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23 May 2022, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 General Discussion General discussion of the Project Reality: BF2 modification.

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Default PR:Z minimod Presentation

Project Reality: Zombie Apocalypse Survival MiniMod Presentation:

Since it's Christmas and we're getting closer to a release, we though it was time to make a proper presentation of the minimod and of what's to come in early 2016.

- Project Development Q&A:

- What is this Project about?
This project started in 2012 with the objective of creating a minimod focused on Survival, using the concept of the movie "Hunger Games" and how that concept was later used in Survival Game Events in Day-Z and other games/mods. SGE is a 1 Life Event in which you have squads of two facing each-other in a Death Match, where every player spawns unarmed and has to find weapons in order to survive and kill as many opponents as possible. We've run 8 successful SGE so far.

- Why include zombies?
Since the PR Community had been requesting a zombie minimod since 2006 and zombie stuff had become so popular the past couple of years, it was the obvious choice to include them in the further development of the minimod. However, we mostly only added them as an extra distraction and risk to the survivors.

- What's the difference between the SGE and the PR:Z?
We can distinguish them as different "game-modes" of the same minimod. While the SGE is a 1 Life DM Event with strict rules and no zombies, PR:Z is a more public type of game-play, with zombies. In SGE your objective is to kill all other survivors while in PR:Z there is no other objective than to survive and you can choose who to be friendly with and who to kill.

- What's different in PR:Z in comparison to other Zombie games?
PR:Z was developed with the issues of DayZ game-play in mind. We wanted to achieve a more Balanced PvP and for that we developed a Humanity System that limits how many survivors you can kill and which circumstances you can kill them. Besides the fact that you can actually also play as zombie and hunt the survivors.

- How does the Humanity System work?
Similar to how the Civilian System worked in PR, you have Unarmed and Armed Survivors. That distinction is used in how many points you loose if you kill one or the other. You start with X points and if you reach 0 or negative points you will be switched to the zombie team. You can gain points by killing zombies in order to be able to kill more survivors. This system is only used in PR:Z, not in SGE.

- Which maps are available to play in PR:Z?
We started only with Ramiel for the SGE and later on modded Dovre for PR:Z. We have also modded Hades Peak for a bigger amount of players and a more open-world environment. We are currently working on Grozny for PR:Z. Even though all maps have Coop layers, none are to be played on local/single-player as the minimod is meant to be played in multiplayer only.

- What's planned for the future of PR:Z?
Besides adding new maps like Grozny and perhaps Shikotan Island. We've planed to improve the minimod to allow a bigger amount of players in the Survival Game Events as well as add a new game-mode called Rivalry.

- What is Rivalry?
While SGE is squad focused and PR:Z is either individual or group focused, Rivalry will be team focused. Unlike the other game-modes, you will not be fighting against players in your own team anymore and there won't be any zombies. In Rivalry, you have two teams of survivors facing each-other while attempting to place a Strategic Base-Camp and destroy their opponents one. It works similar to CNC but with the SGE/PR:Z dynamics, meaning that you still start unarmed and have to find loot.

- When can we play this minimod?
SGE are usually organized once per month mostly with regular players but there will be more publicly announced events in the future. PR:Z is still being tested so we will have a Open Beta in February and hope to run a public server soon after that. It might however only be populated once per week, similar to a weekly event. Rivalry will most likely only be played in May, when we plan to release our final version of the minimod.
That's it for now. You can expect more news after new years eve.

And if you keep an eye on my Twitch you might catch some previews

Project Developers:

- Project Lead: Onil - Project Managing, Concepts, Map Audits
- BF2 Coder: [R-DEV]M42 Zwilling - Weapon & Vehicle Coding
- Python Coder: [R-DEV]Mats391 - PR:Z Python Coding
- Python Coder: Hjid - SGE Python Coding & BF2 HUD Coding - Retired

Project Contributors:

- Coder: [R-CON]UTurista - PR:Z Control Panel
- Coder: [R-CON]rpoxo - Vehicle Coding
- Mapper: Rabbit - Map Tweaks
- Exporter: Cassio - Exporting/Fixing meshes - Retired
- Supporter: Tobi-the-fraggel - Map Audit Support
- Supporter: FFG - Testing Support
- Hosting: Blip - SGE/Test Server Provider
- Hosting: Zrix - PR:Z Server Provider

To see the full credits list, visit our Discord Server.

Here's our PR:Z Project Timeline:

00-03-12 - Project Started
12-05-12 - Project Announced
--- SGE Hard Work & a Few Closed Beta Tests - Ramiel Only ---
25-01-13 - 1st SGE Tournament Round
16-02-13 - Final SGE Tournament Round
30-03-13 - 2nd SGE Event
--- PR-Z Hard Work & a Few Closed Beta Tests - Ramiel Only ---
27-07-13 - 3rd SGE Event
--- PR:Z Hard Work & Improvements - Dovre Added ---
01-02-14 - PR-Z Open Beta Start
08-02-14 - PR:Z Open Beta End
--- Long Break & PRT Work ---
29-12-14 - Project Resumed - Hades Added + Ramiel Updated
09-02-15 - 4th SGE Event
22-03-15 - 5th SGE Event
17-04-15 - 6th SGE Event
22-05-15 - 7th SGE Event
--- Long Break & PRT Work ---
09-11-15 - Project Resumed - Grozny Added + PR:Z Update
13-12-15 - 8th SGE Event

We plan on having a few closed beta tests of PR:Z before the end of the year and mid January, before the Open Beta. Besides our usual SGE once per month.

EDIT: We're gathering our community on Discord.

Join us there! Stay in touch and up to date with what's being done and organized. Participate in the discussions, play the game and get reserved slots and invites to our private events.

On another note, if anyone is interested in helping out with modding, testing or simply wants to chat about the minimod, feel free to PM me or come find me on TeamSpeak (


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Old 2015-12-24, 15:01   #2
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Default re: PR:Z minimod Presentation

reserved for videos:

First SGE - Ramiel:

by Moulin

First PR:Z Test:

by Spook

Second PR:Z Test:

by Spook

Second PR:Z Test:

by Philrow

Highlights from Second PR:Z Test:

by Nate

Highlights from Second PR:Z Test:

by Murkey

PRZ First Open Beta:

by Lamarr

Recent SGE:

by Moulin

Recent SGE:

by Norby

Recent SGE:

by Spook

Recent SGE:

by FFG

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Default re: PR:Z minimod Presentation

Neat, looking forward to it!

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Default re: PR:Z minimod Presentation

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Old 2015-12-24, 20:11   #5
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Ohhh, nice presentation! I'd love to play PR:Z again (and SGE for that matter, but haven't played that yet). Also looking forward to Rivalry, really like the concept .

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Old 2015-12-24, 21:18   #6
Default re: PR:Z minimod Presentation

I really want to try out Rivalry!
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Old 2015-12-24, 22:29   #7
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Default re: PR:Z minimod Presentation

I remember a year or so back when it was beta for PR:Z i still have raw footage of PR:Z on my other PC... this is very good to see this is going to open beta hopefully i can have some fun with a few of my friends on there keep up the work
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Default re: PR:Z minimod Presentation

Exams are over Onil, use and abuse me.

AfSoccer "I just don't see the natural talent."
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Default re: PR:Z minimod Presentation

This is looking real good. I'm glad to know that you're still working on it.

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Old 2015-12-25, 03:17   #10
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Default re: PR:Z minimod Presentation

Looking really nice Onil

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minimod, presentation, prz
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