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Old 08-17-2008, 02:52 PM   #1

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Default putting an EQ on my USB headset

Hey guys,

my headset is decent, but the bass on it is always to quiet.

my driver itself doesn't have any software (i THINK) that has an EQ, so can i impose one?

the headset is a third party headset, the name of it has been scratched off. but its called a 'c media usb headphone set' in the control panel.

any help!?


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Old 08-18-2008, 01:33 AM   #2

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Default Re: putting an EQ on my USB headset

If you want bass that will ROCK YOUR WORLD get a pair like the edimensional audio FX

OK these aren't the best out there but do you want to spend $100.00+

I've owned a pair and they rock! They have 40 oz magnets that vibrate your bones letting you feel the game. Remember Jurassic Park, when t-rex was coming, the glass of water would start to shake? With these you will feel the ground start to vibrate when a tank is coming your way, well before you 'hear' it. If you have ever been close to a large bulldozer it's the same feeling! Really cool, unfortunately I have a big head and wearing the headphones for long periods was painful(but fun).
So I gave them to my brother.

Good luck

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Old 08-18-2008, 07:23 AM   #3
Default Re: putting an EQ on my USB headset

I've had a couple of usb headsets in the past. Best pair I found was some sennheiser's which gave plenty of bass. I can't remember the code number but they were the top of the range when I got them around three years ago. Only problem with them was that after a while they become uncomfortable and leave that bruised ear feeling.

I've also had various 5.1 usb headsets but hated every one of them because of the lack of bass which seems to be the trade off between surround sound and bass.

I have never found any software to change the sound quality/settings of a usb headset, and I suspect none exists as the sound proccessor is built into the usb dongle.
I think the best you could hope for is maybe a firmware upgrade from your headset manufacturer, but after doing a bit of research, your headphones use the standard microsoft os drivers, so it looks unlikely.
Btw, c media is an actual make, so it looks like that is what your headphones are.

I ditched all my usb headsets and got a logitech usb desktop mic and a pair of bose on ear headphones. More bass than you could ever want and really good clarity throughout the rest of the frequency range. The headphones are a bit pricey at around 120 uk pounds, but are the best and most comfortable I have ever used and can't reccomend them highly enough.

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