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16 Jan 2022, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Coop & Singleplayer Suggestions and feedback pertaining to Project Reality Single Player.

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Old 2016-09-06, 15:53   #1
Default COOP twisted player balance

Hello. I have ran into a problem in recent PR versions. I am playing a lot of coop maps with my friend and we tend to use realistic bot ratios (for example attackers vs defenders 3:2). Whe we join, the server automatically puts us into different teams, even if there is no auto balance on. The one, who has been moved to the defending side, cannot switch teams. Is this a bug or a meant to be thing?

Thank you for your replies!
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Old 2016-11-04, 20:23   #2
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Default Re: COOP twisted player balance

1-) with notepad, open file:


3-) find the line: smb_enabled = True

4-) change it to False

5-) save the file and try again, and it will work

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Old 2016-12-03, 01:12   #3
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Default Re: COOP twisted player balance

We too like to do this almost exclusively with my friends when playing PR and this problem has honestly bugged us quite a long time now and this post finally answered how to fix it. I was wondering, is there any manual available for admin commands and such for the coop mode? and I don't mean the list of rcon commands for debugging custom factions, that list is mostly useless for actual admin stuff. I've found a few old BF2 admin command lists, some of which work, most dont, but I'm afraid using those commands and changing the variables listed in those might break something. I try to google this magic "RealityAdmin" that advertises in the coop mode, but I cant find any info on it or how to use or configure it. Anyway, thank you for the original reply, it is greatly appreciated!
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