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30 May 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Tales from the Front Share your in-game experiences playing PR:BF2.

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Old 2008-09-26, 17:36   #1

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Default [AAR] You guys get out, I'll hold them here!

EDIT: Crap the title should be, "You guys get out, I'll hold them here!"

So, we've all seen it in movies, the one guy in the squad sacrifices himself so his mates can make it out alive, but I was wondering if you guys had stories of you doing this?

Here's my most recent example:

Yesterday I was playing on Korengal Valley as a USA Mountineer, and I was freaking invaluable for my squad, that map is great!

Anyway, we were around the west side of the map, right next to the false land bridge (You know, the one that almost goes across the river the whole way, then suddenly drops off right before the other side :P) Anyway, we had a rally in some buildings and had 0 intel. I use my rope to get ontop of the building, then all of a sudden the forest erupts with gunfire, we've been blown. Insurgents are comming out of caves to our SE, endlessly spawning as fast as we can kill them, guys are going down, medics are reviving, I'm providing covering fire with my M4, ripping through magazines, killing insurgents from my elevated position. After about 2 minutes my squadleader and clanmate, Sir.Grossi.v2 gives the order to fall back across the river.

I jump down off the building and throw a rope over the wall, my squadmates scrambling over before I do. One of the medics throws smoke towards the opposite end of the wall, then everyone starts swimming while I cover, capping one guy with an AK who comes running through the smoke. Once the first guy is across he covers me as I swim, but I'm out of sprint (from jumping over a 3 foot wall :P) so I tell them to go on without me and get a rally down, I'll hold them off. My squad takes off, running up the mountain through the forest cover as I slowly doggie paddle across. Luckily, the INS was going through the smoked buildings where they thought we were, so I managed to get across and behind a wall. I dropped my nearly empty magazine and loaded another, 2 spares left.

I then take a deep breath and pop up in time to see an INS scout and two of his buddies use a rope to get on top of the very roof I had been on across the river. I take aim, squeeze, and drop one. It then becomes a game of supression, I rip through my magazine, firing rounds into walls to keep enemies heads down, but there's atleast 5 Insurgents and I can't keep them all supressed all the time. AK fire starts ripping over my head and into the wall I'm taking cover behind. I empty my magazine, hearing the dull *Click* of the bolt locking back. I quickly duck down behind the wall and swap magazines. "One extra left" I think as I slap the bolt release, chambering a round as I move a few feet to my left. I pop back up as one INS is jumping over a wall across the river, trying to get in the water to swim across. I quickly drop him, then see his buddy peeking through a hole to the right, I fire at him, getting a coveted headshot just as the last two INS open up at me again. In supression mode I focus on the muzzle flashes, firing my M4 as fast as I can, just wanting them to keep their heads down, every second another few meters I buy my squad. By this time we got intel, and it's only about 120 meters to my north. I empty my magazine, duck down and reload again. I'm down to my last 30 rounds and the INS I had previously killed are rejoining their group. I'm prepared to just sit at the corner of my wall and let the INS start crossing before I fire when Grossi says, "OK, rally down, start looking for the cache."

I've done it, I can fall back and slip away into the bush if I'm stealthy. I move away from the wall into the small compound of houses, intending to head through it, then up the road to link up with my squad away from the rally. As I turn a corner of the building close to the wall, the "receiving ammo" icon pops up and I get another mag of 5.56mm. I stop, and it flashes again, another magazine. I go back around the corner, take out my Benelli M4, and breach the door. There, in the corner, is the cache, RPG and PKM still on it. "Found the cache" I say, a little smile on my face, still getting ammunition from it. I flip my rifle to burst, sight in, and empty a full mag into the cache. As it catches fire I run out the door and into the woods to link up, the sound of the cache's explosion like triumphant fireworks behind me.

Course, about 3 minutes later the squad of INS I had been holding off came across the river and we had another fight, but that's another story that's not as dramatic, but still good. :P

Everyone wants to easily kill their opponent but nobody wants to be the one easily killed. That line of thinking escalates weaponry to the point where practically every soldier has a shoulder-mounted nuke launcher that when fired, automatically displays the text "pwnt".- [R-CON]Wolfe

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Default re: You guys get out, I'll hold them here!

Great read but paragraphs please? my eyes hurt.

Mad-Mike - Good photo's but why do u have 2 threads that are the same?
[R-CON]ReadMenace - Are you referring to the obvious double-post or the less obvious, high-resolution military photographs thread?
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Old 2008-09-27, 11:17   #3
Mj Pain
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Default Re: You guys get out, I'll hold them here!

Yes, nice story.
Got my adrenalin pumping

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Old 2008-09-27, 13:35   #4
Default Re: You guys get out, I'll hold them here!

That's one of those PR experiences I live for.
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Old 2008-09-28, 21:55   #5

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Default Re: You guys get out, I'll hold them here!

Sounds awesome, could almost picture it in my head because I know where you are talking about :P. I love those moments when you are in the zone and when ever you shoot, you get a hit, but the suppression effect you had going also works.

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Old 2008-09-29, 00:20   #6
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Default Re: You guys get out, I'll hold them here!

Yeah thats a awesome story man you really gotta love those kind of scenarios that happen when you play PR.

Same kind of thing with me recently we were Brits and we were pinned on top of a building with enemy insurgents shooting up the area surrounding us.

As the bullets were snapping and cracking around us i realized my squad leader was laying on the floor just as freaked out and awaiting death like the rest of the squad.

So i realized i had to do something so i crawl down the staircase with my L85A2 then got into a low run as i got of the staircase.

I got to a corner and saw 3 insurgents that were causing all the trouble, i take aim and squeeze the trigger letting of a ringing shot that hit the target in the chest.

As i saw him drop the other two enemy were running to take cover as a pull out a grenade pull the pin and lob it behind the car they were hiding. I drop to the floor and await the shock wave that comes with the explosion.

As it explodes i see one enemy running away from the wreckage presumably wounded while i see the other enemy fling up from behind the car like a rag doll. Enemy number 2 down.

The last man was running directly away from me with his back facing the barrel of my L85A2. I focus on his back and squeeze the trigger letting of a round that took him out with ease.

I felt a surge of accomplishment and i reported to my squad enemy was down, but realized something was wrong as i got no reply i quickly rushed up the stairs to see my whole squad limp in death.

Before i could ask what happened i became the 5th victim of our squad....Enemy sharpshooter from the building across had got a well placed round in my skull.

That was a awesome match

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Old 2008-09-29, 01:06   #7

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Default Re: You guys get out, I'll hold them here!

Nice story caboose!

I had a similar experience whilst on Al Basrah a while back, playing as Insurgents. The British were pushing into the city through the ruined buildings on the edge of the western road into the city. They were advancing by squads, clearly well organised and slowly but surely pushing us back.

My squad were all dug in in the buildings, harrying the advancing British forces and killing as many as possible. I was in a building on the second row back, overlooking a break in the wall and buildings on my left.

As I went out onto the balcony at the end of the building i looked at the end of the wall and there, huddled in cover next to the wall with a scout moving across the gap was an entire 6 man squad, in a perfect position to flank our defensive line and roll us up.

I quickly notified my SL of the threat and then took aim. There were now 2 scouts that had moved across the gap and were beginning to move along the line of the buildings towards my squad. I dropped one with my 1st 2 shots and the other was surpressed so i quickly switched my aim to the rest of the squad crouched at the end of the wall and dropped 2 of them. A medic ran to the 1st scout that I had killed and attempted to revive him so I gunned him down and then spun the 2nd scout off his feet as he ran back to the wall.

The SL was still lying down at the end of the wall but strangely still hadnt seen me, so I took careful aim and slotted him through the head.

And that was that, an entire 6 man squad wiped out by one insurgent with an AK47, all within little more than 15 seconds. And the rest of my squad were able to continue their resistance.
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Old 2008-09-30, 02:18   #8

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Default Re: You guys get out, I'll hold them here!

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Old 2008-10-21, 15:30   #9
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Default Re: You guys get out, I'll hold them here!


Wow just noticed this! And I get a name check..Sweet!
I always wondered why you keep screaming over voip!! Now I know
what it was you trying to say!
You always keep the best fun for yourself!!!

How about our synchronised parachute display!!

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Default Re: You guys get out, I'll hold them here!

Love reading these stories.
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aar, guys, hold
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