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27 Apr 2018, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Community Maps Maps created by PR community members.

Closed Thread
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Old 11-04-2008, 11:32 PM   #1

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Default [Map] Radio Moscow [scrapped]

I would like to present my new map in this thread.


Readme file
Radio Moscow
created by cat (

This is a map for Reality Mod. Playable on V08.
Any server admins feel free to play this map on any public server.
However modifying the map is not allowed.

Beta status:
This is a public beta. This means it is completely playable.
The only things missing are final lightmaps. This version is
intended for public testing of balance.

The map complies the PR Mapping Guidelines to the letter.

Unpack the rar into your Battlefield2/mods/pr/levels folder.
(After unpacking, there should be a radio_moscow folder next to
the other map folders)

Detailed Info:

Back story:

The USMC moves in to destroy a radio outpost used by russian separatists for
subversive activities in the Caspian Sea region.

*All events and location are purely fictional*
*No political statement intended*


2x Support Truck
2x Humvee M2

2x Support Truck
2x Technical

USMC Base is not cappable. The area is protected from spawn attacking.
Militia Base Is cappable once the other flags are lost.

All spawn times follow the Mapping guidelines

Default Tickets is 300 for both teams.

everything below this line is obsolete
Radio Moscow

Size: 1km

Milita vs PLA


Northwestern China, near the kazak border

The PLA moves in to crush a small separatist Militia who has been using this remote place for subversive infomration propaganda.

Equipment will likely be "light". This would include the usual support trucks and 2 HMG jeepss per side.

WTF Milita vs PLA?!

I would like to explain my "exotic" choice of opposing sides. Militia is a bit less present in the official maps and since I cant stand the british rifle sounds and the USA is present in many maps, I want to use the PLA. if anyone accuses my of this constelation being unrealistic I would advise you to look at a world map. China has a very long border with the former soviet states. So it is not that far out.

So far I have created a nice heightmap which I am going to present along with a few issues I would like to ask for help on:

Screenshots of the minimap and the INVERTED version of it

AS you can see the normal minimap appears to be inverted. AS if it was photographed from below. I suspect that this may be the cause.

This was the process I used:

Create new map with 512X2, and default height 25
Load heightmap into editor
Since the map appeared a bit to flat I increased the terrain height (from default 163) to 300.
This stretched the map vertically giving a more steep landscape
When loading the map, the default camera position is below the ground

What exactly did I screw up here?
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Old 11-04-2008, 11:35 PM   #2
Retired PR Developer

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Default Re: [MAP] Radio Moscow

Heh, nice choice of name

Good luck in the development~

Personal Folio -
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Old 11-05-2008, 12:39 AM   #3
PR:BF2 Developer

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Default Re: [MAP] Radio Moscow

Originally Posted by cat View Post
Northwestern China, near the kazak border
What border?

"In addition to his other Asiatic characteristics, the Russian have no regard for human life and is an all out son of bitch, barbarian, and chronic drunk" - General Patton : A Soldier's Life

If violence isn't the answer, then you obviously need more violence.
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Old 11-05-2008, 12:48 AM   #4

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Default Re: [MAP] Radio Moscow

Originally Posted by [R-DEV]Nosferatu View Post
What border?

I think he referring to the separatist region

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Old 11-05-2008, 12:52 AM   #5

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Default Re: [MAP] Radio Moscow

No I was actually referring to kazakstan. However it was not based on any real conflict. I was just looking for a logical area to put PLA vs the militia.
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Old 11-05-2008, 01:25 AM   #6

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Default Re: [MAP] Radio Moscow

Originally Posted by cat View Post
No I was actually referring to kazakstan. However it was not based on any real conflict. I was just looking for a logical area to put PLA vs the militia.
indipendentist region versus PLA is a logical solution, PLA vs kazakstan isn't real
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Old 11-05-2008, 02:57 AM   #7
Retired PR Developer

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Default Re: [MAP] Radio Moscow

Brits managing to wage a land war that pushes China to fight in the Qinling Mountain range (With Tanks and heavy Vehicles!)is unrealistic.

Bi-Ming, a map filled with pine trees that'd never survive China's climate is unrealistic.

The list goes on... Nessuno's right, China vs. Kazakstan isn't one bit realistic as China is one of Kazakstan's Main allies.

But then it's almost impossible to come up with a realistic solution to get the PLA involved with any armed faction at the moment unless It's:

PLA retaliating against Japan
Major boarder breach near Afghan/Pakistan Boarder
PLA reclaiming Taiwan
Coastal skirmishes

So I'd stop trying to come up with a logical explanation and just say it'd be an interesting match up. (speaking of which, so would US vs. GB.)

Good luck with the map.
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Old 11-05-2008, 03:47 AM   #8
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Default Re: [MAP] Radio Moscow

As another person that is trying to get the PLA into unique engagements not currently found within PR (China in the desert) I say this sounds great! PLA v Militia would be something new, and I'm looking forward to seeing your progress.

And... you lightmapped already? I'm seeing shadows on your map. I guess it's not a big deal though since the final lightmap would just go over this and the landscape shouldn't change too much.

Looking good! Like the name.

And Heavy has a point. Realisim in PR is not so much related to story and who would fight who, as it is to the style in which the sides fight.
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Old 11-05-2008, 04:44 AM   #9
Default Re: [MAP] Radio Moscow

Looks nice, will it be so open? The chineese scoped rifles will have a advantage in such open terrain.

Todays gratitude buys tomorrows happines.
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Old 11-05-2008, 06:49 AM   #10

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Default Re: [MAP] Radio Moscow

The map will not exactly be desert. I want it to be slightly temperate with some barren mountainous look. because the camo on the uniform should make sense. The map will have dense trees. Around the lower areas. The hilltops I want to be mostly whitte with some rocks and dead trees.
I always use lightmaps eearly on because I can see how it is going to look. The intention is to preserve most of the jagged hill climbing. However there will be smaller roads leading around (for the trucks)

This is the minimap with the basic layout for the CPs. However this is not final in terms of the lanscape. i am currently planning the look and the placement of the important structures and the roads leading to it. Also the colors are changed a bit (which I am going to reimport and use as help to paint the terrain color.

The flag setup I have planned is

PLA (not cappable)------>Peak & Sawmill-------->Rebel Base (capable)
The circles are indicators of the combat area. (200m/100m)

The chinese spawn will be just a road leading into the map (not unlike mestia). It will be spawn protected from militia getting in.
The Peak will be some bunkers on the ridge.
The sawmill is located far lower (which is not very visible on the minimap). It will be ecnlosed by dense forest.
The Rebel base will contain the radio station with some forms of housing. Since it is cppable┬┤, the spawns will be located in the forest outside. This is to follow the deisgn guidelines for PR.
Also planned are some smaller details like the odd hut along the roads. And perhaps a temple.

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Closed Thread

map, moscow, radio, scrapped, wip
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