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Closed Thread
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Old 2007-12-10, 11:26   #1
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Post [Map] Militia Series [WIP]

Hey there eveyone.. so the idea here is that I am building a three map series that are all connected geographically.

Hopefully each primary type of combat will be represented...

much like star wars i created the last one first... (assault on mestia)

in the next release the second map in the series will be released..

this map will be know as "Fool's road' and will be a mix of infantry and APC combat in a large (2sq km) map..

the map is mainly forest and rolling hills and some screens have been posted already and news posted..

The last map in the series will be the middle map.. it will be called "Dragon Fly" and is shaping up to be one hell of an urban combat map.. Im gonna let you guys hang on that map for a while as its still have a way to go...

BUT.. thought id put the stitched minimaps up in my journal just to show you guys im hard at work and let you suppose as much as you like regardin the details of the maps... hehe..


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Old 2007-12-10, 11:42   #2
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Admit it, you just took screenshots of Google Earth.

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Old 2007-12-10, 11:49   #3
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w00t! thats sexy!
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Old 2007-12-10, 11:50   #4
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Originally Posted by Zrix View Post
Admit it, you just took screenshots of Google Earth.
*looks around nervously*

*wispers to taxi* I think they have figured us out, which way are you going to run so i can run the other

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Old 2007-12-10, 13:27   #5

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Old 2007-12-10, 13:33   #6

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Are they all going to be GB vs Militia or can we expect a little bit more realistic scenario with Russian army vs Militia?
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Old 2007-12-10, 14:39   #7

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Awesome i love the idea of that. Is like a campagn, but i have a suggest for you, make the war start in the middle then if militia win we pass on the map below...and if UK win we passe on Mestia

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Old 2007-12-10, 14:43   #8

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i think that would be hard to implement... maybe it would work in the PRT but not on a random pub server.

nice to see your working hard senjor Irontaxi

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Old 2007-12-10, 15:00   #9

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Coming along nicely!

Anthony Lloyd, himself a former soldier in the British army and a Northern Ireland and Gulf War veteran:
"The men inside (the APC) might have been UN but they were playing by a completely different set of rules. They were Swedes; in terms of individual intelligence, integrity and single-mindedness I was to find them among the most impressive soldiers I had ever encountered. In Vares their moment had come."
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Old 2007-12-10, 15:12   #10
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Closed Thread

map, maps, militia, series, wip
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