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27 May 2018, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Community Modding Making or wanting help making your own asset? Check in here

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Old 12-04-2007, 02:57 PM   #1

r0yalcit0's Avatar
Smile [Proposal] Falklands Mini-Mod

Hello people of the PRMM:
I am r0yaL of the community of PRMM Argentina and wanted to introduce me before you.
I want you to know that i´m very proud of your work in this mod and i was wandering for your help in an specific task.
I´m Argentinian and i have been thinking to make a mod about the Malvinas (Falklands) conflict, so i wander what would you think about it, and if the people of the United Kingdom can help us because it was their conflict too.
I will be attendant to any indications you can make and/or help you can give.

Thanks r0yaL
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Old 12-04-2007, 03:01 PM   #2
Retired Moderator

KP's Avatar

Would be cool, I think. However, there's already a bunch of community mods going on, so my suggestion is to wait for them to finish up first. Also, the Falklands campaign would probably need a whole new mod by itself, as PR focuses on near future.

And welcome to the forums!

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Old 12-04-2007, 03:20 PM   #3
Retired PR Developer

77SiCaRiO77's Avatar

not excacly a hole new mod , since some thing are (or will be) in the mod , like that light tank (scintar or something like that ) , soldiers may need just a reskin and , of course , new weapons (all the comunity mods are making new weapons).
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Old 12-04-2007, 03:44 PM   #4
mazur mikola

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That is awesom
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Old 12-04-2007, 04:55 PM   #5

G.Drew's Avatar
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i would be kool, but as mentioned it would be a entirely new mod with all the stuff required to make it happen

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Old 12-04-2007, 05:33 PM   #6
Superior Mind

Superior Mind's Avatar

It would not need to be a new mod, but it could be.
Things it would need:

-Argentinian faction
Players, Vehicles, Statics, Spanish voice-overs, weapons.

-British Faction
Vehicles [sea craft, harrier], L1A1(FN-FAL).

-New Maps (Goose Green, San Carlos, etc.)

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Old 12-04-2007, 05:49 PM   #7
Retired PR Developer

77SiCaRiO77's Avatar

for a fisr release the only important things are :

-player skins
-weapons (fals were used by both sides)
-some vehicles (jeeps , apcs an atvs)
-spanish voices .
-maybe some statics , but we acn use the destroyable ones , since they looks similar to the ones in flaklands.
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Old 12-04-2007, 06:09 PM   #8
Supporting Member

MrD's Avatar
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Hmm, Brit forces used FN-Fal rifles, GPMG's, LAW66's, Mortars, frag nades. Brit SF used M16's and GPMG's. Brit skins would need fresh creation, to represent less helmet use, low boots and cold weather gear Vehicle usage was virtually non existent on Brit side due to distance to the fight and weather conditions.

The conflict was short really. I wonder if it worth its own mod? It could be merged with another mod. Create the two armies skins and weapons choice, maps could easily be created as nature doesn't change really. The AAS2 push system wouldn't exactly make things historically historic though.

Do you place the deviation of the Argentinian forces as lower than the Brits to represent the amount of conscripts within their forces that were not professional soldiers?

The amount of night fighting without night vision capabilities means a lot of very dark maps will be needed, although with the ability to just see what you are doing.

Historical situations will be difficult to replicate really, which might make a travesty of the conflict. It might be seen as a half arsed attempt, who knows. Political insensitivities have to be considered to avoid embaressment. As Brits we don't hate Argentinians. We instead don't appreciate the way the governments of the time sent their forces to fight each other over land that we still don't see why we own (if you ask our general populous that question!) We respect each others involvement on the ground. Any attempt to recreate any of the inidividual fights have to thought over carefully.

I can see a hill bunker system with Brit forces attacking upwards, cp flags on each bunker on the way up, Argentinians providing a fighting retreat. Maybe a map to recreate Goose Green takeover.

Some people say that the main fighting to retake the built up area was easier than it should be due to SAS marching at top speed with GPMG's and a couple of belts of ammo each ahead of our main force and nothing much more, firing together onto the main conscript forces who had been told we would have x amount of GPMG's per x amount of troops and a lot of the conscripts ran thinking they were being assaulted by a massive force, leaving the place to be taken without much bloodshed the next day.

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Old 12-04-2007, 06:29 PM   #9

robbo's Avatar

Originally Posted by r0yalcit0 View Post
the people of the United Kingdom can help us because it was their conflict too.
Yeah we won it too,
Would be a great adition instead of replaying the old conflict how about Argentina join forces with the MEC and try to take on the Brits again in a post 2007 falklands war?
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Old 12-04-2007, 10:59 PM   #10

NYgurkha's Avatar

Did both UK and Argentina field FN-FAL's as their main small arms? That cuts down on the work load.
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falklands, minimod, proposal
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