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PR:BF2 General Discussion General discussion of the Project Reality: BF2 modification.

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Old 06-27-2007, 02:17 AM   #1

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Default play the way project reality

play the way project reality was suppose to be play
can be found in our tournament sick of pub servers looking for the real deal then join us now

Operation Reality Tournament

Advanced Infantry Tactic's
Long post here so be ready to read =). We're going to be drilling some new methods and tactics for the common situations. These are all meant to be simple when understood, just like our Fireteam tactics are already. It's all commands that an SL or EL could call out on the fly and players could easily adapt to.

Let's start with the all important Flag Cap

The picture shows no cover or any real objects that would dictate where we swing our straps but it does show the key point which is a good 360o field of fire
It shows the simplicity once we drill it abit that it'll only take a few seconds from SL saying "Cap Flag" and Fireteam leaders ordering their buddy to cover another direction and keep it covered. It relies strongly on trust, you need to trust your buddy to cover you. Most of this will come naturally from eye coordination, if you see one guy covering West cover his exposed flanks and let him know
"Ohnos got West"
"Copy, Rescue got North"

Next up: Stacking Up On Entry, Make Entry

Simple enough we arrive near an opening to a place we must get into (I drew the walls after the East Gas Station walls and how often we assaulted through it) As we should be arriving in good condition all alive SL Calls out Stack on North East Entry Bravo take Point Alpha go Rear Guard, Bravo guys get their guns ready to rock in and Alpha covers their back from someone sweeping over that north wall, etc. Likewise as you can see Bravo has his left covered by his buddy. There's no need for Alpha to stay right on eachother they just need to ensure Bravo doesnt get backshotted as theyre both focusing on covering the point.

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Old 06-27-2007, 02:18 AM   #2

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and onto the next street, corridor, flag, or death trap. Pretty easy.

The Stack Up command could be a good way to move us as a group to another location while maintaining coverage. It just means form up with your guy and stay extra tight, work together. Not necessarily about staying tight against the wall for a nade just about keeping rear and flanks safe with a reliable advance at the point.

That covers a few starting basics for urban combat, let's go onto some Open Field work. Jungle/Woodslands will come later when there's a need.

This part relies heavily on the EL to know where their buddy is and get him covering their sectors. In general though the EL is always point and facing our attack direction with the second covering his back/flank.

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Old 06-27-2007, 02:20 AM   #3

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We might also prefer to stagger our formation and sweep

Leap Frog tactic basically, in reverse Tactical Advancing would be doing the same thing but going forward. Sometimes though alot of red dots are coming at our blue dots and it could be nice to find a new route rather than take 5 more tickets which is the case here.

In order for all of this to work you need to remember these tactics, and we all need to train on them regularly during our practices. Keep sharp on your shooting skills, faster you the kill the safer we are.

This is Work in Progress there'll be more such as Rapid Dismounts, Fast Mover/Infantry tactics, Mixed Unit, and *MORE*.. but that's for next week or week after and of course please do contribute your own ideas and tactics.

Information provided by 21cw& Operation Reality Tournament .

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Old 06-27-2007, 02:21 AM   #4

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What to know more then join us now

Operation Reality Tournament

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Old 06-27-2007, 03:35 AM   #5

Pure Sex.
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Old 06-27-2007, 03:41 AM   #6

这帖2005年前发过 现在发现技术上有这个可能性 平台已经可以支持 技术也支持了 但还不会搞
BF2中兵种只能选择3种 1 主要突击模式 PRIM 2 辅助后勤模式 LOGST 3 特种模式(要求在升级或达到某个条件才可以开启或选择)
1 在BF2中主要突击兵可以选择带突击枪: 狙击枪或者机关枪3种 狙击枪为一把最好的 AWSM
它们在BF2中突击模式装备包括:C4炸药X5 地雷x3 手榴弹x3 枪流弹发射器X1可发射照明弹X2 烟雾瓦斯X1 流弹X5
头盔上的数字镜头X1(可红外线夜视) 步枪消音器X1 手枪消音器X1 手电筒X1 匕首X1
辅助后勤模式装备: 头盔上的数字镜头X1(可红外线夜视) 综合医药包X3 修理工具X1 弹药补给X3 绳锁X1 M4加挂式霰弹枪X1 M4突击步枪X1 瞄准镜X1 步枪消音器X1 手枪消音器X1 手电筒X1
闪光弹 X3 匕首X1
特种模式装备(达到某条件后开起):包含上面全部以外还加上 弹弓X1(可发射爪子或剑头 水下可用)
可选择 1800米的M99 12。5 狙击枪和南非 2500米射程的重型狙击枪 多功能火箭筒X1 可自行搭配和选择任何武器
Sniper 1000 m 7.62 +8.6 共有品种系列家族
(Austria) Unique Alpine TPG-1
(Finland) Sako TRG-42
(France) PGM Mini-Hecate .338
(Great Britain) AW Super Magnum "L115A1" ---解开武器
(Germany) GOL
(U.S) M40A1
Machine Gun 5.56+7.62 共有品种系列家族
(Germany) HK MG43
(Russion) PKM
(U.S.) MK .48 ---解开武器
当选择解开的狙击枪时:固定使用最佳的AWSM .308(7.62)子弹时蹲下站着都为800米射程单倍镜X6-8 切换.338时为1000米射程并必须趴下打可开双倍镜x10-12 可加消音器
当选择机关枪时:固定使用最佳的Mk.48班用机枪 5.56子弹时200发一股x3 必须趴下才可切换7.62子弹100发一股x2 带瞄准镜
当选择突击步枪时选择的范围为 中国95式,澳大利亚AUG,美国M16A4,俄罗斯AK103(7.62),比利时FNC,FN2000 (解开武器),法国FAMAS,德国G36,新加坡SAR-21,以色列Galil,英国LA85,瑞士的SG550( 552是它的CARBINE),韩国的K3,墨西哥 FX-05 以及 XM-8(M8 CARBINE为短版,替换M4的)(解开武器)
当选择火箭筒时:RPG-29,AT4, SWAM 这3款 特殊情况下也可以拿到M202 4管 在类似沙暴的中东地图中才有 RPG7V 和 M72附加火箭筒从汽车上拿到
当游戏中特种模式选择武器为固定的 XM-8 特种解开武器为XM-29 或AICW加多功能火箭筒 还有卫星通讯锁定设备 狙击枪镜片带热呈像 普通没有这些功能
所有的武器选择画面在普通装甲运输车上无限制的进行选择或切换 医药包和弹药包(包括照明弹或其他附加武器)全部在旱马吉普车上有限制的拿
火箭筒 和 1800米以上的器材狙击枪等特种兵武器在只能在战斗型装甲车上拿到
美军沙滩车上可升级为流弹发射器 其他武器均在汽车上零散的弹药处获得

还有XM500 .50反器材狙击枪

这样的BF2 谁不愿意呢
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Old 06-27-2007, 04:19 AM   #7

Well I'm surprised no one has responded to that last post î
So I'll just say hmmmmmmmmm interesting
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Old 06-27-2007, 04:51 AM   #8
Retired PR Developer

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Play PR the way its meant to be played! Join the Official Project Reality Tournament! Sign Ups reopening soon!

Join the Peoples Elite Liberation Army and free the world from the capitalist Oppressors! Crush the pitiful Western armies in the name of China! Be it with a combat boot, tank track or helicopter skid! Join today for the best teamwork, tactics and planning of any Project Reality Tournament or Team!

500 Million Combat Boots... One Heart Beat!

The key to modernising any weapon is covering them in glue and tossing them in a barrel of M1913 rails until they look "Modern" enough.

Many thanks to [R-DEV]Adriaan for the sig!
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Old 06-27-2007, 05:30 AM   #9

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Man, not one tactic on defence

Good otherwise, but remember tickets win the battle, not capping flags. Sometimes defence in the best tactic. Period.

Just my opinion


edit: Oh, and just one more polite opinion. I think you should mention 'spacing' when moving in formation. I.e. yea you're moving in a line, but you should be at least 8-10 metres away. Avoids you all getting mowed down together, and those nasty grenades taking everyone out

98% of the PR public agree, that I am the sexiest man in this community.
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Old 06-27-2007, 05:48 AM   #10

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Didn't read all the tactics in detail, because just by looking over them i saw that most of my ideas are similar...

In response to bigmoose332: the 0.6 will come out soon and you will find yourself wrong about it. Flags win the game. As much as i played the game always ended by one side taking all of the flags. Can't remember the ticket number on 0.5 but on 0.6 it certanly feels a lot more...

Shame i can't join the tournament, since i do not have a way to buy the legal game (wrote it in some other thread already)...
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play, project, reality
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