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Old 12-15-2008, 12:40 PM   #1
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Default Stationary AA - concerns

I've got some important questions, that needs clarification from someone more experienced and qualified.

1. If you fire a rocket in a general direction without lock - what will happen to it? Will it seek nearest target or simply be wasted?

2. If you look in a specific direction, where from chopper is comming, but you cant see it and see no lock - will the chopper pilot hear the lock-tone, even if you cant see him (and lock)?

3. Did it happen to you that even out of range for lock, sometimes you could see targets (flares) from far distance and therefore lock on them?

Thank you,
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Arrow Re: Stationary AA - concerns

I'm not sure about Stationary AA, but I know from testing with friends mobile AA can indeed hit and kill aircraft WITHOUT radar fix or lock. All they need is a direction to fire. Test was done 7,000 - 9,000 above bunkers with chopper. AA could not see, hear or get a radar fix much less lock, yet when told where we were (Northwest of him)He was able to blindly fire and the SOB not only hit us he shot us down!

#1 = yes it will seek.
#2 = yes you get tone even tho the AA doesn't.
#3 = Hasn't happened to me But, if you see flares dropping out of the clouds and a quick mini map check shows no friendly's then you could shoot in the general direction (after the flares burn out) and might get a hit.
A better strategy would be to try and keep your radar in the direction the flares came from and wait for a lock.
Most pilots will drop flares every 5-10 sec. when getting lock tone and RTB when out of flares.

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Old 12-15-2008, 01:26 PM   #3
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Default Re: Stationary AA - concerns

Thanks for answers, thepalerider, but i need them on stationary (deployable) AA, not the mobile ones.

Can I get any DEV for it, please?
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Old 12-15-2008, 01:41 PM   #4
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Default Re: Stationary AA - concerns

I know im not a dev Aquiller, but i can answer a few of these questions for you i think.

The main problem is that the range of the lock of the missile itself is greater than the 'range' of the visible lock that you see when you look through the sight. You may not 'see' the lock box or 'hear' the lock tone, but provided you wait the normal period of time (3ish seconds) the AA missile will track and take out an air target at fairly long distances, definitely beyond 1000m.

Say there's a chopper hovering 1000 meters out past view distance, anyone looking through the sight of the stationary AA wont have a 'visable' lock. The missile however, will have locked onto the chopper and the chopper will have a lock tone as it would if the AA was 800m closer.

If you 'dumb fire' an AA missile, into an area where there is definitely no targets at any range, it wont track anything and fly somewhere harmless. If the AA missile is fired at a locked target, and misses the original target however, it will redirect towards the nearest heat source (be that a flare or another chopper) behind the original. Of course, this can happen if the AA gunner has an 'invisible lock' as in the above paragraphs, and the re-tracking will still happen because an original target was locked.

Consequently, you can have situations where an apparently 'dumb fired' AA missile will track and kill targets at very long ranges, and can include all the complications of 'retracking' as mentioned above.

Thought it was common knowledge, but anyway, hope it helps Aquiller.

You can choose to ignore me of course and wait for a Dev, but i think they'll say the same thing.

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