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Old 03-13-2008, 11:29 AM   #1
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Default new rig build

this rig is not the top of the line but i think above average
anyway my ? is this

im looking a getting a intel dual core cpu
what is the min dual core to look at that will run bf2 pr with now lag problem

im buying a new mobo so i need a new cpu

i have a signle 3.2 intel p4 with i think 1mb L2 or 512
this cpu is oc from 3.0

but i have 2gb memory pc3200

the new mobo will support ddr2
i have that so not worried about memory

have system will run on a 40 gb 7200 16mb cashe sata
and a second 400 gb 7200rpm 16mb cashe sata will hold on split parttition

getting the hd3870 512mb 256bit gddr4 vid card

getting creative fatal1ty pro sound card

my theory is with the new mobo, cpu, mem, vidcard, sound card
there should not be any lag if so it will be from server playing correct

if i have not stated be for my rig now is
p4 3.0 oc 3.2 either 1mb or 512mb L2
2gb pc3200
2 sata 7200prm 16mb cashe with os on 1 hdd and rest on othere
ati x1950 pro 512mb 256bit gddr3 pcie
xfi extreme audio

i realy think that if i could just upgrade the cpu it would fix the lag problem
but i cannot have a 478socket need a 775 for dual core
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Old 03-13-2008, 07:16 PM   #2

main thing causing lags is a connection problem

what you are probably talking about is low frame rates/FPS

and main thing causing low fps is wrong video settings first you decide which resoltion your using (640x480) and you can probably run every thing on high, but with 1600x1200 or widescreen resoltions you'll have to compromise and step down at the settings to compensate

actually your current rig is better than mine right now and i can run fools road with 30 fps avg (all on medium [except textures for i got 4gb ram] and no AA, no AF with 1280x1024)

as for what cpu you should choose - there are magazines you should look into
personally i like barcharts like these:
(i got AMD Athlon 64 4000+ - which tells me that the dual core in this graph is almost twice as good as my current cpu - don't know about yours though - and thus definately capable of running bf2)
btw: why only dual and not quad?
also: the worst cpu is not always the cheapest

another tip: check whether you cant link your gfx cards via ATI's Crossfire technologie (Crossfire supporting mobos required)

also: pr ram requirements: 2gb for XP, 3 gb for Vista

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Old 03-14-2008, 02:21 AM   #3
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Your computer sounds mature, but it is more than capable of running PR/BF2 without lag. Dual core TBH wouldnt make an ounce of difference playing this game as PR/BF2 only utilise one core, so one would remain redundant. There is the benefit one could run other apps meanwhile, but your cpu is multithreaded so you can in fact set up a similar effect anyway.

Good luck with you upgrade but i dont think the CPU is causing you lag m8

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Old 03-14-2008, 08:21 AM   #4
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you know changing the resolution in the game didn't even come to mind i was thinking of a big fix but it just could be that simple i can't believe it
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build, rig
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