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23 Apr 2024, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Exclamation Project Reality: BF2 v1.3 Standalone Released!

The award-winning Project Reality Team is proud to announce the official release of Project Reality: BF2 v1.3!

First of all, the Project Reality Team would like to thank our community for the recent donations towards the cost of our servers and website. Thanks to your continued support we are releasing a new update, the 35th in our 10 year history, which will bring Project Reality into a new era - we go standalone! With EA ceasing support of Battlefield 2 and removing it from online stores, the unavailability of the game has proven difficult for new players. Therefore, with PR:BF2 v1.3, it is no longer a requirement to have Battlefield 2 installed.

  • There is no update from v1.2 to v1.3 using the automatic updater. All players must re-download and install the full version in order to update.
  • Please uninstall all previous versions of Project Reality: BF2 prior to installing v1.3.

In addition to becoming standalone, v1.3 brings many bug fixes, performance improvements, and tweaks to make the game more enjoyable overall. There are also quite a few new features to enjoy as well.

The PR Team is not done yet! We still have a lot of content for future releases, such as the Falklands and World War 2 addons, multiple community factions, and of course new maps and game features. Expect more information coming soon.

Watch the official Project Reality: BF2 Standalone trailer here while you download the new release:

Main Features & Changes
  • Added PR:BF2 standalone - Battlefield 2 is no longer required.
  • Added PRISM server administration tool.
  • Added Nuijamaa map (2km) (FR vs RU) (AAS, Skirmish).
  • Added deployable roadblocks.
  • Added Canadian CH-146 Griffon light transport helicopter.
  • Added Chinese ZTZ-99A2 main battle tank.
  • Added AKM & AKMS assault rifles to multiple unconventional factions.
  • Updated vehicle smoke to be more effective and to feature IR-blocking functionality on some vehicles.
  • Updated AK-74 recoil animations.
  • Updated physics on several helicopters.
  • Updated infantry movement speed with faster sighted-in movement.
  • Updated heavy asset respawn times to be at least 20 minutes instead of 15.
  • Updated UAV to now have a fuel system.
  • Fixed many bugs and performance issues.
For a complete list of all the changes check the:
Project Reality v1.3 Changelog

Head to our downloads page to download the standalone v1.3 installer.

If you already have an older PR:BF2 installation, you will still need to download the full PR:BF2 v1.3 installer, since an update from v1.2.1.0 to v1.3 is not supported. Prior to installing v1.3, please make sure to uninstall any previously installed version of PR:BF2. If you do not play other BF2 mods, you can also uninstall Battlefield 2 to save hard drive space.

You can find the detailed PR Installation Guide right here.

Official Manual & Landing Page for New Players
With v1.3, we expect a rush of new and returning players. To help with the steep learning curve we have updated the manual to the latest version. We also have made a landing page for new players with additional information on how to join servers and general tips and tricks.

Project Reality Mod Support
If you encounter any problems while installing and/or playing Project Reality: BF2, please check out the Project Reality Mod Support forum. If your problem has not already been posted by someone else, please do not hesitate to start a new thread asking for help. We will do everything we can to provide you with a solution, but we can't do anything if you don't ask first!

Project Reality v1.3 Server Files
If you currently host a Project Reality game server, you would have received the server files for Project Reality v1.3 via the Server Admin CP already. If you are interested in hosting a new Project Reality server, please follow the link below to apply for a server license.

Support Project Reality!
We once again want to express our gratitude for all the donations during the 'Keep Project Reality Alive' campaign. The Project Reality Team develops this modification completely free of charge for its community to download and play. If you would like to show your support, please consider donating to our team. These funds go directly towards website expenses, including bandwidth, hosting, domain registration, and maintenance. We never use donation funds to directly pay team members.

As we're nearing our 10th year since Project Reality was founded, we look forward to seeing Project Reality: BF2 continue long into the future!

For more information, please feel free to join us on our IRC channel or visit our public forums to discuss this and other news. Also, be sure to connect to Project Reality through social media to stay informed and receive up to the minute updates, the occasional leaked bit of information, and more! See you on the battlefield!

- The Project Reality Team
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Default Re: Project Reality: BF2 v1.3 Standalone Released!

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Default Re: Project Reality: BF2 v1.3 Standalone Released!

Downloading right now ..... yeeeeeeeeeeeea
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Default Re: Project Reality: BF2 v1.3 Standalone Released!

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Default Re: Project Reality: BF2 v1.3 Standalone Released!

Oh my god guys. Awesome, awesome job! 1.3 Hyyyypeee!

The dude: Yeah, well, you know.. that's just like, uh.. your opinion man.
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Default Re: Project Reality: BF2 v1.3 Standalone Released!


Xact Wicca is The Joker. That is all.
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Default Re: Project Reality: BF2 v1.3 Standalone Released!

Woohoo! cant wait
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Default Re: Project Reality: BF2 v1.3 Standalone Released!


thank you to all developers
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Default Re: Project Reality: BF2 v1.3 Standalone Released!

Nice work guys! Can't wait to try it out.
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Default Re: Project Reality: BF2 v1.3 Standalone Released!

ermmm I click download or torrent it just takes me back to homepage? lol
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