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23 Oct 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Tales from the Front Share your in-game experiences playing PR:BF2.

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Default [AAR] A few epic happenings

This was on 0.75 if I remember correctly.

First one:
On Fool's road, I was with my squad playing as the Brits. After buggering about for about 10 minutes, we decided to go to the train depot as no other squads were there. I took the Light AT kit, one squad member was SF and another was an Engineer. The other three squad members were North-East of us building a firebase or something.

So, we're just there minding our own business, when a couple of technical loads of rebels show up from the West and try to infiltrate the area. Luckily, me and the other two there were badasses when it came to close quaters. They moved into the two structures at the south of the compound, I went in the East building.

There were three men on the bottom floor, one crouched behind the stack of crates or pallettes or whatever they were, one in the middle of the room and one just around the corner to my right (I'm facing south here). So, I fire a couple of shots and down the middle guy instantly. The guy to my right came out from around the corner, and with my lightning-fast reactions I capped him too. I hadn't noticed the guy behind the pallettes, so I started moving towards the ladder to get up to the top. The guy opens up on me so I insta-prone and turn around, blast him in the face, but not before he'd done me quite some damage.

I nick their kits and use their field dressings, saving my own just in case. Up the ladder and there's a guy facing north firing at one of my guys, I sneak up to him and knife him in the arse. So, that was the East building clear. I can't remember the exact layout of the compound, but me and one of my squad members ended up simultaneously entering the west building and clearing it out, minimum fuss.

Fast-forward around 10 more minutes, and we're again minding our own business after getting another squad's medic to sort us all out. I kept watch on the West road. With my huge speakers, I could easily pick out the sound of a vehicle's engine. And I did just that. I forgot to mention that the rebels with the technicals brought along a truck and it had dropped both its crates, in such a way that I could hide from anything coming along the west road.

So, I hear this engine, deep rumbly engine. Me and my squaddies formulated a plan. I would wait for the tank to drive past me and reach the west gate. The SF would slap whatever explosives he had on the tank, and at the right moment, I'd pop out from my hiding place and launch my AT4 at the tank's rear armour, and SF would detonate his explosive.

But that's not how it went, exactly. First of all, we hadn't realised that you couldn't stick C4 to vehicles BF2 style. So, I had to take on the tank alone. Secondly, there were two tanks.

We had to re-plan it and fast. We'd let the first tank reach the East gate, and I'd take on the second tank, firing at its rear armour. And that's what we did. The SF planted his explosive on the first tank but it didn't detonate. I fired rockets at the second tank, resupplying from the crates among which I was hiding. So, we took him out. Luckily a Scimitar came along and occupied the tank, allowing me to resupply and fire at it.

The only people I can remember who were involved in that were FrobinRobin and DonCorleone2k5. I think Don was the squad's engineer, and Frobin was the leader.

Second one:
(This happened before #1, same players pretty much.)
The server was practically unpopulated. Around 12 players. It was on Operation Barracuda - I need a picture of the overhead map to get into real detail, though, this was so long ago that I can barely remember the interesting things. I'll update with some info if it really needs doing.

We were the USMC, and before I joined the server, the squad had had major problems actually getting ashore. None of them were confident flying the helicopters, and they'd already lost two. So, along comes me, the best pilot in the world (Or on the server, at least :P). I grab my pilot kit, get them loaded up and land them on the North shore. I fly back to the carrier and they're getting cut down by the Nanjings and infantry. We had a rally point down, though.

Being the awesome pilot I am, I grabbed one of the Attack Hueys and blasted the crap out of the Nanjing (His tracers were going high, luckily he didn't know how to properly aim the vehicle's machinegun) and took out a couple of infantry too. Fly back to the carrier, rearm.

I grabbed a transport huey and dropped off a couple of crates in the hill area with the trenches. They tried to set up there, but they were counter-attacked and pushed off. Eventually the PLA set up on the hill, and I got back in the Attack Huey. Blam blam they're all dead again.

We got pushed off the island, somehow, though, so we were pretty much back to square one. So, I got back in the pilot's seat of a transport, and flew the guys to the North-West headland with the bunker. Capped that and moved on.

I can't remember the exact chronological order of events in that particular round. But it was fun as hell.

Numero three:
Muttrah City, 0.8. This one I can remember pretty well, it was on the BattleForce UK clan server (Which I'm part of, but I've not played PR for ages).

USMC once again, but no chopters involved for most of the round. I just used them to ferry troops and supplies off the carrier in the first 10 minutes. Then I got back with my squad in the North docks. We commandeered a couple of forklifts and rushed straight to the mosque in the East city center. We garrison it, had one guy covering the rear entrance with his MG, two guys had the front covered from the stairs, and two guys on the roof (One in the minaret). Slapped an RP down on the top floor in the room near the stairs to the roof. A couple of squads tried clearing us out but they got cut down as soon as they set foot inside. Many a time I went out the back into the alleys with my pistol, pretty much single-handedly defeating entire squads (Don't boast about it ). Many a firefight later, the MEC ran out of tickets. We held onto that mosque like dogs. I think we got pushed out once, but quickly re-took it.


Oh yeah, before I forget this one. Back to 0.75, Al Basrah as the Brits. Can't remember ANY of my squad members' names, but it was a VERY intense round. We were moving from the villiage after clearing out one of the caches there, when we got REALLY heavy resistance from the south-west of the city. About 20 minutes crazy combat ensued, me and my squad were being cut down but being an awesome medic I kept everyone alive. Again, I need a gridded map to give some good geographical details but

Look to the West of the main road, in the south end of the city, where the slums end and it's pretty much just desert. If I remember correctly, that's where we were. We were around 250m west of the building there, firing from the small huts. Our squad was just whittled down to me and my squad leader, I think, but we broke through and got right up to the buildings after being grenaded and RPG'd to bits. There were two other Brit squads with us, and it was bloody amazing

EDIT: More! I keep forgetting all the awesome things that have happened. This one was really quite recent, but being the senile bugger I am, I've forgotten who my squad members were. But this one was Qinling, Brits again. Me and my squad were going to set up a firebase in the hills, just north-east of the river. But there was a tank right on the peak of the hill, east of us, and he took out two of our side's tanks single-handedly. So, after getting cut down a few times, me and my squad move south-west to try to capture the village. Well, only three guys were with me at the time, the other three were back at base grabbing a vehicle I think. Well, I crossed the bridge and got another 50 meters down the road, and guess who shows up? Yep, it's mister tank again. So, I make a mad dash for the rock right next to the lake. He's occupied trying to kill one of my squad members, and after around 1 minute he comes along and stops RIGHT infront of my face. The tank's gun is pointed right at my head, and I thought 'Oh, bugger'. Then the cheeky bastard of a gunner gets out and tries to shoot at me, but at the exact moment he jumped out, BLAM! The tank blew up. I looked up and saw the Apache hovering way above the lake. And I was like 'Awesome.'. So I bled a bit but my medic caught up with me and repaired me, we went on to defend the village with a tank, apc and good 'ol air support. Round eventually ended due to PLA running out of tickets.
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