after 2 minutes regardless of how
they died
Insurgents can be arrested using the restrainer or the shotgun
Insurgents need to defend at least 3 out of 12 weapons caches
Capturing a control point takes at least 3 men
Limited kits have been reduced in number and are only reallocated every 10
Light machine guns can be used in deployed and undeployed modes. When
deployed they can only be fired while prone but are very accurate
Deploying bunkers & fire bases does require 2 supply crates. A supply truck is
not needed. Other assets just need to be build close enough to a forward
outpost and do not require any supplies

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Default Re: The history of Project Reality

I joined in 0.2 days, just after the release, first release I was [R-DEV] for was 0.25, first release I was lead for was 0.3.

I still have the PM conversations from the mod leads at the time who were considering packing the project in hehe. I asked if I could take over as lead for v0.3 to see if we could turn it around

I developed AAS for a bunch of community made maps for PRMM v0.2. I got permissions from the map authors to use them for PR. Some of those maps made it into PR v0.25 which was released after I joined the team. Most of them were not suited to PR, but I hated the vBF2 maps. The main thing that I learned from that excercise was stuff people were adamant would not work, actually turned out to work very well (large cap radii, very long cap times, etc).

For 0.25 after I joined the team as an R-DEV I lost my mind because there was no code repository hehe. Myself and TheRealFritz got a code repo set up for v0.3 development just after v0.25 released. That was hosted at CVSDude, then we moved it to a GloryHoundz server for.. I think v0.4 (the size of the mod got so large that our hosting costs at CVSDude got close to $200 / month which I was covering out of my own pocket).

I think v0.2 was the last release where the mod folder was version specific. Meaning it was called "prmm_01" and "prmm_02". For v0.25 I think we changed it to be just "pr". That was important because it allowed things like Game Monitor to see "pr" as a single mod, whereas prmm_02 was - as far as game monitor was concerned - a completely different mod.

The code repository was a really critical juncture for PR imo. We greatly simplfied the process to get relesaes done and standardized a lot about how we could conduct concurrent testing of builds while still allowing public play to a tester's existing PR install. We would have "pr" as the normal publicly released build, but then have "pr_0305" as the 5th test build in the 0.3 dev cycle. This made it so we could easily have multiple builds in testing and public release without screwing up players / testers.

By the time v0.4 rolled around the build process was mostly scripted and for v0.7 the build scripts were completely re-written to almost totally automate the process.

But it was an important process and supporting tools in allowing PR to release early and release often .. listening to community feedback, then addressing it in upcoming releases.

Also for v0.3 that was when we started to track PR player populations. Fritz set up a brilliant system where we could track the history of PR concurrent player populations. I was insatiable for data about how releases were doing and we've been tracking player populations ever since.

This really helps us evaluate when people are saying "j00 kilt teh PR" because their favorite sniper rifle was removed or the like. We have always evaluated quantitaviely:
- are people playing it?
... and qualitatively:
- do we like playing it?

Anyways.. um.. this started out as "I joined as R-DEV in 0.25" hehe. Or um.. in January 2006 iirc.


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Default Re: The history of Project Reality

i startet working for PR in 06/2006 as a R-CON with recording the british grunt voicesamples.
since 07 or 08/2006 i got R-DEV and started the massive sound overhaul beginning in V0.4

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Default Re: The history of Project Reality

The history of Project Reality

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Default Re: The history of Project Reality

Originally Posted by AlexanderBond006 View Post
1.) When was Muttrah v1 removed?
v0.6 IIRC

Originally Posted by AlexanderBond006 View Post
2.) When where the forklifts removed?
I'm fairly sure they were in v0.8's Muttrah.
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Post Re: The history of Project Reality

I think the map "Airport" featuring British para vs MEC is also retired.

First joined: v0.5, first map: original Muttrah. I just wanted to look what map is played the most and draw conclusions from that gameplay to be the worst(like strike at karkand in vBF2), but it was not bad. After that I tried Al Basrah(with the cobras and A10s still there ) and thats what got me hooked. I remember that supply drops were still in the game, though it took them 10 minutes to hit the ground . I also remember the leet specop kit on all sides, the apc/SL spawn(the apcs were like clown trucks back then ).
Ahh, good memories.
Keep up with the good work Devs

The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not "Eureka!" [I found it!] but "That's funny . . . "
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Default Re: The history of Project Reality

Originally Posted by darkside12 View Post
When was the US Army introduced? I see weapons and vehicles introduced, but I don't see the faction.

Anyways, beautiful. Brought a tear to my eye....s.
Haha yeah my favorite faction right there. Except there are no tear's just me wanting to kill more Ivan's in Silent eagle(god I love that map). Started playing in I think March got hooked to the game it's fun and the map's are a lot better than what BF2 had. You guy's have came a long way from looking at that list let's hope it gets a hell of a lot longer.
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