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Old 2007-06-02, 09:37   #1

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Default Amazing Game With Eddie's Mob XD

I would just like to say thanks to Eddie, Huntermed, Stal (exact name please? I'm not real good at remembering them), a guy made of Cheese (Sorry m8 forgot the exact name), Major Pwnage, Afterdune and Thomaskunze, for a few amazing games yesterday on the insurgency gamemode test server.
First Al B. Merlin sqad, firesupport with plenty of SAWs, if you fly like that in real life Eddie I'm sure you'll make it to the RAF.

Bi Ming, great teamwork, pure pwnage of the Chinese, don't think we took any casualties in out sqad

Good Games!
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Old 2007-06-02, 09:41   #2

[SAF]stal20048's Avatar


oh it is stal, real names pete stallion.

yeah it was good, nice to meet a fellow wannabe pilot , im afraid its not RAF for me however navy as a royal marine pilot or army as an apache pilot (tilting towards rmcp)

yeah those were some very good rounds, and if you were there the defense nvcp was the highlight, alamo style!
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Old 2007-06-02, 10:37   #3
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Eddie the teamswitcher

Havent seen him fly till now though... this reminds me of something, yesterday I was in a squad with two guys who wanted to fly the Merlin all it costs, and the one who was faster at the helipad had no pilot kit, so the other one took it.
That led to 20 minutes of fighting over VoIP, including excesses about crackwh*res in Baltimore where one of them lived.
I also learned that it only costs 10$ to get someone killed there

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Old 2007-06-02, 11:47   #4
Send a message via ICQ to General_J0k3r

lol. that's an offer
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amazing, eddie, game, mob
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