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26 Apr 2018, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Coop & Singleplayer Suggestions and feedback pertaining to Project Reality Single Player.

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Old 12-04-2016, 05:42 AM   #1
Default Op Soul Rebel (co64) flag not capping on GB side

heh, ya'll really need to test your coop layers more (I can help if u want!) ;-p

here are the pix- Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

well, thanks to ^this problem, I had a really intense moment, lemme tell you-

I managed to fight my way to a small little hut, I was the GB SL with an officer kit and an absolutely terribad squad (lel), I was under heavy ruskie fire, suppressed from all sides, so I found "shelter" from russian lead-rain in some dinky hut, I was alone for quite sometime, my squad didn't want to spawn on me (apparently), so I put up a fight, capped a few ruskies, got suppressed like mad (lol), I got hit a couple-a times (but good thing the officer kit has lotsa field dressings!). After sometime, my band of misfits (aka squad) decided to spawn on me (bad choice, squad, but there were ALL bots so heh heh), good thing there was a damn medic on my squad! Well, the ruskies just wouldn't give up, they kept shooting, some of them even had the CHUTZPAH (if u know what that means) to enter my little hut and try to knife me (damn bots), good thing my "squad" decided to do the same, well, I capped a few, and after getting wounded once, the medicine man shot me up with one of those damn injections, I got revived, by this time, my whole squad was dropping dead like flies, thanks to ruskie fire (and knifing), I got shot (again), so I grabbed a medic kit, self healed myself and my squad. My other squad m8 got wasted (again), I tried to REVIVE him, but I just got suppressed and hurt so I medkit'd my self and continued fighting, still the ruskies would NOT give up, heh, some of the ruskies came in and tried to knife me, but my squad m8s took one for the team, heh! It was mad, lol, then one of the ruskies finally knifed me to the ground, the other medic revived me, the ruskie knifed me and the medic (AGAIN), this time I was done! Well, at least I fought for Her Majesty! Oy Vey!

well, fix the bug, will be on the look out for more! BYE!
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