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29 May 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Tales from the Front Share your in-game experiences playing PR:BF2.

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Old 2008-12-31, 16:36   #1

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Default [AAR] Medics on Mestia

Goal: I began the round with McLuv and I being assigned to the Militia and we both decided to form a Medic squad with me as Squad Leader. All members would carry the medic kit and the excellent, if ostentatious, Ppsh submachine gun, with only myself carrying the Officer kit to place rally points and a few frags. Our purpose would be to support other squads, offer medics or maneuver to assault at close range.

The Squad:
P .FunK.ad3L1K.
=DaM=K 1337McLuv

Opening Moves:

This image shows the first few minutes of the round. While Squad One secured the Perimeter Base, we (Squad 2) took up a defensive position overlooking the likely approach of British troops. The larger bold movement symbol represents the remainder of the team which we didn't have much contact with.

First Contact:

This shows the first contact with the Brtish. We started taking fire and smoke was deployed on the road by the OpFor. Shortly after they began crossing. By this time both Perimeter and Munitions were taken by their respective sides and Squad 1 moved up on our left flank towards Munitions.


After a brief exchange of fire it became clear that 5 Ppsh wielding medics weren't going to win a head on rifle fight. I ordered a retreat to our rally point to meet up with respawning casualties and then proceeded to the Perimeter bunker to restock on ammo. While we retreated squad one became involved in the fight with the crossing British squad.


After resupply was completed, we headed North for the hills which offered a superior firing position. After a few minutes the sounds of intense gunfire could be heard increasing in the direction just south of the hills which we were occupying. By observing the map I was able to deduce that an enemy squad was cornered between Squad One and the rock face. We crept along carefully stopping when we came in sight of a full squad and its RP. With compete surprise we crept further along until we could stand it no longer and opened fire, utterly decimating the enemy squad in a matter of second.


Some time later while still pushing up towards Munitions from the hills to the North, a British squad succeeded in slipping behind our defenses to the South West and brought Perimeter Base into contention, harrying friendly squads to the East. Using the high cover to flank around, we proceeded to storm the position, using grenades to clear the main bunker, thereby restoring control of Perimeter Base 1.

Last Engagement:

Within a few minutes of dispatching the first infiltrating Brits, a second squad of British soldiers appear on the far ridge. Observing their distraction with taking shots at other squads in the area of their North East, we dash across the road and come in on them with the vigour of a squad that knows its nearly the end of the round.


A fine round and a lot of fun. Though we lost, we lost only by a single ticket. Such a strangely satisfying way to lose. As good as a tie really.
Great thanks go to McLuv for suggesting "Lets do a medic squad" and to the rest of the guys for being lots of fun. We ended the round ceremoniously by firing off every bit of our ammunition, which, if you can imagine, sounds rather intense with 5 Ppshs firing madly into the unknown.


This is my first AAR and I really put a lot of effort into it... tons more than I thought. The maps just came out of a desire to illustrate things and then it got a bit extravagant. Hope you all enjoyed it. I hope to make more like this in the future, hopefully on longer maps with more room to maneuver so a bigger story can be told.



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Old 2008-12-31, 18:16   #2

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Default Re: [AAR-Skirmish] Medics on Mestia

lol me and some clan mates where there..that was intense..we got too close to your main and those medic gun RAPED us...RAPED!!!!

"It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog."
-Mark Twain

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Old 2008-12-31, 21:33   #3
Default Re: [AAR-Skirmish] Medics on Mestia

Hahah, awesome. I love the fact that you included the maps too.
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Default Re: [AAR-Skirmish] Medics on Mestia

Very nice post PFunk. I too was in that round which was just crazy. I joined in on the Brit side with about 40 tickets left and I could tell things were tight. I joined the squad that was defending the bunker at Munitions. I did take out 3 medics in the mountain near the north out of bounds area. Could that have been you guys I wonder? I finished 6-1 and believe me everyone in the squad was holding their breath when the round ended...Victory! Excellent round. Mestia might be my favorite skirmish map now. I wish there was a Skirmish only server...

PR player since 0.5 (Feb 2007)
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Old 2009-01-01, 00:23   #5

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Default Re: [AAR-Skirmish] Medics on Mestia

Beat me to it again, Pfunk (though I'm away for New Years). Though this is the best AAR I've seen, especially for your first one.

Since a few of you seem to have been there, who was the guy I tried to knife (twice)? I saw the dust come up both times, but I may as well have been using a plastic knie, cuz right after I got lead in the face

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Default Re: [AAR-Skirmish] Medics on Mestia

Originally Posted by DesmoLocke View Post
I did take out 3 medics in the mountain near the north out of bounds area. Could that have been you guys I wonder?
Yea that was probably us. We took some losses up there. I didn't include literally every action, like taking casualties, pulling back, resetting the rally, moving up, then turning around when the Brits took Perimeter. Consider this a trimmed report, largely cause if I mentioned everything... well I'd have had to make another 5 or 6 maps. *shudders*

But you guys were good. Many skirmish maps see one side obliterate the other but this was a swinging front that was a hell of a lot of fun. There is literally nothing like 5 Militia Medics firing in a close range assault. Add my officer's frags to the mix and that was a frenetic and energetic round.

@ McLuv, yea I kinda did this just so I could preempt you.

And you guys don't want to know how much time I spent making these maps. I had to learn to use certain Photoshop functions that I didn't know existed. Literally at least an hour of playing with tools. I'm a perfectionist, thats why I consulted real military maps for inspiration on the symbols too.

Thanks for the compliments.


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