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09 Dec 2021, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2016-03-05, 04:04   #1
PR:BF2 Developer

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Default Kozelsk Map Update

For v1.4, two significant changes have been made to this classic Project Reality map that has been with us as long as the Russian Forces (since v0.85).

First, terrain.

You may be aware that Kozelsk lacks an outside terrain and is instead surrounded by an infinite water plane. This has been addressed by mirroring the main terrain on all sides, creating some sense of continuity beyond the map's borders and hereby removing Kozelsk's status as an "island".

Click on the image to view full size

A bigger terrain change comes in a road crossing the ridge that divides the map into western and eastern parts. It provides an alternative to the bridge in H9 and the areas of Militia base and the Training Camp are now connected. A rather simple piece of work, it should alter the way the map plays out.

Click on the image to view full size

Second, Advance and Secure.

As the above mentioned road opens up new possibilities, it was time to get rid of the awkward flag route that involves flags on opposite ends of the map.

Instead there are now two routes, an eastern and a western. The eastern route features only three flags while western features four with total possible of eight (the launch facility features two, the existing one and a new smaller one called Missile Silo, covering only the missile silo itself). The FOB flag is duplicated so it can be a part of both routes.

As you can see from the asset overview, ground assets remain the same, but the Russians now have one transport helicopter; we'll see if that aids or hinders gameplay. To address the issue of ticket bleed at start, the first flag starts neutral. If captured by Militia it will bleed Russians at the same rate as it did so far. The FOB flag may also be easier to capture than Tunnels, making for a less painful first flag.

Additionally the Russians get a forward spawn south of the FOB flag to reach it sooner. Militia get forward spawns near their flags as well but without forward spawning logistics trucks which are now all at their main base. Lastly, the Russian forces are now ironsight-only (like Assault on Grozny).

The Alternative layer features something that has been suggested; a mirror layout.

Identical in flags and assets to Standard, it reverses the routes and puts Russians north and Militia south (the field cannons face the right way, too). Those who wanted more action in the north-west of the map should now get it.

The map still features Skirmish and Insurgency, those have not been altered.
Coop support is unaffected by these changes (the terrain change is outside the playable area in coop), however an update to coop is still planned as part of the navmesh is broken (Russian bots sitting at base on Coop Std).

Kozelsk was made by Deer.
Changes to terrain and AAS were done by [R-DEV]Outlawz7.

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Old 2016-03-05, 04:38   #2

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Default Re: Kozelsk Map Update

awesome, finally some love for this great map

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Old 2016-03-05, 05:23   #3
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Default Re: Kozelsk Map Update

that alt layout is sick. finally the falgs in the back get some love. since they are awesome to fight around, but were never really reached in actual gameplay
both thumbs up
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Old 2016-03-05, 07:46   #4

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Default Re: Kozelsk Map Update

Wow, thanks for retouching this map.
Finally we have chopper now.
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Old 2016-03-05, 10:31   #5
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Default Re: Kozelsk Map Update


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Old 2016-03-05, 10:34   #6
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Default Re: Kozelsk Map Update

Danm, that's gold! The chopper can definitely be a game-changer, if used wisely.

The dude: Yeah, well, you know.. that's just like, uh.. your opinion man.
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Old 2016-03-05, 10:57   #7
Default Re: Kozelsk Map Update

Looks good. Specially the road to training camp.

"You on the other hand feel that it is fine to abuse the poor bf2 engine to the maximum just for that few lousy kills and score, where we restrain from this because we want more immersive experience. " - *NwA* Alchemist
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Old 2016-03-05, 12:40   #8
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Default Re: Kozelsk Map Update

I love the new map changes, but honestly, you guys teasing me (like you always do...) is killing me.

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Old 2016-03-05, 16:16   #9

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Default Re: Kozelsk Map Update

I love the flip.

AfSoccer "I just don't see the natural talent."
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Old 2016-03-05, 17:42   #10
Default Re: Kozelsk Map Update

I Like it all, but I feel there are too few flags in the eastern route. Maybe a swamps flag in L6?
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Closed Thread

kozelsk, map, update
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