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21 Sep 2021, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2009-01-25, 17:14   #1
Retired PR Developer

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Default [Weapon] M252 81mm Mortar

Model - [R-Dev]Wybl (retired)
Texture - [R-Dev]Matrox
Further texture advice - the IRC crew

Originally modelled by [R-Dev] Wybl, this is my going away present before I leave for a 3 month stint in Shanghai, China.

We have been investigating methods of utilising this model into PR's gameplay. one idea is to have it simply as a commander deployable asset, as a mortar pit. Players then have a choice of marker rounds and mortar rounds. A spotter will have to "walk on" the mortar team by seeing where the marker rounds fall in relation to the target. To say it would require good squad communication and a large element of teamwork would be putting it mildly!

Due the complexity of the system though, it is more than likely that this will be a v0.9+ asset, possibly even v1.0 if it comes in at all.

So this could be goodbye for a few months people, (depending on internet connectivity in Shanghai etc etc.) If any of our community are in Shanghai, feel free to hit me up whilst im out there!

Also remember guys, it does pay to sometimes be in the Project Reality IRC channel, you never know what your going to find out!

Thanks for playing 0.85!


If you can find the four ninjas in my post, pm me to find out the prize....

Soalic: Because Microsoft Word makes really good pictures.
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Old 2009-01-25, 17:18   #2
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Default Re: [Weapon] M252 81mm Mortar

Looking good mate Have fun in China.

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Old 2009-01-25, 17:20   #3
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Default Re: [Weapon] M252 81mm Mortar

haha cool! Will install IRC than

Nice gift and it looks good! Good luck in China! Say Yes and Thank you a lot and you will be ok! (southpark pun)
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Old 2009-01-25, 17:21   #4
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Default Re: [Weapon] M252 81mm Mortar

Looks great!

Have fun in china.

"You know we've had to imagine the war here, and we have imagined that it was being fought by aging men like ourselves. We had forgotten that wars were fought by babies. When I saw those freshly shaved faces, it was a shock "My God, my God?" I said to myself. "It's the Children's Crusade."- Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughter House Five
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Old 2009-01-25, 17:22   #5
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Default Re: [Weapon] M252 81mm Mortar

looks awesome. And have fun.

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Old 2009-01-25, 17:23   #6
Expendable Grunt

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Default Re: [Weapon] M252 81mm Mortar



Former [DM] captain.

The fact that people are poor or discriminated against doesn't necessarily endow them with any special qualities of justice, nobility, charity or compassion. - Saul Alinsky
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Old 2009-01-25, 17:23   #7

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Default Re: [Weapon] M252 81mm Mortar

Looks sweet! thats gotta hurt...

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Old 2009-01-25, 17:24   #8

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Default Re: [Weapon] M252 81mm Mortar

Have fun in China.. and very nice mortar!
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Old 2009-01-25, 17:26   #9

Default Re: [Weapon] M252 81mm Mortar


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Old 2009-01-25, 17:27   #10
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Default Re: [Weapon] M252 81mm Mortar


I wonder what kind of ingame range you'll put on this, since it can fire straight accross a whole map right? are there accuracy penalties to that?

Would be interesting if the ins got this on the back of a technical or somthing, so they can move it around.

What of offmap support then? Will mortars be replaced with something else, or will they suppliment the ingame mortar

I know you guys aren't putting this in for a while, but I bet you've chatted about this kinda stuff.

Anyway, lovely model and skin.

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Closed Thread

81mm, m252, mortar, weapon
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