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21 Nov 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR Highlights Highlights of what work the Devs are currently working on

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Old 2015-10-07, 21:22   #1
PR:BF2 Contributor
Default Kashan Desert Redux

Hello everyone!

In this Highlight we would like to show you the rework of Kashan Desert. I would like to share my thoughts why I decided to remake Kashan by giving it a new breeze.

Kashan Desert was the first 4km map to be featured in Project Reality. It became an instant classic. Loved and hated by many, today it lacks certain qualities that have been introduced into more recent maps.

Terrain morphing was a big problem on the old Kashan Desert. Now the terrain has gone trough a smoothing process and it will be much easier to navigate with vehicles and you also have more places to hide in due to the added natural erosion in the heightmap. The bunker-area went trough a change as well with more cover for infantry from the mountainous area and the heavy assets surrounding them. the HESCO-bariers on the sides have been replaced with the L-variant so you wont be able to look into it from the outside anymore. The most dramatic change was done to North Village, it expanded into a small town now giving the infantry a much better chance to defend the flag there. The Airbases have also been totally redone using the new airbase system with a much more realistic layout from before.

We also have made the Canadian vehicle textures look more authentic by making them dirty with desert sand. This way they will fit in more with the Kashan terrain.


The original Kashan Desert was created by duckhunt. The rework is by [R-CON]potatochan. The airbase model was made by [R-DEV]Rhino. The Canadian vehicle texture edits were done by [R-CON]CTRifle.


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Old 2015-10-07, 21:46   #2

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Default Re: Kashan Desert Redux

The new village looks pretty good. Can't wait to fight in it

I really like the new airbase too; it has much better layout.

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Old 2015-10-07, 21:47   #3
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Default Re: Kashan Desert Redux

Looks good, please recreate the AI/COOP paths for the bots so it is fully used ^_^_^

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Old 2015-10-07, 21:58   #4

paratrooper[BG]'s Avatar
Default Re: Kashan Desert Redux

i cant belive my favorite map will be have so major change, one big era will be gone, RIP old style kashan. welcome new kashan.

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Old 2015-10-07, 21:59   #5

matty1053's Avatar

Looks cool!!!

I think having a village in the more northern side of the map (like D4 or something) would be cool as well. Or even a little military camp.

But the new village looks great. Hopefully it comes into play more.

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Old 2015-10-07, 22:01   #6
Default Re: Kashan Desert Redux

awesome work!! I really believe these changes are just right, and will make a hater (just over played) like me love it again like in the beginning of PR.
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Old 2015-10-07, 22:08   #7

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Default Re: Kashan Desert Redux

Thanks for removing that ugly fluorescent yellow lighting!

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Old 2015-10-07, 22:10   #8
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Default Re: Kashan Desert Redux

While the terrain looks 1000x better now, im afraid the area still lacks some vital cover, just look at SW in this picture:

It could really do with another layer of buildings, and some more walls and ditches, maybe even a small mosque, if thats possible. sure, it needed a facelift, but most of all it needed a gameplay tuning. any change in assets?

Also there seem to be a lack of detailing, there is almost no small statics in the towns, just buildings, i think this leads to bad infantry gameplay and makes the map feel "unnatural"

if you look here:

Crates, containers, small walls/fences, ditches, cars, lots and lots of telephone/powerlines would make it look alot more authentic!

but yes, awsome work!

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Old 2015-10-07, 22:23   #9

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Default Re: Kashan Desert Redux

I'll take 2, please.

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Old 2015-10-07, 22:50   #10

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Default Re: Kashan Desert Redux

I like it even though I am afraid that it will look very much like Khamisiyah. I hope it still remains it's Kashan feeling.

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Closed Thread

desert, kashan, redux
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